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Death Battle: Goku vs Doctor Doom
Tendo: The sun is rising, the city is ready, and the fate of the world is at sake. It's time to settle the season finale debate once and for all.
Tempo: It's time for a Death Battle!
(Side note: The following uses the TFS forms of each DBZ Character's personality.)
Urban Area..
The city of several fights taking place before was finally getting a well needed rest for a few days. Though with superheroes, villains, and anything in between at hand, peace was never an option.
In the city was several skyscrapers, buildings, cars, trucks, bridges, and so on for the likes of a city. But what was only a mere prelude to what was about to begin was taking place towards the center of the city.
A man in red and yellow high tech armor was lying in a crater, electricity flowing through his suit. Next to him, he saw a patriotic shield of red, white, and blue colors. In front of it laid a man wearing a primarily blue suit cover m
:icontendothegamer:TendoTheGamer 52 227
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