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7 minutes in heaven-Germany
You put your hand in the box and grab a necklace with the centerpiece scratched out.
"Auch, that's me." Germany said, raising his hand.
*oh no..* You thought. You had liked him forever, but were sort of uneasy around him, because he was so strict and quite scary at times.
"Veee~! I'm-a So excited for you!" Italy shouted while jumping up and down.
"Eh..." Germany said, blushing and walked you into the closet.
"So, ve sit here and do vhas now?" He said, looking away from you, although it was very dark.
"I'm...Not sure. I think your supposed to see if you like the person that you are ~Stuck~ In the closet with."  He looked back toward you.
"Vell..." He started nervously. "I already know zat I...Like you, a lot...So vhat do I do?"
You blushed heavily and said.
"I...I guess you prove it."
"Ah." He said, leaning in to kiss you.  He begged for entrance into your mouth, willing you to give in, you did, and he gripped your shoulders, pushing you down. His tongue explored you
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If I was your boyfriend swedenXReader
It was your turn. You had heard so much about these parties for seven minutes in heaven, and people were running out to be with, so you were there today;the room was still packed.
"Hey man, you're just in time! I'm glad you made it! Otherwise we would've had to cancel!" America shook your hand and hugged you. "Yeah man, rock out! You better get ready for a good time, and help yourself to our food! France helped! Just stay away from the crumpets man, you might throw up..." America waved and walked away.
You walked over to the punch bowl and waited for the party to start, snacking on some Oreos. America walked in front of the congregation and waved his hand.
"Hey guys! It's time! Stop shoving your faces with food and get y'all's asses over here!" He winked to you and gave you a thumbs up. "Ready, ___? It gets awkward at times..." America wrapped his arm around you and nudged you. "B prepared for whomever ya get!"
The whole party was around the table, awaiting you to choose. You reached y
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RomanoxReader - More Than Enough
"Why didn't you tell me?" You asked, worriedly.
You were over at Lovino's house after he had skipped school, causing you to worry. He wasn't always like this; even if he did have an attitude and swore his mouth off at the ones who loved him most, he never meant harm, or to do something as drastic as skipping school. You went straight over to his house afterschool to see him moping around on the floor of the living room.
"Nobody would care." He replied back in a monotone voice, flipping through the television channels.
"Okay, now that's bullshit Lovi. I would care! Your brother would care! Antonio and Grandpa Rome would care!" You reasoned. At that moment, Feliciano entered the room to stand beside you in the doorway.
"Ay, fratello—"
"Get the fuck out," Lovino snapped, tossing a pillow directly at Feli's face, causing him to flee into the next room. You felt kind of honoured that Lovino hadn't chucked a pillow at your face yet, telling you to leave.
You stared at him until he was f
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7 Minutes in heaven~Austria
"Aight guys!" America stepped into the room. "it's time for a new 7 minutes in heaven! Everyone ready? This is gonna be awesome yo! Rock out guys!" America shook his head and body furiously with excitement.
"May we please begin? This is already a waste of time..." Austria spoke out, rubbing his eyebrows impatiently.
"Course dude! Let's get this show on the road. Go ahead, ___. You're the girl, and I know you want 'somma  of this, so you better get my item sexy!"
You were irritated by his comment and determined not to get his item. You felt a smooth, soft
and rectangular item, and picked it up. It was a piece of ivory.
"Why...that's my item..." Austria ceased rubbing his eyebrows and walked towards you. "I do hope you understand there will be no sexual play in the closet, understood? It isn't civilized, a-and I'd much rather keep it that way." You nodded and walked into the closet.
"So, what exactly is this all about? I don't really...want to b-be into this...It's a bit iffy if you ask
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The Grandpa Tales :iconthesong:theSong 747 258 The Munsters :icondaekazu:daekazu 2,627 137
An old man's death
Wearily he sits in his usual chair. Maybe no one will notice how tired he is and how much it hurts. His oldest granddaughter knocks on the door and opens the door.
"Hi grandpa. How are you today?" She gives him a hug and sits the plate of cookies in front of him. Her fiancé steps in behind her with a gallon of fresh cow's milk. He hadn't had that since he was a boy. Yum!
He smiles. "When are you getting married??"
She pauses. A different reaction that usual. Usually she says, "Not sure yet. We'll let you know."
"October the eighth."
For a split second he thought there was hope after all. October wasn't too far away. He could make it until then. That would only be a month after the six month mark the doctors gave him back in March. Then she adds….
"Next year."
