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Lore | GLOBS - Cutesy Womb Creatures
Gestational Liquescent Organic Biomasses
Warning: This race lore contains unorthodox pregnancy/unbirth themes for the purpose of fantasy and role-play. If that's not something your interested in, please do not read.
Globs are a rare race of infantile, host-dependent beings that rely on nutrients delivered through connection to a female uterus for survival with a physical appearance and texture that resembles “slime” or “goo” creatures. With baby-like mental capacities and lacking a functioning digestive system, within a few weeks of birth globs need to imprint on a willing female humanoid and become connected to them for the remainder of their lives, requiring acceptance into the chosen host's womb that they can attach to (much like a fetus) in order to survive and grow in a simulated, extended pregnancy-like state. Once imprinted, globs will only enter their connected host or “mother”, with the ex
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You can't escape the spirit of Halloween
You can’t escape the spirit of Halloween (anthro wolf TF)
By Wolfennar
Based on this picture:
Halloween, surely one of the favorite holiday to anyone under 15, and even many above that age. I remember how I used to enjoy it, finding a badass costume and then going to as many houses as possible in order to get the biggest stash of candy. The last few times I went out on that night as a teenager I even pulled off some pretty funny pranks, to me at least. Too bad I’m getting old for this. Sure, costume parties are still nice but it’s not quite the same thing. And besides, I’m officially an adult now, with bills to pay and all those wonderful ‘perks’. Which is why I decided that this year, I wouldn’t give treats away to kids. Yeah, not super nice I know, but I’m already struggling to not eat some ramen noddle every day, how am I supposed to find money for treats? I wish I could be
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Clash of the fairies 6 part 2
It was already night when the twin fairies arrived at their apartment. They buzzed in through the window that they left open when they started their trip earlier. They looked around for Rachel, hoping to get some help, but she had already retreat into her room for the night. They tried to knock on the door, but their puffy paws didn't let them hit very hard and they couldn't win against the air conditioning machine in Rachel's room. Defeated, the rubber skinned girls gave up.
They buzzed into the kitchen and settled down in the sink. Melanie tried to help Trixie out of her prison, but both of their hands were useless for grabbing anything now. Their coating was slick and nether of them could managed to grip the latex well. Trixie turned on the faucet, but the rubber just repelled the water like a rain coat. There was no way they were going to be able to wash it off. Melanie pointed to a set of knives in a kitchen holder and the two of them managed to pull one out of it's s
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The Bride of Venom :iconcluedog:cluedog 523 65 MELT DOG ANGER WOLF :iconroachguts:Roachguts 133 5