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Don't Cry by BoozermaN Don't Cry :iconboozerman:BoozermaN 601 201
Papa France X 'Baby' Reader (Italy ending)

You sat on your bed thinking about what your papa had promised a few nights earlier. You could date a country, any country, he just had to talk to the country and make sure they weren't planning on hurting his baby girl, and of course you knew he was going to do like any over protective father: threaten them if they tried. You laughed a little before you looked up as your door opened and your papa walked in.
"Ah! Bonjour ma petite princesse. (Hello my little princess)," your papa said sounding surprised to see you already awake.
"Bonjour (Hello) papa," you said smiling as you sat up and yawned.
"Ready for ze meeting?" He asked and you nodded excited to go to a world meeting with him, even though it was rare for you to miss one, espically since you had so many friends that attended.
"Oui oui (yes yes) of course!" You said getting out of bed walking to your closet to pick out an outfit.
"Well 'urry and get ready before breakfast zhen we need to go," F
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 165 52
Snape by MachoMachi Snape :iconmachomachi:MachoMachi 1,971 148 Orks - Flash Git - Colour by Taytonclait Orks - Flash Git - Colour :icontaytonclait:Taytonclait 160 94
Marry Me?
"SERIOUSLY? AFTER ALL THIS TIME, YOU PICK NOW TO PROPOSE TO ME?" the Doctor shrieked, gobsmacked. Standing back to back with the Master facing more than a thousand daleks, cybermen, silurians, axos, all their old foes combined, bent on destroying the last two Time Lords in existence.
"Well given you laughed in my face and turned me down flat the LAST time I asked I thought I'd wait for an opportune moment," the Master shouted back, cutting down a cyberman that dared too close with his laser screwdriver.
"And THIS is an 'opportune moment' is it?" the Doctor was armed with a cutlass, which he was surprisingly handy with, even though he was rusty in his old age, and his trusty sonic for when he had time to stun his opponents.
"We're about to die together on a battlefield facing thousands of assassins sent to kill us, there IS no better time than this," the Master shot a wry grin at him before springing into action and taking down a dozen cybermen and a half dozen daleks in the proc
:iconthy-demon:Thy-Demon 89 53
There will always be haters
There is no need to feel sad,
If today has been bad.
Each day is a treasure,
So meet it with pleasure.
Some people write and some people draw,
They do what they want because THEY want to do more.
Like what you do,
You made it for YOU.
Hater's will hate, because they're insecure,
But you must not fall for their negative lure.
There will always be haters, these people are gits,
They are normal people, who are arrogant twits.
Turn your back to the hate,
And don't take the bait.
Be strong through the trials,
And you will go miles.
Love what you do,
And you will make it through.
You're a truly beautiful being,
And you should have no trouble seeing.
How amazing you are,
Straight off the par.
Love what you do,
Because we all do too.