He didn't know what to say. He'd never make it that long. He knew he couldn't. For a moment, she caught the distress in his eyes, but he looks away quickly – back at the cookies and milk. "Thanks for the cookies." H
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7 minutes in heaven-Italy
You reached into the box nervously in hopes that the item you pick will correspond with someone you like.
You raised you hand with the item in it, your eyes were shut. You slowly open your eyes to see a bowl in your hand.
Italy springs up from the couch.
"That's-a me!" He exclaimed., doing a little dance, singing, and holding Germany's hands, making him join in.
Finally, fed up with the foolishness, Germany throws you two inside of the closet.
"I hope zis seven minutes seems like ze eternity." Germany's annoyed voice says, fading as he walks away.
"So...Do-a You like-a me?" Italy asks, leaning in, causing you to fall backwards. He's now on top of you, awaiting your response.
"Y-yes." You nervously say. You have always liked and enjoyed everything about him.
"Good! Then I can-a tell you that-a I love you too! And since we both-a love each other-a..."
Italy reached for his pants and began to remove them.
"I totally love you! Veee~!" He said, facing your red face.
"Look-a at me-a! I'm-a n
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Grandpa Rome x Reader Remember Me?
Arsenius' eyes fluttered open, greeted quickly by a dull light. He blinked rapidly, just lying beneath the sheets for a moment. The room was silent, save for the metronome hitting against his window. His ears pricked at a faint sound. He could've sworn he'd hear a bubbly giggle just then, but it was surely the leftover thoughts lingering from his rather pleasurable dream. He sighed lovingly as his mind relived the night. Though, the pleasant recollection was easily punched full of holes as his lethargic mind finally began to register just exactly what he was thinking about.
He wasn't sure why, but there was a nagging feeling in the back of his mind. As he groggily pushed the duvet back off of his perfectly sculpted body, his mind was, for once, off of what he was going to prepare for breakfast, or what he was going to do for the rest of the day. He looked to the window, discovering that the faint drumming sound pounding into his ears was the pitter patter of rain dribbling down the pan
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Addams Family :iconemilynguyenart:emilynguyenart 3,852 269 Grandmas Attic :iconart-kombinat:Art-Kombinat 378 104
BritainXreader 7 minutes
It was that time again. The 7 minutes in heaven party. America loved the chance to stick people with others they didn't even know. Surprisingly, you were very excited and ready for anything, or so you thought. When you walked into the crowded room, your confidence went down the drain. All the faces and conversation floating about deflated and belief in yourself you had initially.
"Hey! If it isn't "___"! It's great to see you again!" America stepped up and hugged you.
"Ready to get this party started?" America saluted you and walked away.  "Okay guys! It's party time! You ready mother f-"
"That's quite enough, you wanker. Let us begin." Britain placed his hand over america's mouth. "Shall we?" He smiled and placed the names in the hat on the table. All the people gathered around. "You go first, "___"" Britain smiled at you.
You reached in the hat. you pulled out Britain's name and immediately your eyes widened. Britain was your one and only crush. You loved everything about him. F
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Switzerland-Seven minutes in Heaven
The eyes were on you as you reached into the bag.
A plastic handle found its way around your index and thumb.
"A toy gun?"
You blushed at the thought of your next seven minutes.
A blushing switzerland scratched his head in uncertainty.
"Yeah, That's mine."
He walked toward you uneasily, almost stumbling upon every step.
"I guess you should follow me."
He grabbed your forerarm and guided you into the pigsty of a closet.
"What the hell? Does Italy EVER clean?"
He helped you down, groping around the closet.
A light fluttered on and off rapidly until it could last on its own.
"I've never done this. I don't know how; please tell me you can show me."
His face was turned away from you; his eyes glancing quickly over you when he thought it safe to sneak a peak of you.
"I'm sorry."
You blushed, not knowing what to do.
"I don't hear any moaning-uh! Get it started in there already!"
France yelled from outside the door.
"I guess I should, less I get punished. I'd rather keep my neu
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NorwayXReader 7minutes
You woke up to your phone. It was a text from America.  
"Hey guys! We're having a seven minutes in thing! So get yo asses over here by 6pm!" You looked at your clock nonchalantly, assuming it was only be 10am. Much to your surprise, you slept until 5pm! You hopped out of bed and ran to the shower.
You rushed a shower and clothing;immediately running to America's house.
You were just in time.
"Hey,____! I'm glad you made it! After all, this would be pointless without you." He took you into the house where everyone was gathered, waiting for your arrival.
"Hey there, ___! It's good to see you!" Finland waved and handed you Christmas cookies. "I made these for you last night!"
"Looks like Finland's got a crush..." Norway interjected.
