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Vitreous by KristinaToxicpanda Vitreous :iconkristinatoxicpanda:KristinaToxicpanda 2,432 203 Mirrored Splash by sorett Mirrored Splash :iconsorett:sorett 331 40 Shard by Culpeo-Fox Shard :iconculpeo-fox:Culpeo-Fox 2,521 141 Tehrainbowllama's SPA and SPH combo pack by Tehrainbowllama Tehrainbowllama's SPA and SPH combo pack :icontehrainbowllama:Tehrainbowllama 718 219 Waiting for Batman by Phoenixstamatis Waiting for Batman :iconphoenixstamatis:Phoenixstamatis 223 62 Glutton by DarkBydloArt Glutton :icondarkbydloart:DarkBydloArt 387 66 Cornell box by CookiemagiK Cornell box :iconcookiemagik:CookiemagiK 318 137 alice5-the mad hatter by Lady-Twiglet alice5-the mad hatter :iconlady-twiglet:Lady-Twiglet 357 46 Maybe They Become Friends... by Silversparx Maybe They Become Friends... :iconsilversparx:Silversparx 449 91 G o o d . o r . E v i l by MD-Arts G o o d . o r . E v i l :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 446 28 Glass by wojtar Glass :iconwojtar:wojtar 605 95 fortunate by PatrickRuegheimer fortunate :iconpatrickruegheimer:PatrickRuegheimer 517 67 Veins by Doodoox Veins :icondoodoox:Doodoox 299 79 Energy of Light by WishmasterAlchemist Energy of Light :iconwishmasteralchemist:WishmasterAlchemist 172 13 Left and forgotten by Phoenixstamatis Left and forgotten :iconphoenixstamatis:Phoenixstamatis 283 27 Haunted Inspiration by anettfrozen Haunted Inspiration :iconanettfrozen:anettfrozen 265 58 Cannon Fodder Creature Feature by TheSciFiArtisan Cannon Fodder Creature Feature :iconthescifiartisan:TheSciFiArtisan 105 9 Hello There ... by MD-Arts Hello There ... :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 441 15 In my dreams I watch you dying by Dalkur In my dreams I watch you dying :icondalkur:Dalkur 374 33 swimming in broken mirrors by visceral swimming in broken mirrors :iconvisceral:visceral 172 31 P r o t e c t . M e by MD-Arts P r o t e c t . M e :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 322 20 Through the mirror by patriciabrennan Through the mirror :iconpatriciabrennan:patriciabrennan 131 38
what i saw...
I am standing in the corner of a third floor bedroom, rather frozen to my place.
From here, I can see a vast spread of a place in which no one seems to really live.
I can see a calendar tacked to a stark white while.
It reads June 2004.
The window beside me, though closed, breathes hot air unto me and I choke for breath.
I see a large queen sized bed; heavy layers of green bedspreads and extra afghans draped over the edges.
How unfitting for such a murderous summer heat.
Even more peculiar is how neatly arranged it is; every fold is pristinely creased, each thrown blanket tossed as if made ready for a magazine catalog.  
A lone brown bear sits in the middle of the pillows, you see sadness in its eyes – it matches the lonesome quality the bed seems to harbor.  
The bed has seen no sleep and the bear has not been held in quite sometime.
I scan my eyes around the rest of this hollow room.
A chestnut brown bookshelf stands diagonally in the corner; every book alpha
:iconcarvingbackbone:carvingbackbone 24 104
Primavera by Jules1983 Primavera :iconjules1983:Jules1983 177 45
Reconstructing De.Construction
I'm only sleeptalking,
speaking fractured poetry -

This is how it feels, I decide,
to be fixed - no longer
building night on the inside,
but succumbing to fantastical de-
constructions, marvelling at the map
of binary constellations written
under my skin. To feel no fear
staring wide-eyed at the sun,
at old letters of rejection or
even my reflection. Knowing
she's near; understanding she's un-
This is how it feels to be whole:
to watch my breath thin
and bend the glass geometry
of these bottled skies eastward
to collect the sunrise. To memorise
the way the light builds and breaks,
and to love every lost second,
each heartache.
