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Red Sonja 45 cover by PaulRenaud Red Sonja 45 cover :iconpaulrenaud:PaulRenaud 1,299 150 set the night on fire. by lifelikesuicide set the night on fire. :iconlifelikesuicide:lifelikesuicide 3,245 204 Rest and Relaxation part 2 by MikeDimayuga Rest and Relaxation part 2 :iconmikedimayuga:MikeDimayuga 1,257 137 Dejah Thoris 25 by PaulRenaud Dejah Thoris 25 :iconpaulrenaud:PaulRenaud 629 50 Gazing Kitten 1946622 by StockProject1 Gazing Kitten 1946622 :iconstockproject1:StockProject1 564 55 Naughty by mrudowski Naughty :iconmrudowski:mrudowski 1,550 262 Fiolee - Bad Little Boy by AngelLust155 Fiolee - Bad Little Boy :iconangellust155:AngelLust155 2,128 170 SasuHina: Encounter by xCluBearx SasuHina: Encounter :iconxclubearx:xCluBearx 660 44 First Love by miho-nyc First Love :iconmiho-nyc:miho-nyc 3,414 218 How to draw your dragon Final by StephaneRoux How to draw your dragon Final :iconstephaneroux:StephaneRoux 995 39 Do the puppy face by HaleyCage Do the puppy face :iconhaleycage:HaleyCage 574 61 She-Ra by Franchesco She-Ra :iconfranchesco:Franchesco 1,250 62 Demoness by engelszorn Demoness :iconengelszorn:engelszorn 999 66
Good Girl
"Good girl." He whispers quietly,
As I sit alone so silently.
"Good girl." He says on a note
That I'm not even sure he wrote.
"Good girl." He says so fast,
Just like he has in days past.
"Good girl." Instead of bye,
Leaving me alone to cry.
"Good girl" is not "I love you,"
But say that, he'll never do.
"Good girl." For not talking.
"Good girl." For not asking.
"Good girl." He says no more,
For this good girl is out the door.
:iconkiwiootori:kiwiootori 29 11
where god keeps fine china
I knew Janie since I knew my own name.  Amiably sweet, reserved in a delicate shyness.  She always saved my seat in church, sang in the choir – played the piano.  She was gentle, unassuming; the one we all looked up to.
Recently, she'd grown quieter than usual, visibly and physically absent.  Just like every Sunday prior, I showed up and let myself in.  After calling her name, I found myself standing in an empty room, devoid of sunshine – in a cluttered, disheveled mess.  Where on earth was Janie?  Beneath a tilted lampshade sat a stack of loose paper.  Scribbled haphazardly in black sharpie read:
           "sorry i'm not here. can't make it today. i will – "
The message ran off the page; I flipped it over in search of the rest.  On the lines and in the spaces of the following pages I discovered etchings, scrawled messes
:iconcarvingbackbone:carvingbackbone 26 84
Instructions for Being a Good Girl
Keep a smile handy, along with your lipstick.
Squeeze your heart to fit in a top.
Walk on needles and don’t dare to trip.
Taste is a luxury, calories are unforgivable.
Those are the basic rules, got them all down?
Pick a face now.  
You’re lucky, girls come in two models -
Vixen or virgin.
The measures are fixed, customize the colors,
But not too much.
No warranty, no exchange.
Remember, all women are witches.
It’s still a fact, even if a letter is changed.
The modern witch needs nothing but glamours.
These come prepackaged - beauty in a capsule, youth in a tube.
Running out? Sorry, thanks for playing,
Glamours are the currency for all your trades.  
Witches come in two models - sexy or hag.
Let’s see, what am I forgetting?
Be helpful, “no” is the worst insult a person can hear.
Nod. Wave. Laugh at unfunny jokes.
Let others enjoy you.
And didn’t I tell you to smile already?
