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HL3-Gonarch-Reborn by Davesrightmind HL3-Gonarch-Reborn :icondavesrightmind:Davesrightmind 183 14 Gonarch by highdarktemplar Gonarch :iconhighdarktemplar:highdarktemplar 141 34 Team Fortress 2 Zelda Style by Rythmear Team Fortress 2 Zelda Style :iconrythmear:Rythmear 56 79 LEGO Half-Life: The Gonarch by NeweRegion LEGO Half-Life: The Gonarch :iconneweregion:NeweRegion 41 34 Lego Half-Life Fan Creation: Bulldozer Headcrab by NeweRegion Lego Half-Life Fan Creation: Bulldozer Headcrab :iconneweregion:NeweRegion 19 2 Gonarch by BryanTheEvery Gonarch :iconbryantheevery:BryanTheEvery 61 16 Half-Life by ShroomArts Half-Life :iconshroomarts:ShroomArts 164 21 Xen - Gonarch by TheChelck Xen - Gonarch :iconthechelck:TheChelck 17 4 Lego Half-Life Fan Creation: Bullcrab and Family by NeweRegion Lego Half-Life Fan Creation: Bullcrab and Family :iconneweregion:NeweRegion 17 7 Gonarch's Lair poster by Lilgreenmen Gonarch's Lair poster :iconlilgreenmen:Lilgreenmen 14 6 GONARCH IS A CUNT by suicidal-cow GONARCH IS A CUNT :iconsuicidal-cow:suicidal-cow 12 40 Half-Life Source Redux Concept Xen 4 by Tadeu-Costa Half-Life Source Redux Concept Xen 4 :icontadeu-costa:Tadeu-Costa 9 0 gonarch by Guyper gonarch :iconguyper:Guyper 12 4 Half-Life Source Redux Concept Xen 2 by Tadeu-Costa Half-Life Source Redux Concept Xen 2 :icontadeu-costa:Tadeu-Costa 6 0 [Wallpaper] Half-Life WON menu-like wallpaper by magnusk96 [Wallpaper] Half-Life WON menu-like wallpaper :iconmagnusk96:magnusk96 3 0 Half-Life Source Redux Concept Xen 3 by Tadeu-Costa Half-Life Source Redux Concept Xen 3 :icontadeu-costa:Tadeu-Costa 4 0 Baby Headcrab by MichaelTannock Baby Headcrab :iconmichaeltannock:MichaelTannock 3 0 Half-Life Sketches - Headcrabs 'n Zombies by NeweRegion Half-Life Sketches - Headcrabs 'n Zombies :iconneweregion:NeweRegion 2 0
GG: Arch-Type Chapter 1
Guilty Gear: Arch-type
A Fan Novel by Yohan Gas Mask
Chapter 1
Summers Lost
The massive room was bare except for the large metallic structure in the centre. Its floor was made from impossibly smooth concrete, sheet metal, pipes and wires leading to a platform which broke out into a glass cylinder. The cylinder stretched about 4 feet upwards and then broke into another platform. The whole structure was raised a few feet above the ground by 4 huge industrial chains connected to the top of it. It hummed and gave out a radiating blue glow, the only illumination in the dark room.
Inside connected to the core of the cylinder by tiny wires, was a blue mass that looked like a chewed up piece of bubblegum the size of a golf ball with two raisins on top. The “raisins” blinked as the tiny foetal creature’s heart began to beat and it became a living being at last. It began to twitch and writhe as it tasted consciousness for the first time. No longer was this creature a sentient piec
:iconyohan-gas-mask:Yohan-Gas-Mask 2 1
Fear of Xen by Nulmib Fear of Xen :iconnulmib:Nulmib 2 0 Gonarch by NadaSurf12 Gonarch :iconnadasurf12:NadaSurf12 0 0 OMG It's big momma! by nickfox950 OMG It's big momma! :iconnickfox950:nickfox950 0 0 Gordon Freeman Sketch:Gonarch by Wolf-Sis-the-Small Gordon Freeman Sketch:Gonarch :iconwolf-sis-the-small:Wolf-Sis-the-Small 1 9 We're Screwed by SapphireHorizons We're Screwed :iconsapphirehorizons:SapphireHorizons 4 10 Half-life - Big Momma by toainsully Half-life - Big Momma :icontoainsully:toainsully 1 0 Gonarch Drawing Comparison by NadaSurf12 Gonarch Drawing Comparison :iconnadasurf12:NadaSurf12 0 0 Half Life 'Headcrab' by HuederonVis7140Z Half Life 'Headcrab' :iconhuederonvis7140z:HuederonVis7140Z 1 3 Stillborn: 4 by Yohan-Gas-Mask Stillborn: 4 :iconyohan-gas-mask:Yohan-Gas-Mask 1 2 Gonarch by Kenoli Gonarch :iconkenoli:Kenoli 1 1
GG Arch-Type: Chapter 5
Chapter 5
The Journeys Begin
Slayer was waiting in the grove for Faust and Ky to return. They had left to collect Ky’s sword, the Fuuraiken, and they were running late. Slayer checked his pocket watch, the placed it again into his pocket.
“WHY DO WE NEED THEM? CAN’T WE DEAL WITH THIS OURSELVES?” Howled Zato, leaning into the shadow of a nearby tree.
“We need them because the one known as Ky has vital information about our target.” Replied Slayer, straightening his tie.
“THEN WHY WON’T HE JUST TELL US? AND WHY DID HE NEED HIS SWORD?” Continued Zato, deepening the level of concern and unease in his already disturbed voice.
“Because the poor man can’t remember. I can’t blame him too much because I can’t remember either, which means we are facing a powerful foe.” Slayer paused and sucked his pipe, then blew smoke out to the wind. “As for his sword, well we will be fighting soon enough.” Slayer turned to Zato, w
:iconyohan-gas-mask:Yohan-Gas-Mask 1 7
Half Life collage by SephirothJosh48 Half Life collage :iconsephirothjosh48:SephirothJosh48 0 0
GG: Arch-Type Chapter 3
Chapter 3
Artificial Sanity
“Ok Mr…err…what was you name again?” asked the incredibly tall doctor staring down at Ky.
“Ky. Ky-Kiske.” He replied calmly, leaning back on the psychiatrist’s chair that had suddenly appeared behind him. They were sitting in an office just a few blocks from where the “incident” occurred.
“Ok Mr Kiske. I’m going to ask you a few questions, and I want you to answer them as truthfully as you can.” The Doctor said equally calmly. Ky had never seen this man before, and he was a strange type. Other than being at least three times his height, he also wore a paper bag over his head, which only seemed to have one eyehole.
Ky was about to settle down, when suddenly the psychiatrists chair bent forward and the doctor shoved a wooden, chest high table in front of Ky, then turned out all the lights except one lamp on the table. He then reappeared shining the light into Ky’s face.
“Where were you on th
:iconyohan-gas-mask:Yohan-Gas-Mask 0 6