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Volt Zeus by GENZOMAN Volt Zeus :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 7,425 427 Zeus by GENZOMAN Zeus :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 9,930 538
Xcom: Sniper nicknames
Xcom: Enemy unknown Sniper nicknames
Males only:
Females only:
Lady Grey
Black Widow
Both Genders:
Snake Eyes
Long Shot
Low Rider
Original texts:
m_arrMSniperNicknames[0]= Zeus
m_arrMSniperNicknames[1]= Zed
m_arrMSniperNicknames[2]= Slim
m_arrMSniperNicknames[3]= Walker
m_arrMSniperNicknames[4]= Ranger
m_arrMSniperNicknames[5]= Pharaoh
m_arrMSniperNicknames[6]= Loki
m_arrMSniperNicknames[7]= Godfather
m_arrMSniperNicknames[8]= Warlock
m_arrMSniperNicknames[9]= Specter
m_arrMSniperNicknames[10]= Shadow
m_arrMSniperNicknames[11]= Garrote
m_arrMSniperNicknames[12]= Enigma
m_arrMSniperNicknames[13]= Claymore
m_arrMSniperNicknames[14]= Drifter
m_arrMSniperNicknames[15]= Ice
m_arrMSniperNicknames[16]= Nix
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Hot Chocolate by CaptBexx Hot Chocolate :iconcaptbexx:CaptBexx 1,657 80 Robert De Niro by Sheridan-J Robert De Niro :iconsheridan-j:Sheridan-J 1,238 370 Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan by minibuddy Eren and Levi -Attack on Titan :iconminibuddy:minibuddy 1,432 135 :WWP: d'A -the GodFather- by Dyemelikeasunset :WWP: d'A -the GodFather- :icondyemelikeasunset:Dyemelikeasunset 1,641 667 Listen what father says by Culpeo-Fox Listen what father says :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,682 157 Sacred Heart of Jesus II by Theophilia Sacred Heart of Jesus II :icontheophilia:Theophilia 191 73 Omerta by axcy Omerta :iconaxcy:axcy 620 45 vito and carmela corleone by nami64 vito and carmela corleone :iconnami64:nami64 502 10 The metro marco by chichapie The metro marco :iconchichapie:chichapie 1,893 161 The Godhanar by BullittJaleo The Godhanar :iconbullittjaleo:BullittJaleo 781 132 The Father by mathiole The Father :iconmathiole:mathiole 601 108 Mafia Man Stencil by Six-Hundred Mafia Man Stencil :iconsix-hundred:Six-Hundred 244 1 The Brother by Naolito The Brother :iconnaolito:Naolito 699 23 Cling to the Cross emote :D by OnWingsOfBlue Cling to the Cross emote :D :icononwingsofblue:OnWingsOfBlue 462 189 The Nutcracker Prince by ghostyheart The Nutcracker Prince :iconghostyheart:ghostyheart 312 104
I have sinned against thee
Yet you smiled at me
I have disobeyed thee
Yet you hugged me
I have blasphemed against thee
Yet you Forgave me
I have denied thee
Yet you Loved me
Jesus, I will never understand how or why
I cannot fathom why you died
I did not earn your Love, no; I never could.
Jesus, I will always serve you; This I could.
:icon370wii:370wii 118 35
Lord, I Am Ashamed.
Sleep and I
Have grown distant lately.
Back when the air I drank
Was more naïve,
We were friends sometimes
And sometimes enemies.
We bickered and loved
Like children.
The taste of the wind,
The song of the chickadee,
The color of dreams—
Patchwork pieces
Stitched together
To warm my life.
The acres of that country
Are now reduced
To a single small lot
Encircled by a
Gray cyclone fence
That holds bitterness
Rather than keeping out
The worries of the world.
But I suppose
I don't really notice it,
Not anymore.
Trees used to whisper to me
Of an earnest jay
Building her nest
Or of two squirrels
Caught up in the heat
Of spring—
But who really detects
A silence
Over so many
Droning things
Buzzing things
Rattling things?
My own skull throbs
As if I'm diving
Down, down, deep
Into a scummy lake.
What breaks my heart
More than anything else
Is that I don't recall
My familiarity with the sky.
I'm simply
Too occupied
With silly and necessary things
To realize I've forgotten
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Godfather by jasonpal Godfather :iconjasonpal:jasonpal 750 110 Evening time by Culpeo-Fox Evening time :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,059 72 When shadows sleep by Culpeo-Fox When shadows sleep :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 1,516 134 APH - The Godtomato by neiyukina APH - The Godtomato :iconneiyukina:neiyukina 1,499 145 Sacred Heart of Jesus III - Pyrography by Theophilia Sacred Heart of Jesus III - Pyrography :icontheophilia:Theophilia 135 53 An Offer You Can't Refuse by idaniphotography An Offer You Can't Refuse :iconidaniphotography:idaniphotography 433 29 Where He Rests... by Laura-AH Where He Rests... :iconlaura-ah:Laura-AH 422 299
Sweet dreams...???
Where are you?
Dad !!!!!!!"
Lightning pierces the darkening sky
as rain continues to pour.
But above the thunderous storm could be heard
the sobs of a little girl all alone.
Drenched in her own pool of tears...
her heart torn and bruised.
Her swollen eyes lifts towards the sky...
as her minds drifts...drifts above it all...
" Wake up, my love.
wake up!
Daddy is here.
Her eyes lit up
as she runs into his arm.
