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Never Help A Drunk Samurai (Sick!Gintoki x Reader)
          The feeling of cold air hits your feet as you shift in your sleep. From what you could tell, it was probably around five or six in the morning. Your (e/c) eyes opened, and all you could hear was someone sneezing and coughing like crazy. You smiled when you heard it from Gintoki's room.
'Serves him right. He was pretty drunk last night, and I had to carry him back.."

You turned again, so your body was against the softness of the couch. You pulled your blankets up more and proceeded to sleep a bit more as his coughing and sneezing died down.
An hour later, it happened again. Before even getting up, you saw a pretty angry Kagura get up and slam open his door.
He laid on his futon, the blankets pushed off, and sweating like crazy. His nose was red, and tissues were all over the place.
"____-chan, Gin-chan is sick." She turned to look at you. Sighing, you took off your own blankets and went to his room.
"Wake up, idiot." You said, and his red eyes
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