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Baba Milka by MarinaCoric Baba Milka :iconmarinacoric:MarinaCoric 181 118 Tell Me Another Story, Grandma by ThisCrispyKat Tell Me Another Story, Grandma :iconthiscrispykat:ThisCrispyKat 540 70
Soap In The Water
A young boy smashes plastic boats and planes
together in a soap-filled
bathtub ocean.
Some water slips over the edge
with little explosions
bursting through his infant mouth.
His grandfather left the bathroom door open
so he could keep an eye on the boy.
But right now he is turning
up the volume on his TV
and trying to sink his ears
into the musty, threadbare couch.
:iconfallingasleeptonight:FallingAsleepTonight 26 21
ghosts in the garden
and she slung
her slender bones
swallowed by fabric
chintz roses echoed
on the rattling
in her shiver-quake,
taut-canvas fingers
and folded
her molasses tongue
around the unraveling
storm clouds gathering
—good for the flowers—
and the canny mouse
curled cozy in some
dusky cabinet corner
—bad for the biscuits—
before smoothing
another sip
down her furrowed
when i was small,
she said into the silence
on a paper-whisper,
eyes cast
on an errant past,
my sister died.
and they laid her
on the kitchen table
in her Sunday best, and
i remember
her small fingers curled
and i fancied
she was holding hands
with Death.

then she shook
her dandelion fluff hair,
gave a flutter laugh,
a butterfly sigh
and said
i've got gardenfuls
of ghosts.

she pressed a painted smile
to her fading lips
and, crowned
with the breath of
asked about the weather
once more.
:iconpailei:Pailei 12 18
Four Generations by sugarpoultry Four Generations :iconsugarpoultry:sugarpoultry 135 28
Grandfather's Coat
My grandfather
once gave me his leather jacket
I had always asked to wear it
And with a smile on his wise face
He let me
It smelled faintly of tobacco smoke,
of old leather,
like old books, hard work
It smelled like age, like dirt,
like my grandfather.
It didn't fit me
The sleeves hung towards the floor,
Hanging loosely off my small frame.
I never forgot the feel of wearing it,
I could pretend I was him,
Wise, strong, respected.
I wore it like armor
Like a protective shield
When I felt alone, afraid
I found a pair of sunglasses
In one of the pockets,
Next to a mothball.
And I tried them on
Imagining what he had seen through them.
Years later, I found that jacket
In an old box in the attic
I put it on again
With his sunglasses
And I found an inside pocket
That I had never explored
Inside was two pieces of folded paper
I unfold them
One is a black and white
Of my grandfather, young
Standing in military uniform
Wearing the sunglasses I wear now
I carefully unfold the other
Finding a yello
:iconondarkandstormynight:Ondarkandstormynight 15 5
Je l'aime by minouch Je l'aime :iconminouch:minouch 24 4 Grandad Didn't Vote for Fascists by Party9999999 Grandad Didn't Vote for Fascists :iconparty9999999:Party9999999 30 26 Love :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Love :Stamp: :iconlaunachtyr:LauNachtyr 465 71
Insomnia or Thoughts In The Late-Night-Early-Morning
I lay still awake
Late night early morning thoughts
Running through my head
What happens in the late night early morning dark is this. One stupid song lets out one stupid memory which lets out one whole year of grief which refuses to go back into the little box in the back of my head that I forced it into last year. In one fell swoop it all comes back and then the tears won't stop. My mind grabs at anything in its attempt to put all the tears back in the box in the back of my head where they belong. As it does, my hand reaches for the worn old bear who sits in the corner of the bed, waiting there for just such an occasion. And with the bear clutched to my chest, my mind fights for control of my emotions. It grabs the pen and pad from the floor, the mobile phone for light and sets to work. The light is poor, the eyes are tired, but the tears have stopped.
And the pen is running out.
01:46am 6/3/10
:iconiatsath:IATSATH 7 15
Old man beard by BlueAsTheSun Old man beard :iconblueasthesun:BlueAsTheSun 93 45 about love by miss-avaria about love :iconmiss-avaria:miss-avaria 33 5 Doris and Cyril 72yrs Together by MayEbony Doris and Cyril 72yrs Together :iconmayebony:MayEbony 52 78 Say -CHEESE- by AllesiaTheHedge Say -CHEESE- :iconallesiathehedge:AllesiaTheHedge 130 65 Family Love :Stamp: by LauNachtyr Family Love :Stamp: :iconlaunachtyr:LauNachtyr 444 25 Grandma Robinson by Novawuff Grandma Robinson :iconnovawuff:Novawuff 73 28 Storytime With Gramfin by Typthis Storytime With Gramfin :icontypthis:Typthis 16 9 Listen to grandparents - stamp by Angi-Shy Listen to grandparents - stamp :iconangi-shy:Angi-Shy 60 32 weabro by meekshall weabro :iconmeekshall:meekshall 98 6 The beginning of the end by Lelpel The beginning of the end :iconlelpel:Lelpel 33 11
Thats Beautiful, Sweetie
The day his heart stopped.
