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What if by UrsulaDecay What if :iconursuladecay:UrsulaDecay 804 123 Twilight's Graduation by PixelKitties Twilight's Graduation :iconpixelkitties:PixelKitties 2,114 147 StupidFox - 163 by SilentReaper StupidFox - 163 :iconsilentreaper:SilentReaper 2,670 157 Be A Grad - Full Comic + VIDEO by Quarter-Virus Be A Grad - Full Comic + VIDEO :iconquarter-virus:Quarter-Virus 2,379 599
Keys :iconcoffee-shakes:Coffee-Shakes 891 152
Colored for Life - Animation :icontsnow:TSnow 1,943 363
1. there is no center of the universe.
there is you. there is you and every time i look at you,
i figure out all over again that miracles
exist, because you are not anything someone could ever
repeat—you are a mess of perfectly executed mistakes
and you have never failed to take my breath away.
2. sometimes, the girl dances. sometimes she doesn’t,
but it rains and rains more and sometimes your clothes
stick to your skin but don’t you dare care. promise.
3. you are not an apology, no matter how many
times you say you’re sorry. your mother did
not create you for you to regret the
amount of space you take up.
4. something inside you is burning.
you are fire and ember and you will survive.
you are a storm, a hurricane, destruction incarnate.
you have iron in your blood, you have a spine of steel.
you will survive. you are lighting—you know of
finite existences. you know of leaving your mark.
you are zeus’ child and this will not kill you.
5. you would lo
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Congrat, Sister by Raindropmemory Congrat, Sister :iconraindropmemory:Raindropmemory 1,091 151
ochikaeru deai to wakare hana no shita.
Again and again we meet and part under the sakura blossoms.
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Paint your futur with colors of sucess by KarimFakhoury Paint your futur with colors of sucess :iconkarimfakhoury:KarimFakhoury 252 87 IT Cat Shirt by Bobsmade IT Cat Shirt :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 445 32
Joe :icontimtimsia:Timtimsia 463 101
Light in the woods by Luce-in-the-sky Light in the woods :iconluce-in-the-sky:Luce-in-the-sky 690 39 Evanescent Film Preview by Wild-Hearts Evanescent Film Preview :iconwild-hearts:Wild-Hearts 272 37 Full sized Mad Hatter CARD HOLDER by TinyTopHats Full sized Mad Hatter CARD HOLDER :icontinytophats:TinyTopHats 1,384 220 Danbo's Graduation Day by BryPhotography Danbo's Graduation Day :iconbryphotography:BryPhotography 246 27
RomanoxReader: All Mine
You shivered at the wind, which refused to stop blowing your hair out of place. You knew that the wind was going to act up again, so you had tied it in a French braid. Even though the weather was beyond cold, the thought of your high school bestie visiting you for the first time in years warmed your heart.
Currently, you were sitting on the park bench where you always sat with him after school. Here was the place where secrets and gossip was always shared. You two had an unbreakable bond and even kept communication when you went to separate colleges. The only way your relationship was still strong was due to webcamming and text messaging. He had decided to go back to his home country, Italy, and you had to stay without him.
You sighed and leaned back, glad that you decided to wear a scarf. Winter seemed more violent this year, for no particular reason. The snow from yesterday still littered the ground. The park was a winter wonderland with the trees looking like they were painted white
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Graduation by jennee Graduation :iconjennee:jennee 247 46 graduation by lunaticjoker graduation :iconlunaticjoker:lunaticjoker 2,085 87 Graduation Hiatus by RoFlo-Felorez Graduation Hiatus :iconroflo-felorez:RoFlo-Felorez 92 61 Stronger by DVArtworks Stronger :icondvartworks:DVArtworks 518 138 Graduation! by MeganCoffey Graduation! :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 225 80 Graduation Pig by Marloeshi Graduation Pig :iconmarloeshi:Marloeshi 149 18 Great Teachers by saltytowel Great Teachers :iconsaltytowel:saltytowel 375 40 Commission Graduation album by HowXu Commission Graduation album :iconhowxu:HowXu 780 33 Bad Grad by wolfjedisamuel Bad Grad :iconwolfjedisamuel:wolfjedisamuel 795 168 Congrat, Another Sis by Raindropmemory Congrat, Another Sis :iconraindropmemory:Raindropmemory 317 54 Nebulae loop by BoxTail Nebulae loop :iconboxtail:BoxTail 253 9 Mystic Falls Graduates by MirRoriel Mystic Falls Graduates :iconmirroriel:MirRoriel 245 17 Monarchs and Melody Graduation Cake by TubaQueen Monarchs and Melody Graduation Cake :icontubaqueen:TubaQueen 240 25 Graduation Project by Eibography Graduation Project :iconeibography:Eibography 269 68 Metamorphosis by mou-s Metamorphosis :iconmou-s:mou-s 2,013 114
Spain x Reader - Commencement
“You ready?” Antonio asked, leaning over to whisper in your ear.
