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What if..? by zippi44 What if..? :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,229 532
Fairy Tail x Sick!Reader: Gray
Fairy Tail x Sick!Reader: Gray
Warning: Some swearing
~Your POV~
Cough, cough, cough.
You hated being sick.
Right now, you were bundled up in many blankets, diagnosed with the common cold.
Normally, this wouldn’t have stopped you from going on missions, especially to the cold mountains, but Erza had put her foot down and commanded you to stay in bed for the day.
You, being very afraid of her wrath, meekly obeyed, and remained at your house, trying to get better for tomorrow’s missions.
But it still sucked.
You felt a tickle in your nose, and knew you were about to sneeze. Like routine, you quickly grabbed a tissue and covered your nose just as you released a powerful sneeze.
How had you gotten sick in the first place?
It had all began with Gray Fullbuster.
~Flashback to the day before~
“I’m gonna get you, stinky breath!” Gray yelled angrily as he searched for the man in question. Natsu had set up an elaborate prank
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Day 3 - Alternative Universe by Arya-Aiedail Day 3 - Alternative Universe :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,627 135 Unison Raid by Arya-Aiedail Unison Raid :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 4,011 202 Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail by Laovaan Gray Fullbuster - Fairy Tail :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,158 102 Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail by Laovaan Natsu Dragneel - Fairy Tail :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 3,008 123 Gruvia - Happy Holidays by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia - Happy Holidays :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,448 104 Day 1 - Morning by Arya-Aiedail Day 1 - Morning :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,673 161 Gruvia - You're mine by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia - You're mine :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,459 102
Winning and Losing (Gray Fullbuster x Reader)
Winning and Losing
(Gray Fullbuster x Reader)
“Juvia wishes that Gray-sama would come back to the guild soon…” Juvia sighed.  You waved your fingers around your glass, making a few droplets of water follow them idly.  You were trying to work on your concentration, and Juvia certainly wasn’t helping.
“I’m sure he’ll be back soon,” you shrugged.  You tried to act like you didn’t care about Gray one way or the other, but the fact was, you were totally in love with him.  You’d never let it show, however.  Juvia was like a sister to you.  It would break her heart if she knew.
 Juvia glanced past you.  Her lips curved into the usual goofy grin she got when Gray was around.  Her pale cheeks turned bright scarlet as she tugged on your sleeve.
“Gray-sama is back~!”  She exclaimed.  You turned your head to see Gray, Lucy, and Natsu near the door chatting with a few othe
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Evil Counterparts by blanania Evil Counterparts :iconblanania:blanania 1,715 132 Gruvia by WhitedoveHemlock Gruvia :iconwhitedovehemlock:WhitedoveHemlock 1,428 90
Gray x reader, Fight.
Gray x reader
‘Mornin’ Miss Gloomy.’ A blonde mage called out to you.
‘What happened? Where did your everlasting smile go?’ Lucy said while sitting down next to you.
‘D… Don’t tell me you had a fight with G….’ you had her mouth covered with your hand before she could finish the sentence. Lucy was too observant for her own good.
Yes, it was true tho. The one and only you had a.. disagreement with him. That hot stripping idiot.
You felt Lucy smirk underneath your hand, she got you. Licking your hand to set herself free she asked, ‘Mind to share it? You might feel better afterwards.’ She smiled at you. Of course she knew you had a crush on that fool. He was just to blind to see it.
But to be honest, you didn’t even know what it was about again. The past few weeks it was always like this. It started as a disagreement. But as time passed you started yelling at each other. And the wo
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Wallpaper 3: Fairy Tail by Menanie605 Wallpaper 3: Fairy Tail :iconmenanie605:Menanie605 723 50
I'll Be The One To Save You From Your Tears
Mystogan X Reader
Chapter 1: The Years After
"Here's your drink, __(y/n)-chan!" You heard a familiar blonde say as she set down your beverage on the table.
"Arigato, Lucy-chan." You smiled at her, your hand reaching out to grab where you believed she put the cup, but grabbed the air instead.
"Ah, sorry! It's right here," Lucy pushed the drink gently closer to your hand as you grasped it, bringing it to your lips.
"No problem, thanks again."
"Ne, ne ___(y/n), let's check out the new job postings!" Natsu shouted excitedly.
