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Everyone Is Freaking Out by GingaAkam Everyone Is Freaking Out :icongingaakam:GingaAkam 381 331 I LIVE! by SpineBender I LIVE! :iconspinebender:SpineBender 392 79 Free Couples Lineart by LittleRavine Free Couples Lineart :iconlittleravine:LittleRavine 512 86 Odd by gc-stock Odd :icongc-stock:gc-stock 258 85 PewDiePie: Eternal Nightmare by xKABOSx PewDiePie: Eternal Nightmare :iconxkabosx:xKABOSx 476 82 PewDiePie: HUG? by xKABOSx PewDiePie: HUG? :iconxkabosx:xKABOSx 283 40 making googly eyes by normaajean making googly eyes :iconnormaajean:normaajean 112 25 Chuck Norris by googly-googly2 Chuck Norris :icongoogly-googly2:googly-googly2 315 133 Derpy Hooves Scarf 1 by SmilingMoonCreations Derpy Hooves Scarf 1 :iconsmilingmooncreations:SmilingMoonCreations 216 24 Operation Googly by Rahiden Operation Googly :iconrahiden:Rahiden 131 52 Cookie Monster Cupcakes by conniekidd Cookie Monster Cupcakes :iconconniekidd:conniekidd 117 36 Rawrus by DismayedSense Rawrus :icondismayedsense:DismayedSense 121 48 Table Top by visceral Table Top :iconvisceral:visceral 123 15 Googly by beyx Googly :iconbeyx:beyx 141 6 Giroro fail by rugdg13 Giroro fail :iconrugdg13:rugdg13 240 80 Spider girl by CrazyRatty Spider girl :iconcrazyratty:CrazyRatty 95 28 Rainbow Eyeball by googly-googly2 Rainbow Eyeball :icongoogly-googly2:googly-googly2 71 96 Free Avatar: Paopu Love by JuneBelle Free Avatar: Paopu Love :iconjunebelle:JuneBelle 138 47 Awesome Labyrinth meme by Meowchee Awesome Labyrinth meme :iconmeowchee:Meowchee 111 61 Psittacosaaargh! by Monster-Man-08 Psittacosaaargh! :iconmonster-man-08:Monster-Man-08 38 4 GTFO Bakura! by AngelLust155 GTFO Bakura! :iconangellust155:AngelLust155 49 15 OBLONG'n'GOOGLYBEAR by thenizu OBLONG'n'GOOGLYBEAR :iconthenizu:thenizu 99 44 I got bored by livinlovindude I got bored :iconlivinlovindude:livinlovindude 16 73 Fun With Googly Eyes by Omny87 Fun With Googly Eyes :iconomny87:Omny87 522 125 Bambi Eyes by jessielp89 Bambi Eyes :iconjessielp89:jessielp89 125 15 The Pants Family by Omny87 The Pants Family :iconomny87:Omny87 397 39 Things to do in Create.Swf: Eevee's art style by Eeveeheart151 Things to do in Create.Swf: Eevee's art style :iconeeveeheart151:Eeveeheart151 40 65 Rurouni Kenshin Motivational 4 by will-o-the-wispy Rurouni Kenshin Motivational 4 :iconwill-o-the-wispy:will-o-the-wispy 31 9 Paopu Love by JuneBelle Paopu Love :iconjunebelle:JuneBelle 29 8 Angel Shark 2012 by feeves Angel Shark 2012 :iconfeeves:feeves 21 7 Trixie Vs Rock! Magic is Funny by foxgirlKira Trixie Vs Rock! Magic is Funny :iconfoxgirlkira:foxgirlKira 320 52 APH - Special Baguette Friend by TeamRocket APH - Special Baguette Friend :iconteamrocket:TeamRocket 101 14 Kimono Monster by HillaryWhiteRabbit Kimono Monster :iconhillarywhiterabbit:HillaryWhiteRabbit 116 9 Destroy Everything You Touch by julianwilbury Destroy Everything You Touch :iconjulianwilbury:julianwilbury 134 19 Rainbow Dash s03e03 (googly eyes) by Kutejnikov Rainbow Dash s03e03 (googly eyes) :iconkutejnikov:Kutejnikov 341 64 Turnip Face by michaelfirman Turnip Face :iconmichaelfirman:michaelfirman 36 11 We love you Derpy Hooves by raygirl We love you Derpy Hooves :iconraygirl:raygirl 1,896 211 pregnancy meme by pistachioZombie pregnancy meme :iconpistachiozombie:pistachioZombie 371 87 Googly Nail Art by KayleighOC Googly Nail Art :iconkayleighoc:KayleighOC 52 2 Spike s03e11 by Kutejnikov Spike s03e11 :iconkutejnikov:Kutejnikov 125 33 Big Eyes Karate Sniper and Soldier by theTig3r42 Big Eyes Karate Sniper and Soldier :iconthetig3r42:theTig3r42 117 28 Googly Notebook by Madelei Googly Notebook :iconmadelei:Madelei 38 40 1 A.M. at the Temple Cemetary by Eeveeheart151 1 A.M. at the Temple Cemetary :iconeeveeheart151:Eeveeheart151 27 5
Art, Criticism, Suppression, and SpongeBob
The series SpongeBob SquarePants has been rather lackluster. It suffered from massive seasonal rot, and resulted in a Family Guy-esque tendency to overindulge itself on disturbing content and character derailment. (Although, I have heard that Season 9 shows signs of improvement. I’ll have to check that out at some point.) That said, there are quite a few episodes I missed due to that loss of interest. One of them came to my attention as it was reviewed by TheMysteriousMrEnter (or Mr. John Enter) as part of a list of episodes that showcased Patrick Star’s derailment from a lovable oaf into a thoughtless ass. This episode, entitled “The Googly Artiste”, reminded me a lot of an earlier episode, “Artist Unknown”. From there, I started to take a look at how both episodes relate to a trio of themes: what art is, how criticism comes into play, and how artistic capabilities are suppressed. It is interesting where a review can take you, isn
:iconsaffronpanther:saffronpanther 28 19
Clippy Army by Lazuriu Clippy Army :iconlazuriu:Lazuriu 32 10 Weenie Dog by Agent-Jolliday Weenie Dog :iconagent-jolliday:Agent-Jolliday 25 15 Daily Creatures May 17. RyuPug by Markdotea Daily Creatures May 17. RyuPug :iconmarkdotea:Markdotea 23 4 Cookie Monster Puppet Replica by JaimeNWester Cookie Monster Puppet Replica :iconjaimenwester:JaimeNWester 31 22