:iconjack-frost12:Jack-Frost12 24 18
clairvoyance by T-razz clairvoyance :icont-razz:T-razz 234 28 Ghost in the Shell - Mech Head by BlazenMonk Ghost in the Shell - Mech Head :iconblazenmonk:BlazenMonk 382 11 ZADR the feeling called love by Phantom--Wolf ZADR the feeling called love :iconphantom--wolf:Phantom--Wolf 277 93 Get 'em Bloodwing by dust-bite Get 'em Bloodwing :icondust-bite:dust-bite 386 154 Youtube | Dreamcatcher v2 by shellz-art Youtube | Dreamcatcher v2 :iconshellz-art:shellz-art 95 11 Ork Packin' Heat by UnfriendlyGiant Ork Packin' Heat :iconunfriendlygiant:UnfriendlyGiant 154 18 Snape. by joeyv7 Snape. :iconjoeyv7:joeyv7 208 103 Git Gud by FBende Git Gud :iconfbende:FBende 183 47 Da 10k WAAAUGH by Taytonclait Da 10k WAAAUGH :icontaytonclait:Taytonclait 84 86 This is Halloween by vaporotem This is Halloween :iconvaporotem:vaporotem 239 7 Snape in shades of grey by joeyv7 Snape in shades of grey :iconjoeyv7:joeyv7 134 66 Red Dwarf Valentine Card - Rimmer by Kritzelkrams Red Dwarf Valentine Card - Rimmer :iconkritzelkrams:Kritzelkrams 100 16 Teaholic by Jackce-Art Teaholic :iconjackce-art:Jackce-Art 563 77 HETALIA - GIT YER PRIDE AWN by anime-angel-in-dark HETALIA - GIT YER PRIDE AWN :iconanime-angel-in-dark:anime-angel-in-dark 237 88 Raiden Animation by EruruuTail Raiden Animation :iconeruruutail:EruruuTail 120 6 Orks - Flash Git v. 2 by Taytonclait Orks - Flash Git v. 2 :icontaytonclait:Taytonclait 86 45 Wooden Notebook Princess Mononoke by ChibiPyro Wooden Notebook Princess Mononoke :iconchibipyro:ChibiPyro 56 17 Hetalia-Stop laughing, you git by Da-La-Ca Hetalia-Stop laughing, you git :iconda-la-ca:Da-La-Ca 82 36 Always a bad Decision by Alligator-Jesie Always a bad Decision :iconalligator-jesie:Alligator-Jesie 97 48 Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring by ryansd Lord Of The Rings - The Fellowship Of The Ring :iconryansd:ryansd 64 20 Mach VI - Motoko Kusanagi. by Shadowdog2244 Mach VI - Motoko Kusanagi. :iconshadowdog2244:Shadowdog2244 299 40 Git Ovah Here by Sabaku-no-Sarii Git Ovah Here :iconsabaku-no-sarii:Sabaku-no-Sarii 123 59 GIR cosplay WIP by LilleahWest GIR cosplay WIP :iconlilleahwest:LilleahWest 60 26 Joan of Arc by T-razz Joan of Arc :icont-razz:T-razz 53 10 OMG Neuro by Sakura-wind OMG Neuro :iconsakura-wind:Sakura-wind 173 25 Orks -  Flash Git by Taytonclait Orks - Flash Git :icontaytonclait:Taytonclait 75 35 Youtube | Dreamcatcher v1 by shellz-art Youtube | Dreamcatcher v1 :iconshellz-art:shellz-art 96 16 euphrasia colours for X environment and tty (v. 2) by bohoomil euphrasia colours for X environment and tty (v. 2) :iconbohoomil:bohoomil 21 18 elementary EM GTK 0.4 by weakhead elementary EM GTK 0.4 :iconweakhead:weakhead 91 62 Roxy Rocks by sacredbone Roxy Rocks :iconsacredbone:sacredbone 91 5 Project Manager by BassUltra Project Manager :iconbassultra:BassUltra 36 9 Request Himie by T-razz Request Himie :icont-razz:T-razz 102 23 MEME: Fav. Actor by Saladiita12 MEME: Fav. Actor :iconsaladiita12:Saladiita12 51 42 thinking of opening commissions by DoddleFur thinking of opening commissions :icondoddlefur:DoddleFur 55 14 Hard days night by DaughterRootless Hard days night :icondaughterrootless:DaughterRootless 58 36 Les Paul wallpaper by Mini-V Les Paul wallpaper :iconmini-v:Mini-V 33 9 Imma GIT you SUCKA by CE-Rap Imma GIT you SUCKA :iconce-rap:CE-Rap 50 23 Rhino's advice by labet1001 Rhino's advice :iconlabet1001:labet1001 35 2 Lights by angelcake12 Lights :iconangelcake12:angelcake12 194 29 Jesse and the Brit by FreshL Jesse and the Brit :iconfreshl:FreshL 43 11 Crazy Wizard by Ali-Shobbar Crazy Wizard :iconali-shobbar:Ali-Shobbar 27 18 Rou Head Concept by Wa-ya Rou Head Concept :iconwa-ya:Wa-ya 43 5