"I wonder what missions we have this time!" Happy joined in as the fire dragon grabbed your hand, taking you towards the board.
"Natsu! Don't pull her so roughly like that!" Lucy scolded slightly.
"It can't be helped. He's always excited whenever new missions come in." Erza shook her head slightly.
"New missions? All right, let's see what we got." Gray was standing beside you, reading quickly through the postings.
"Gray-kun, you're pants." You knew he wa
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Gray x Lucy kiss animation by Milady666 Gray x Lucy kiss animation :iconmilady666:Milady666 3,711 673 Gruvia week: Did you just say Quiche? by annria2002 Gruvia week: Did you just say Quiche? :iconannria2002:annria2002 3,440 335 Gray Fullbuster by Milady666 Gray Fullbuster :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,314 140
When You Fall [Natsu Dragneel]
Trigger Warning: Suicide Attempt
Please read only if you feel comfortable enough.

When you fall....
 "I'll catch you, (Name)!" The pink-haired boy exclaimed, giving you a grin. It was always a kind, charming grin. You loved it so much. Though you and him were only little kids at the time, you held the promise deep in your heart. On your desk in your apartment were letters to everyone you knew and cared for. The only one missing a letter, was Natsu. You wanted to tell him in person, but things didn't go as planned.
  He turned around, his smile growing bigger when he saw it was you. "Hey, (Name)! What's up?" He always sounded so optimistic, you wondered how he could smile. You sucked in a deep breath, an d looked at him in the eye. "Natsu, I-"
 "Natsu! Hurry!" Lucy called, Erza, Happy, and Gray at her side. Natsu nodded to Lucy and looked back at you, "Sorry about that, (Name)! We're going to go check out some of the shops today. You wanna come w
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(Fairy Tail OVA) Gruvia - Things isn't right by xBebiiAnn (Fairy Tail OVA) Gruvia - Things isn't right :iconxbebiiann:xBebiiAnn 901 68 Gruvia Calendar version by LadyGT Gruvia Calendar version :iconladygt:LadyGT 1,543 101 Gruvia Halloween by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia Halloween :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,103 84 07 Scarf - Gruvia fluff Fest by Arya-Aiedail 07 Scarf - Gruvia fluff Fest :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,775 97 Gruvia doodle by annria2002 Gruvia doodle :iconannria2002:annria2002 3,112 192
The Waiting (Gray x Reader)

Gray x Reader
(A Fairy Tail Fanfic)
It was yet another lazy day in the city of Magnolia. The sun beat down mercilessly, sucking up every jot of moister in the atmosphere and leaving the earth parched into a barren wasteland. Your forehead glistened with a layer of perspiration and your shoulders drooped as you plodded under the blistering rays of the sweltering sun. You could feel the heat singeing your (h/c) hair and your skin seemingly crackle in the unforgiving heat.
You hurried into the cafe with a huff, straightening your short and frilly orange uniform.You smiled lightly at Yajima-san and moved to clean the counter. You had been working in the cafe named 8th Heaven for four years now, owned by the latter said former short and aged, magic council member. You prepared yourself for another long day of welcoming customers and fake smiles. A smile that hurt your lips. A smile that wasn't your own
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FT Reject your doubt by Kristallin-F FT Reject your doubt :iconkristallin-f:Kristallin-F 1,412 74 - Shiroi Natsu - by Suihara - Shiroi Natsu - :iconsuihara:Suihara 2,145 422 Day 2 - Snow by Arya-Aiedail Day 2 - Snow :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 2,598 120 Fairy Tail 334 - Farewell Gray by belucEn Fairy Tail 334 - Farewell Gray :iconbelucen:belucEn 1,065 227
I'll Be The One To Save You From Your Tears
Mystogan X Reader
Chapter 2: Reminiscing
*~Four Years Ago~*
"Ittekimasu!" You shouted to your Fairy Tail friends, holding one bag in your hand and the other waving.
"Kiotsukette, ne?" Mira smiled as you left through the door. You were off to meet with your client for the mission he wanted you to complete. He didn't specify, but he mentioned that it was urgent that someone come to his aide. After hours of traveling, you found yourself in a small town. You went to the address that the client left you, knocking on the front door of his home.