:iconyukime-no-lady:Yukime-no-lady 185 90
Goblin Queen by PaulRenaud Goblin Queen :iconpaulrenaud:PaulRenaud 221 35 + Good Girl + by silivrenwolf + Good Girl + :iconsilivrenwolf:silivrenwolf 149 96 Candelora by Franchesco Candelora :iconfranchesco:Franchesco 660 63 Shanna the She-Devil by Scebiqu Shanna the She-Devil :iconscebiqu:Scebiqu 682 33 Red Sonja 56 cover by PaulRenaud Red Sonja 56 cover :iconpaulrenaud:PaulRenaud 569 43 SDM Christmas+ by sleepy91 SDM Christmas+ :iconsleepy91:sleepy91 308 27 Jungle-icious by jerrycarr Jungle-icious :iconjerrycarr:jerrycarr 141 22 Duncney Bulletin Board by cococheese Duncney Bulletin Board :iconcococheese:cococheese 174 68 Touhou: Suwako by hanahello Touhou: Suwako :iconhanahello:hanahello 692 103 tattoo pinup by Loopydave tattoo pinup :iconloopydave:Loopydave 634 26 Lunch By David Miller by ConceptsByMiller Lunch By David Miller :iconconceptsbymiller:ConceptsByMiller 380 20
Fairy Tail Natsu Dominates Lucy

It was a another hot day in Magnolia town and Natsu was currently walking , in his sandals and usual outfit, towards a certain persons house. He walked in the direction of their house as he thought about how he was going to deal with that certain person. He was determined to get there soon and had a mission in mind.
"She better just wait until I get there... I'm going to teach her where her place is" he thought to himself.
At the same time the beautiful Lucy Heartfilia was in her bedroom, just relaxing and brushing her long blonde hair. She was currently wearing her tight fitting white t-shirt that had a blue cross across it, with short blue shorts and was currently barefoot. She was thinking about how she was going to spend the sunny day, perhaps she`d write some more of her book, or visit one of her friends.
Lucy was taken out of her relaxation by a knock on her door, she went
:iconheartlessharpy:heartlessharpy 18 11
Snack time By David W. Miller by ConceptsByMiller Snack time By David W. Miller :iconconceptsbymiller:ConceptsByMiller 450 24 Phantom Lady by KeungLee Phantom Lady :iconkeunglee:KeungLee 368 13 F TOY by girlsbygogo F TOY :icongirlsbygogo:girlsbygogo 243 14 Vampirella by pencilsandstrings Vampirella :iconpencilsandstrings:pencilsandstrings 384 48 Jungle girl in artsy pose by jerrycarr Jungle girl in artsy pose :iconjerrycarr:jerrycarr 171 10 Snow White By David Miller by ConceptsByMiller Snow White By David Miller :iconconceptsbymiller:ConceptsByMiller 137 6
I've heard that every little girl
Dreams of bumping into
Her childhood crush
Right at the perfect moment.
Dressed in red and green,
Underneath those small leaves.
I look back at you
And I see a twinkle in your eye.
The side of my mouth curves slightly
And we both know
What's supposed to happen next.
I close my eyes
And count to three.
Then, I feel your lips on mine.
I kiss you back,
Not caring if Santa sees me being naughty.
I've been a good girl the rest of the year,
Catching your eye from a safe distance.
Now it's Christmas Eve,
A night to be jolly.
I can have some freedom for tonight.
And anyways, it's not my fault
That the berries are even up there.
That shrub is there for the spirit of the holidays.
So Santa, I don't care if you leave me nothing
Underneath that tree tonight.
I don't care if I find coal in my stocking.
I just got what I wanted,
And your elves didn't make an effort for my gift.
So carry on, good man,
And make some more kids happy.
:iconguitargirl94:guitargirl94 24 60
Curvy Girl and Friend by jerrycarr Curvy Girl and Friend :iconjerrycarr:jerrycarr 166 24 Chibi Sanae by hanahello Chibi Sanae :iconhanahello:hanahello 589 101 Princess Pea By David Miller by ConceptsByMiller Princess Pea By David Miller :iconconceptsbymiller:ConceptsByMiller 69 2 Welcome to Burlesque by LadyGiselle Welcome to Burlesque :iconladygiselle:LadyGiselle 126 13 Deja Thoris By David Miller by ConceptsByMiller Deja Thoris By David Miller :iconconceptsbymiller:ConceptsByMiller 65 2 Selina in color by Dave-Acosta Selina in color :icondave-acosta:Dave-Acosta 160 3 SUPERGIRL - 7 by GOODGIRLART SUPERGIRL - 7 :icongoodgirlart:GOODGIRLART 380 16 Good-Girl-Bad-Girl by StephaneRoux Good-Girl-Bad-Girl :iconstephaneroux:StephaneRoux 231 15 Rebecca Cunningham sketch by DrewGardner Rebecca Cunningham sketch :icondrewgardner:DrewGardner 148 19 The Sting pt1 by girlsbygogo The Sting pt1 :icongirlsbygogo:girlsbygogo 128 7 Apeman like furkini by jerrycarr Apeman like furkini :iconjerrycarr:jerrycarr 130 11 Library Photo Shoot 7 by fairiegrl Library Photo Shoot 7 :iconfairiegrl:fairiegrl 100 13