Unable to contain her joy
her heart burst with excitement and laughter.
"Why are you laughing? "
"Cause you're here!
I'm so happy you're here!"
"I am happy as well. "
He lifts her up.
Holds her closer than he has ever done.
"Look my dear.
the sky is all clear now...
'It is?'
Now we can do all those stuff you planned.
"Now we can go to the movies together.
Now we can walk in the park, while i hold you close.
Now we could go bike riding together
we could even make something together for your mother.
:icondeanjeno--art:DEANJENO--art 32 14
Black Sisters by Catching-Smoke Black Sisters :iconcatching-smoke:Catching-Smoke 965 44 Godfather by sogni-di-margherita Godfather :iconsogni-di-margherita:sogni-di-margherita 190 55 The Godfather by Debugg3r The Godfather :icondebugg3r:Debugg3r 175 39 B R A N D O - Oil Painting by michaelandrewlaw B R A N D O - Oil Painting :iconmichaelandrewlaw:michaelandrewlaw 314 114 Feelings Come and Go by MattShadoinDesign Feelings Come and Go :iconmattshadoindesign:MattShadoinDesign 58 6 SOY 2011 - 09 by shiroang SOY 2011 - 09 :iconshiroang:shiroang 198 7 The Godfather - Al Pacino by willorbit The Godfather - Al Pacino :iconwillorbit:willorbit 365 54 Godfather Death by Thy-Darkest-Hour Godfather Death :iconthy-darkest-hour:Thy-Darkest-Hour 107 61
sinners of the casa nostra - c
i've traded bank jobs with the mafia
for the don to put a hit on breathing.
she'll be hanging from a ceiling fan
in no time. she'll be drowning in a
67 mustang fastback--red like blood,
except oxygen doesn't have blood.
we'll slit her neck, chuck her in the
backseat and drive her off a cliff.
and if the cops come, we'll blame
the ocean. we'll say that she got
tired of having smoke in those lungs
and she got tired of suffocating and
that's where the noose came in.
we'll use player's no. 6 cigarettes
to burn our numbers into that
girl's stockings, telling her to call
when she wants to get back to her
real job. but if she likes stilling the
air in ambulances, we can settle
for a few good nights feeling alive.
if the mob gives you our phone numbers,
we'll change our names, move to venice,
dye our hair blond, and burn any evidence
that may or may not be doused with our
fingerprints--but we'll burn those too.
and if you care to take a second look
you'll see that our cheekbones are
missing an
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GC: Diato by tooaya GC: Diato :icontooaya:tooaya 1,011 38 Mr. Miyamoto by ftongl Mr. Miyamoto :iconftongl:ftongl 668 95 Fluttershy - You Think This Is A Game? by PinkiePizzles Fluttershy - You Think This Is A Game? :iconpinkiepizzles:PinkiePizzles 414 38 HP-NextGen: Teddy by lumen-a HP-NextGen: Teddy :iconlumen-a:lumen-a 662 73 Godfather by FeiGiap Godfather :iconfeigiap:FeiGiap 544 98
David's Trial
The air was filled with the buzz of excitement. It was a new day of departure for another group of spirit children. Today was the day they would descend to the world called Earth and begin their tests to determine their faithfulness in keeping to their Father's commandments. Some were nervous, unsure of what to expect, despite the years of training they had received for this very special day in their lives. Others were excited, eager to begin their tribulations in the temporal world and fulfill their promises to their Father. One spirit child in particular, a man named David, was scared.
The day had come for him to receive his call to Earth, and when he had received it, he was confused from its written words. It stated that he was to be born on the Earth in a special time, and will be given the ability of leadership, where his family, friends and his community would receive the opportunity to serve their fellow brothers and sisters through his guidance. After that passage, it stated
:iconcr0atoan:Cr0atoan 21 41
Francis Ford Coppola: Godfather of New Hollywood

Francis Ford Coppola: The Godfather of the New Hollywood (1972-1982)
By techgnotic
The Godfather Is Back by donvito62
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By the late 1960s, the big Hollywood movie studios had lost control over actual movie production.
Individual “executive producers” based at the “Big Five” increasingly cut deals with star independent producers, directors and, especially, movie star actors for percenta
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Mafia Nick by Daiapaia75 Mafia Nick :icondaiapaia75:Daiapaia75 112 17 Even Godfather love disco by vektorscksprojekt Even Godfather love disco :iconvektorscksprojekt:vektorscksprojekt 208 56 Trinity Papercutting by swandog Trinity Papercutting :iconswandog:swandog 156 51
Oh dear, Lord, what have I done?
I spoke Your word and You took their sons.
Now the mamas and the papas all curse my name.
You took their lives, I took the blame.
Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned.
I turned wrath and pride against my kin.
So grant me the mercy of which You tell;
send me to Heaven and not to Hell.
Tell me, Lord, was this not wrong?
We cry and we bleed, but not for long.
Our short lives are full of pain
that we cherish joy when it comes again.
So give me another cheek to turn:
A pool for their rage to boil and burn.
Lead these lost souls right back to You
through desert sands that shine our shoes.
My flock is lost, they dance and sing
for a golden calf when You are King.
Will You punish them to punish me
and turn their songs to silence and sleep?
Life is a gift that You take away.
You stomp and storm and You close The Gate.
For all Your power and all Your might
You're fickle like a child and You're rarin' for a fight.
:icongymdawg:Gymdawg 19 10