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Glory of Icarus by ReyeD33 Glory of Icarus :iconreyed33:ReyeD33 1,054 240 Sanatorium by JonasDeRo Sanatorium :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 6,525 284 Knight of Glory by PeteMohrbacher Knight of Glory :iconpetemohrbacher:PeteMohrbacher 2,947 47 Stories From The Nile by 3mmI Stories From The Nile :icon3mmi:3mmI 385 70 Runescape Dragon Chainmaille by Kithplana Runescape Dragon Chainmaille :iconkithplana:Kithplana 489 469 Transcendence by Julian-Faylona Transcendence :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 1,576 171 Tanit-Isis Pink Glamour IV by tanit-isis-stock Tanit-Isis Pink Glamour IV :icontanit-isis-stock:tanit-isis-stock 475 81 The Seven Year War: Year One by ukitakumuki The Seven Year War: Year One :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,936 456 Glory by realityDream Glory :iconrealitydream:realityDream 7,558 663 Glory of War Riven by ArtNotHearts Glory of War Riven :iconartnothearts:ArtNotHearts 1,305 110 Eldar Howling Banshee Exarch by Sokil-Su Eldar Howling Banshee Exarch :iconsokil-su:Sokil-Su 985 190 NY by Nayshie NY :iconnayshie:Nayshie 1,219 48 The First Witness by Julian-Faylona The First Witness :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 550 73 Justice Friends Avengers Poster (Original) by StevenRayBrown Justice Friends Avengers Poster (Original) :iconstevenraybrown:StevenRayBrown 1,569 234
The Creator's Game
Rain splashed at the wide window. Lightning flashed, brightening up the office, showing the silhouette of a man. Footsteps soon followed, indicated only by the slight vibrations in the floor, since the raging storm drowned out all noise.
Another flash. This time, the man was much closer, and appeared to be heading toward the door. He may have seen me in the flash, though I doubt he could make out my features any more than I could see his, and instead he merely knew that the safest option was to escape from the mysterious intruder while he still had the chance.
The door opened, and light trickled into the room. I saw his face, old and wrinkled, carrying a look of surprise and anger. I rushed to the door, and chased my target down the hallway, holding the miniature bomb in my hand. He turned to look at his killer, eyes wide with the realization of my identity, before sprinting to the stairs and screaming for security.
If he hadn't looked back, he might have got away. I caught him opening
:icongoldshroom:goldshroom 238 33
Lady GaGa Drawing by MauroIllustrator Lady GaGa Drawing :iconmauroillustrator:MauroIllustrator 1,332 577 Moonlight Escapade by cerona Moonlight Escapade :iconcerona:cerona 573 129 Tanit-Isis-Blood on Roses Stock I by tanit-isis-stock Tanit-Isis-Blood on Roses Stock I :icontanit-isis-stock:tanit-isis-stock 499 53 Glory Winddancer by liiga Glory Winddancer :iconliiga:liiga 2,394 125 The Dragonets Of Destiny by Blaze-TFD The Dragonets Of Destiny :iconblaze-tfd:Blaze-TFD 721 124 Fluttershy Relations by AquaticNeon Fluttershy Relations :iconaquaticneon:AquaticNeon 1,134 147 The Best Of The Wasteland by Vector-Brony The Best Of The Wasteland :iconvector-brony:Vector-Brony 633 97 Hiyalef, Builder of Galaxies Cover Art by Julian-Faylona Hiyalef, Builder of Galaxies Cover Art :iconjulian-faylona:Julian-Faylona 363 14 Take My Wing by ukitakumuki Take My Wing :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 3,145 1,046 Arkona-Decade of Glory by anotherwanderer Arkona-Decade of Glory :iconanotherwanderer:anotherwanderer 470 64 Rarity Relations by AquaticNeon Rarity Relations :iconaquaticneon:AquaticNeon 981 129 Ichiruki: Faith by luculentquark Ichiruki: Faith :iconluculentquark:luculentquark 2,478 268 Glory 3usi9 CITY _ MMD stage DL by DiemDo-Shiruhane Glory 3usi9 CITY _ MMD stage DL :icondiemdo-shiruhane:DiemDo-Shiruhane 643 74 October rust by PawelMatys October rust :iconpawelmatys:PawelMatys 3,058 335 Kings of the Sky by RakelClark Kings of the Sky :iconrakelclark:RakelClark 1,674 279 Springsteen Day by Culpeo-Fox Springsteen Day :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,745 510 A simple 'thank you' will suffice by Liv-is-alive A simple 'thank you' will suffice :iconliv-is-alive:Liv-is-alive 261 16 Autumn Glory by BaziKotek Autumn Glory :iconbazikotek:BaziKotek 919 65 Glory by TomEdwardsConcepts Glory :icontomedwardsconcepts:TomEdwardsConcepts 311 5 Sunflowers and stuff by MartaLaz Sunflowers and stuff :iconmartalaz:MartaLaz 1,881 95 Sunset of Farewells by NovaMcKnight Sunset of Farewells :iconnovamcknight:NovaMcKnight 629 108 Born This Way by mibou Born This Way :iconmibou:mibou 3,271 161 Luna by ErinLiona Luna :iconerinliona:ErinLiona 1,330 50 Newfound Glory by cerona Newfound Glory :iconcerona:cerona 1,264 208 - The Edge of Pride - by SandyLynx - The Edge of Pride - :iconsandylynx:SandyLynx 751 125 Chasing Goals by NadavDov Chasing Goals :iconnadavdov:NadavDov 397 133 Morning Glory III by borda Morning Glory III :iconborda:borda 876 72 As the well ran dry by Matthias-Haker As the well ran dry :iconmatthias-haker:Matthias-Haker 621 19 miss little sunshine by utopic-man miss little sunshine :iconutopic-man:utopic-man 2,086 225 our autumn by ladyrapid our autumn :iconladyrapid:ladyrapid 601 102 Incredible Resilience by reau Incredible Resilience :iconreau:reau 482 26 Garden by puimun Garden :iconpuimun:puimun 902 72 Nature Spirit by Astranat Nature Spirit :iconastranat:Astranat 341 35 Autumn Glory by TobiasRoetsch Autumn Glory :icontobiasroetsch:TobiasRoetsch 282 32 Bikini Tracer by RainbowMissy Bikini Tracer :iconrainbowmissy:RainbowMissy 763 17