It felt as if mine did too.
The summer afternoon's 2:30 sun beats itself on my cheek
To my right is the valley and its sparkling lake
Apple orchards surround the winding house-dotted road
I'm in the passenger seat of the pick up truck, the haul of wood in the back,
sitting next to the man I love most in the world
The hands that assertively grip the decade-old steering wheel
Have freckles and veins that tell stories of days on the farm
We ride in silence, and contently too
My elbow sticks out of the opened window,
the silky breeze playing with the curls of my hair
and pats my face
like a mischievous daytime ghost
The vehicle roars down the road
It's just the pavement,
and me.
His touching blue eyes overflow with laughter
And the depths of his wrinkles
are no reflection of his age
He is young inside.
His smile warms my heart like grandma's chicken noodle soup
He gives life to those around him and chuckles
at the smallest things.
As my delicate hands ge
:iconmalalalell:malalalell 5 8
Old Bears Can't Climb by BiGGeeK72 Old Bears Can't Climb :iconbiggeek72:BiGGeeK72 20 6 my grandparents by evlo my grandparents :iconevlo:evlo 38 21 Flowers I by CoFFeeZomBee Flowers I :iconcoffeezombee:CoFFeeZomBee 34 31 The Price of a Memory by wielderofthewind The Price of a Memory :iconwielderofthewind:wielderofthewind 47 1 3 :Stamp: by LauNachtyr 3 :Stamp: :iconlaunachtyr:LauNachtyr 40 4 OC Grandparent: Silas by Mokrosuhibrijac OC Grandparent: Silas :iconmokrosuhibrijac:Mokrosuhibrijac 23 7 Snace- What if they knew... by vuy Snace- What if they knew... :iconvuy:vuy 28 22
Image of Loneliness (Creepypasta?)
BAM! We'd hit something. My dad stopped the car on the side of the empty road.
My mother and I were sitting in the car, quietly, barely even making eye contact with each other. I sat in the back, alone, my mother in the passenger seat, and my father as the driver. My heart was still pounding after the accident. My father rushed towards the front of the car to see what animal he had hit. We were on our way to my grandmother's house to visit, since I haven't seen her in so long, and that she was among her final days on Earth; as what my father told me, that grandmother was... dying. She was only seventy-five years old; she could've gone another twenty, but she was very ill, and has had no help in taking care of herself. Sigh... I miss grandpa. He passed away two years ago after my grandma's sickness kicked in. She's a strong women, but now she's been suffering for too long now... we... we needed to see her... NOW.
My mother took my shaking hand and patted it. She tol
:iconjmcspike:JMCSpike 6 38
My Hero by BenjaminTDickens My Hero :iconbenjamintdickens:BenjaminTDickens 15 3 Chaos - Profile - Wind Elders by AquaWaters Chaos - Profile - Wind Elders :iconaquawaters:AquaWaters 20 6 Family I by RepeaterPanda Family I :iconrepeaterpanda:RepeaterPanda 14 15 blossom by b0yamora blossom :iconb0yamora:b0yamora 15 2 With this ring... by Pir12345 With this ring... :iconpir12345:Pir12345 17 8 pretty little girl by Curlie-11 pretty little girl :iconcurlie-11:Curlie-11 18 17 Cars: Old Austin Cars Pack by Uttermost Cars: Old Austin Cars Pack :iconuttermost:Uttermost 10 14 Restaurante Macoatl No 212 by FlintofMother3 Restaurante Macoatl No 212 :iconflintofmother3:FlintofMother3 16 31 of Owls and Time by BurlapZack of Owls and Time :iconburlapzack:BurlapZack 12 54 Cuddles and Her Grammy by cuddlesaurus21 Cuddles and Her Grammy :iconcuddlesaurus21:cuddlesaurus21 17 49 Request for SSJGarfield: Grandma Gine by YamchaFan91 Request for SSJGarfield: Grandma Gine :iconyamchafan91:YamchaFan91 19 2 Tea Time by Siols Tea Time :iconsiols:Siols 13 5 Welcome to the Family by YamchaFan91 Welcome to the Family :iconyamchafan91:YamchaFan91 14 3 Mr. JB's PARENTS??? by Lotusbandicoot Mr. JB's PARENTS??? :iconlotusbandicoot:Lotusbandicoot 16 14 Forever... by TheAntimonyElement Forever... :icontheantimonyelement:TheAntimonyElement 12 12 Grammy-- Charcoal by Stormyskye24 Grammy-- Charcoal :iconstormyskye24:Stormyskye24 13 15 Grandpa, Daddy and Me by E-Ocasio Grandpa, Daddy and Me :icone-ocasio:E-Ocasio 14 5 WIP - White Knight by Mollinda WIP - White Knight :iconmollinda:Mollinda 12 21 The memory of Love by KDS-Series The memory of Love :iconkds-series:KDS-Series 13 30