"Yes?" He was an elder male with his wife behind him along with two young children. You guessed that they were his grandchildren.
"I'm here about your request?" You held up the flyer that the man had sent to Fairy Tail.
"Yes, please, come in." He let you enter, the two kids rushing up to you with big, cute eyes.
"Hello there." You smiled gently as they held up their arms.
"Do you wanna play with us, onee-san?"
"Now, now, s
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This is our victory!! by zippi44 This is our victory!! :iconzippi44:zippi44 1,471 69 When the Sun Goes Down by Futuretabs When the Sun Goes Down :iconfuturetabs:Futuretabs 1,127 206 Frosh - Gruvia Fluff Fest 2015 by Arya-Aiedail Frosh - Gruvia Fluff Fest 2015 :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 692 61 Just a moment by Milady666 Just a moment :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,261 110 Fairy Tail Girls by Hectorponce98 Fairy Tail Girls :iconhectorponce98:Hectorponce98 542 23 Fairy Tail's Strongest Team by Lightning--Strikes Fairy Tail's Strongest Team :iconlightning--strikes:Lightning--Strikes 1,941 106 Be My Valentine by Milady666 Be My Valentine :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,672 155
The Gruvia Mission Part 1: Strategy
"Gray, I'm assigning you on a mission with Juvia," Erza handed him a piece of paper from the quest board. It was a sunny afternoon. Everyone was having fun at the guild. Lucy was with Juvia, trying out her tea. Natsu was having a brawl with Gajeel. Mirajane was busy serving drinks.
"Why Juvia?" He looked at the contents. ""Fire Demon Causing Chaos In A Forest"? So you're saying its weak against ice and water? Why can't I go myself?" He leaned against the quest board. Gray wasn't very keen to go on a quest with Juvia. Her love obsession was too distracting.
Erza stared at the paper for a moment. "The fire demon is stronger than you think. It's not to be underestimated. Juvia's water will prove very useful too, and you two will make a good team against it."
Gray recalled the unison raid he did 7 years ago with Juvia when Natsu was trapped in the artificial dragon. He blushed at the thought of not noticing her feelings earlier. Thinking about doing it again made him feel more reluctant to
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Sleeping Beauty by Milady666 Sleeping Beauty :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,656 153 Wherever We Go - Fairy Tail by AmySunHee Wherever We Go - Fairy Tail :iconamysunhee:AmySunHee 768 47 Dangerous gravity by Milady666 Dangerous gravity :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,598 170 Gruvia - Happy St. Valentine's day by Arya-Aiedail Gruvia - Happy St. Valentine's day :iconarya-aiedail:Arya-Aiedail 1,931 107 FT Nothin but a good time by Kristallin-F FT Nothin but a good time :iconkristallin-f:Kristallin-F 2,305 178 Addition to 275 chapter by Milady666 Addition to 275 chapter :iconmilady666:Milady666 1,540 244
Fairy Tail Group Chat P.3 FT X Reader
*[Y/n] has started a group chat*
[Y/n]: Ahh! Parade today. Parade today!
Juvia: I know! I’m SO excited. I get to be on a float with Gray-sama!
[Y/n]: Knock off the sama there Ju.
Juvia: Roger that!
Lucy: I’m so ready for the parade!
Levy: Me too!! All cheer and ready to go!
[Y/n]: We’re gonna be the best cheerers out there!
Bisca: You bet we are!!
Gajeel: Have fun with your parade.
Erza: I think you should join us Gajeel.
Levy: Yeah, it’s the perfect time to show off.
Gajeel: Show off, huh? Any suggestions?
[Y/n]: I know I’ll get screamed at for this but maybe you can walk with Natsu and make Fairy Tail logos to give out to some of the kids you pass. That’ll bring your popularity up. You can also make some fireworks (Iron works, haha shoot me) for the parade.
Levy: I like that idea.
Gajeel: I’ll do it.
[Y/n]: YAY!
Gajeel: If…….
[Y/n]: Awww!
Gajeel: You gotta tell me if I ever get cat like Fire Breath and Half Pint.
[Y/n]: Oh is that
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FT Team by AkilaChione FT Team :iconakilachione:AkilaChione 1,172 148 Natsu's flames by Lanessa29 Natsu's flames :iconlanessa29:Lanessa29 1,159 69