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Guy Fawkes Day

Guy Fawkes Day
Burns one man's vendetta on fires of drunk delight while Heaven's rainbows burn and sparkle in the sky.
The fascinated coo while boredom freezes cold and watches while his breath fades steaming into night.
The pennies for the guy jingle in their tin while he a traitor burns, his Cath'lic soul in Hell.
The animals run scared, not from fireworks, but from th'unholy sound of Guido's punishment.
He screams a silent scream that no-one else can hear, save God and pets and Satan's wailing hordes.
“A desperate disease requires a dangerous remedy.”
– Guy Fawkes
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Sad Blue Eyes
When I was little, my mom used to carry me everywhere. She would cradle my pudgy pale body and rock me back and forth, watching me as I cuddled close to her warm body. My mom's eyes were big and blue, but were always terribly sad when they saw me. On the days when her eyes would become so glossy raindrops fell off her face, my mom would roll up my dress sleeve to reveal a delicate bangle resting around my wrist. "Your number suits you…sweet like berries…" she would coo in my ear, "Palmer and Rodney don't have numbers as sweet as yours." Her voice would weaken and shake whenever I asked what my number was.
I didn't understand why it bothered her so much. It was really pretty bangle, with intricate detail work that was designed to look like silver stems. Those stems led to sixteen bronze daisies, where a moonstone was in the center of each one. No one I knew had a bracelet as lovely as mine. My brothers' bracelets were plain and boring-- iron bands with a lot of small gems rand
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Area 51
Dana and her best friend, Richy, ran through the desert as fast as they could.  The helicopters were moving fast and their search lights even faster.  It was the closest the due had ever come to actually getting inside of Area 51.
"Why...  why are...  why we...  we doing this?!"  Richy was barely able to ask the question between gasping breaths.
"Because!  There has to be...  something in there!"  Dana was smiling through her panic as the helicopter blades sounded closer.
"Of course there is!"  Richy gave Dana a stern look.  "It's an ARMY base!  There's probably lots of ARMY stuff in there!"  His flaring temper gave him a second wind, allowing him to speak clearer.
"Not just 'army' stuff Richy!"  Dana dove into a low ditch and covered herself in plants.  "Keep quiet, I'll explain later..."
Richy dove into the ditch next to her and tried t
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When we're forsaken
A fistful of quarters in my hand
Perhaps it's enough to make a demand
No I can't even make a stand
It'll earn me a reprimand
When the kitty is full
The penalty is you
So what to do?
Die because they tell you to
When the eyes of people are blind
Justice is a rare find
We're not all too kind
When we deny the mind
So the truth is a lie
And the lie is true
What do you expect to do?
Cry because they expect you to?
Do you fight or do you die?
Do you run or do you try?
What does it matter why?
Don't believe the lie
Fate isn't what you see
It's just an illusion
If you run where will you go?
It won't take long for more to show
Governments they seem to overthrow
What's left is the line to tow
I refuse to give in
I can't let them win
So I'll end up in a camp
Making dreams out of a stamp
Rending hope out of the lamp
Trying to find my way up the ramp
Do or die they say
Guess that's just my way
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Is Critical Thinking Dead?
The more I delve into the cesspool of social media, the more I'm convinced that my generation is incapable of critical thought.
Consider rape, for example.
I always thought I was looking out for the best interests of my female friends by advising them not to walk alone late at night or to accept drinks from strangers.
But apparently, according to Tumblr feminists, offering that advice makes me a "rape apologist" and "victim blamer" because it assumes women deserve to be raped if they don't take such precautions.
By that logic, I must also believe that victims of theft deserve to be mugged if I advise people not to carry large amounts of cash and flash it in public!
No, clearly, rather than teaching women to protect themselves from potential rapists, I should be teaching potential rapists (i.e.: MENZ!) not to rape.
What I should really do is tell my guy friends not to have sex with women without their consent--which I'm pretty sure they already know, or if they don't know, they don't ca
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