You nodded. “Hell yes.”
You straightened the clumsy mortar-board hat on your head, and waited impatiently for your name to be said.
“Elizaveta Hedervary.” The principal called.
The brunette popped up from her seat and walked almost majestically towards the elevated steps  to receive her diploma.
“Lukas Bondevich.”
“Bella Morgens.”
“Gilbert Beilshmidt.”
“Francis Bonnefoy.”
They rolled the names of students off one by one, each hopping up in black robes and mortar-board hats.
“Antonio Carriedo.”
The Spaniard bounced off his seat, and flashed you a wink.  
He dropped mortar-board as he was walking, and pulled out another hat from beneath his robes and placed it on his head.
You covered your mouth, trying not to laugh.
The brunette shook hands with dumbfounded principal, his emerald eyes shining.
Holding his diploma, he bowed to th
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things to take to college
1. between the two of us, we have eaten miles
of pavement, we have spent months pressing
the same four wheels into the ground.
whenever you need to, follow those tracks again.
they will lead you back home.
2. there are songs i only figured out how to sing
with you beside me. even now, the words
sound awkward in my throat.
the notes are wrong. i’m not sure what makes
something sacred, but words like that
i only know how to sing with a quiet
reverence i can’t seem to find anymore.
3. i am good at writing poems that convince
people to stay. i don’t know how to write
a poem to someone that i know is going to leave
no matter what i say.
4. you have faith in spades. and i’m not talking about
god. i’m talking about that tangible faith in
humanity, the faith that always makes you
ask me how my day was, even if the answer
is always the same.
5. to be truthful, i don’t want you to stay.
some people are made for the great unknown.
6. we have watched more sunset
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I GRADUATED!! by rossdraws I GRADUATED!! :iconrossdraws:rossdraws 342 193 20110518 by Signevad 20110518 :iconsignevad:Signevad 618 124 GRADUATED!!!!!! by lalami02 GRADUATED!!!!!! :iconlalami02:lalami02 1,622 183 Happy Independence Day Norway by Nekoshiba Happy Independence Day Norway :iconnekoshiba:Nekoshiba 566 46 Victorian Beauty by Film-Exposed Victorian Beauty :iconfilm-exposed:Film-Exposed 288 42 Guilty Dragon - Graduation2 by Kaizeru Guilty Dragon - Graduation2 :iconkaizeru:Kaizeru 749 26
L x Reader - Secret Equation
“I love you” are words I can say easily to one whom I love. But that’s not the case for everyone.
The young man with messy black hair sitting in front of you was one of them. For close to five years you had been dating him but never once had he uttered those magic words. Normally, it didn’t bother you but today was special. Today was the day that he had promised to propose to you – right after his graduation from college.
Yet the awkward guy was acting just like normal, sitting in that slouch of his while his dark eyes roved over the piles of papers in front of him. Obviously deep in thought over some Math problem as usual. For him, the problems to solve were never-ending and that was what attracted you to him in the first place. But today, it was merely getting on your nerves. Creeping up on him, you wrapped your arms around him and gave him a light peck on the cheek.
“Hey L, do you know what day it is today?”
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Kanye by Everruler Kanye :iconeverruler:Everruler 395 66 Abi Shirt - Angel out of Hell by Bobsmade Abi Shirt - Angel out of Hell :iconbobsmade:Bobsmade 438 21
Demo Reel - March 2010 :iconowen-c:owen-c 259 160
Graduation Speech Template
2011 Graduation Speech Template
Ladies and gentlemen, teachers and professors, graduates and wannabes—wear sunglasses. Not just because there's less ozone around and the sun shines brighter than ever. No, wear sunglasses because everyone has a video camera and anonymity is the grandfather of good times and reckless behavior. Wear sunglasses because they can conceal at least fifty percent of what happened last night. Wear sunglasses so that no one can tell if you are really paying attention. Wear reflective sunglasses. When a highway patrolman looks you in the eyes he will see infinity, and that might just distract him long enough for you to drive away.
Today I will not dispense pearls of wisdom. In fact, on my way over to this ceremony I committed fifteen acts that would make my parents wince, and quite a few things that would make my grandparents disavow me as a family member. We are not standing at a crossroads today. People who stand at a crossroads have a tendency to get hit b
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Congrat, my Rockstar by Raindropmemory Congrat, my Rockstar :iconraindropmemory:Raindropmemory 282 41 It's Finally Over by HandBanana001 It's Finally Over :iconhandbanana001:HandBanana001 337 133