"Okay. Shut your conversations the hell up guys! It's time to start! Rock on!" America pushed you to the bucket. "Now...Draw!"
You drew the name. You closed your eyes and wished for Norway. It was him. "YES!" Did you really just shout that
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7 Minutes in Heaven-Japan
You reached inside the box and felt the items.
Your hand finally grips onto something.
"A pen?"
Japan stands. "Yes." He bows. "That is me." Japan said, slightly blushing.
You also begin to blush ans he walks toward you.
"HAHAHA! You two are pathetic!" America laughed at the blushing you and Japan.  Japan takes you into the closet and you both sit quietly for a minute or two.
Japan begins to grope around in the closet for something. A light flicks on, he found a flashlight. He sets in up on some of the mess in America's closet.
"N-now I can see your beautiful face." He said, placing one hand gently on your cheek. You felt the blush worsen on your face as he leaned in closer, caressing your hair.
"M-May I...kiss you ____ Chan?"
He asked politely.
"...Yes..." You said, holding your excitement, though it was quite apparent from your tomato-red face.
His soft lips gently were placed on yours. His hand rested upon your cheek, while the other on your shoulder. You placed both arms a
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For Grandpa :icontoffuo:Toffuo 1,418 305
Out from Under You
When I was four, my grandparents’ house started sinking into Halfway Bay. It was a slow process, but it started with a bang.
I was playing in the front yard when a horrible sound of sliding stone hit me. A four-inch-wide crack had split the ground in front of me, leaving the house separated from the rest of the land.
My grandmother was busy removing the blooms from the annuals when the yard split. She jumped up and ran to me when the ground broke.
“Are you all right?” she gasped.
“Yes,” I said. I was fine. It was grandma that didn’t look all right. Her face was too pale and she was breathing hard. I thought she was just scared.
Grandpa came running out of the house and saw the crack in the front lawn, but his attention was almost immediately on Grandma. His wrinkles shifted to concern when he saw how she looked. He asked her if she was feeling okay, but she answered that she was fine. Grandpa didn’t look convinced, but he wasn’t going to challeng
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People Living in Tunnels Under Las Vegas
The newspaper headlines told me so.
As I was reading the article in my bed,
eating a handful of Oreos, I thought
about being wet.
Not the kind of wet (slipperyslidyfuntimes)
you want to be,
but the kind of wet you feel in your bones.
Wet like the time my grandfather left me and my sister
watching his tackle box by the side of the road
in Toronto in six inches of slush that
was slowly seeping into my socks,
while he bought cigarettes from the man
in the oversized poncho at the gas station.
And there are cities full of dreams
and cities full of dirt,
but Las Vegas is neither of those.
It’s a city instead with no name or face,
nothing recognizable you can reach out and touch.
Someone told me once that in Spanish
Las Vegas means “the fields.”
My grandfather told me once
on a fishing trip, while I sat
on top of his tackle box,
about the Asphodel fields.
How these Romans believed
people whose sins equaled the good they did
went to the Asphodel fields, and drank
from a river
:icondrastic-afterthought:Drastic-Afterthought 153 61
I remember you, quiet man,
plaidly relieved against a backdrop
spangled with motes of starry dust.
I remember you, blue eyes,
all black socks and white sweater,
and the way you used to eat mayonnaise.
I made fun of you for that.
I remember you smiling,
no tubes, no pumps.
And in the blue room, I played a game,
pretending I could keep you here
as long as I stayed awake, imagining
my breath sustaining you-
   in and out
      in and out
         in and out
      and once more.
But my heart cramps,
and my eyes are sore,
and this is not so much a poem
as a thinly veiled prayer
that you still guard me as I sleep,
though open eyes did not save you.
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Ao No Exorcist 22 Parody :iconnarutolover6219:NarutoLover6219 695 183
Fratello, What Is Sex?
"Fratello, fratello!" Lovino Vargas groaned softly as his brother's high-pitched voice broke through his carefully constructed concentration. The careful concentration that had taken the elder Vargas brother over an hour to build, much to his irritation. He had an upcoming test the following week, and the younger male had shattered his much needed focus in less than a millisecond! It was in moments such as this when Lovino found himself wishing murder was legal.
"What do you want, Feliciano?" The younger of the pair was bouncing anxiously on the balls of his feet by now, completely oblivious to the death glare he was currently receiving from his brother. He almost looked like he was going to explode at any given time actually, much to Lovino's mild amusement. Mild being the key word – he was still furious with the younger for disrupting him; no amount of strange expressions would change that any time soon.
"Fratello, I have a question!"
"When don't you?" Lovino's voice wa
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