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Bruce Wayne X Reader: Answers
You sat out on a balcony over-looking Gotham. When you shoved aside all the crime and psychotic freaks terrorizing the place, it was a truly a beautiful city. Letting a small sigh escape your lips, you turned your gaze to the sky. Dark clouds concealed the sun, putting an almost gloomy shadow over everything.  You looked close to miserable as you rested an elbow on the railing, your head in your hand. A gentle wind blew your (h/l), (h/c) locks out of your face.
“You know, with all the smiling you do, I started to wonder if you were even capable of being unhappy.”
You smiled a bit at the familiar voice, not bothering to look over your shoulder. Keeping your eyes on the city, Bruce came to stand beside you. A small smile crept onto your lips as you stared down at all of the people of Gotham.
“I don’t have a reason to be unhappy. I have everything I need.”
Your small, but genuine, smile slowly faded.
“Except for answers…
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