And this is how it feels, I realise,
to sit and cry for days,
when you can only sleep
for seconds, minutes. Defiance:
knowing the weight of the world
is heavy as god, but
beautiful as her insides.
:iconangel-in-pieces:angel-in-pieces 21 37
H.e.l.l.o   W.o.r.l.d by MD-Arts H.e.l.l.o W.o.r.l.d :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 268 15 i115 - secrets by SlevinAaron i115 - secrets :iconslevinaaron:SlevinAaron 204 22 Enchanted Looking Glass by dark777fairy Enchanted Looking Glass :icondark777fairy:dark777fairy 184 35 FREE Layout 'Hinata Reflected' by TifaFFun FREE Layout 'Hinata Reflected' :icontifaffun:TifaFFun 186 35 alice4-the tea party by Lady-Twiglet alice4-the tea party :iconlady-twiglet:Lady-Twiglet 166 30 Katarina by KristinaToxicpanda Katarina :iconkristinatoxicpanda:KristinaToxicpanda 116 8 alice9-eat the cake by Lady-Twiglet alice9-eat the cake :iconlady-twiglet:Lady-Twiglet 119 27 + Children's Mirror - Page 32 + by SaraFabrizi + Children's Mirror - Page 32 + :iconsarafabrizi:SaraFabrizi 778 86 railroad by pawelshogun railroad :iconpawelshogun:pawelshogun 76 6 alice2-the white rabbit by Lady-Twiglet alice2-the white rabbit :iconlady-twiglet:Lady-Twiglet 137 13 Braindrops by ritakomi Braindrops :iconritakomi:ritakomi 150 85 Shattered by FenneArts Shattered :iconfennearts:FenneArts 81 52
My Hand Against the Glass
I became so lost along the way,
Walking through corridors forgotten now,
As I stepped into the room with the looking glass.
The shine and shimmer of the glass,
Made me smile at long last,
And inside was a girl smiling back at me.
Stepping up close,
She did the same till we were nose to nose,
Only separated by the pane of glass.
She was short and boring and all together together,
But sad at the same time,
If what her sorrowful brown eyes told me was true.
I laid my hand against hers,
So cold it was,
No warmth coming from the glass.
:iconhidden-behind-a-book:Hidden-Behind-A-Book 14 7
Shattered Sky by danarogon Shattered Sky :icondanarogon:danarogon 62 17 Broken by housunnappi Broken :iconhousunnappi:housunnappi 556 56 Penguin Reflection by shhhhh-art Penguin Reflection :iconshhhhh-art:shhhhh-art 118 24 Lost and Found by Battle-for-the-Sun Lost and Found :iconbattle-for-the-sun:Battle-for-the-Sun 136 55
Music messages through coiled wires
Became smoke curling towards clouds
You can't burn beauty
Mirrors show fantasies
And watch as words spill over our lips
And onto each other's hearts
Our lives are a picture frame
The meaning is in filling it
And ending it
I want to die in the blue light
Of balloons
:iconthe-virgin-suicide:The-Virgin-Suicide 14 0
Thai Ornaments 01 - Stock Pack by kuschelirmel-stock Thai Ornaments 01 - Stock Pack :iconkuschelirmel-stock:kuschelirmel-stock 48 9 Crow in the Looking Glass by TransientArt Crow in the Looking Glass :icontransientart:TransientArt 200 22 Pocahontas Stain Glass by fangtasia69 Pocahontas Stain Glass :iconfangtasia69:fangtasia69 130 15 red on red by edredon red on red :iconedredon:edredon 86 41 BROKEN: cd cover by byakuren BROKEN: cd cover :iconbyakuren:byakuren 24 10 alice8-off with her head by Lady-Twiglet alice8-off with her head :iconlady-twiglet:Lady-Twiglet 95 8 Interlude Scene by Fransapo Interlude Scene :iconfransapo:Fransapo 104 21