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Redefining the Giantess Scale
Amazon: 2.1 m ~ 3.7 m (7 ft ~ 12 ft)
This class of giantess has actually been recorded in reality; whilst modern day humans rarely reach above seven feet, skeletons from ancient times have been found up to twelve feet in length. Thus, I do not truly consider characters of this height to truly be giantesses.
Giantess: 3.7 m ~ 1 Dm (12 ft ~ 32.8 ft)
This would be the size of a small house, anywhere from one to three stories tall.
Decagiantess: 1 Dm ~ 1 Hm (32.8 ft ~ 328 ft)
This category includes the famous "50 foot woman"; this woman would be the size of larger buildings, but not skyscrapers. A moving object of this size would definitely catch the attention of global satellite systems.
Hectogiantess: 1 Hm ~ 1 Km (328 ft ~ 3280 ft)
This category is when a giantess begins to draw attention from a distance; ranging from the size of small skyscrapers to small mountains, she would be visable from a good ways away.
Kilogiantess: 1 Km ~ 1 Mm (3280 ft ~ 621 mi
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Zaria FULL!!!

"Are you sure you are finally full?" Asked Tari. The girl who previously thought she had an unrivaled appetite thanks to her saiyan blood. That was until today.
"Yes." Zaria giggled as she rested her head pleasantly on her arms. "I'm sure that I'm REALLY full."
"WOO!" Exclaimed Leshawk. Having, with the help of five other amazing girls, achieved the long thought to be impossible goal of completely satisfying Zaria's insatiable hunger.
Ying being one of those amazing ladies, lied down on her back and exhaled. Glad to finally get a chance to relax. And for once, she didn't really want food for herself. As she had just spend the better half of her day feeding Zaria anything they could get their hands on. "And NOW is time to have a relaxing day at the beach."
"I have to admit..." Began Murazu, as she looked out at the ocean ahead of them. "This was a pretty strategically sound plac
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Tsunade's Ultimate Desire Fin
Tsunade let out a loud moan as she began to grow once again; the people on the Earth below could not believe that this colossal woman was going to become even larger than her already mammoth size. Tsunade continued to expand to ever-increasing heights, passing the 150 mile mark in less than 5 seconds.
"Yes, bigger! I'm still so very small! Hahaha!"
Responding to her command, her body accelerated even faster, passing 500 miles in no time at all. Tsunade's feet began to cover a majority of the continent below, crushing everything against her expanding feet. People attempted to run away from the growing goddess but were too slow; they were soon obliterated beneath her still increasing soles.
"I think I'll leave a little gift before I go," the 650 mile growing Tsunade said slyly. "Something to always remember their goddess by..."
Bending downwards, Tsunade pressed her massive growing bust into the planet for about 3 seconds and then stood back up to her full height. The expanding blonde wi
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Tsunade's Ultimate Desire P1
It was early in the morning within the Village Hidden in the Leaves. The genin were out and about dealing with their own personal lives, the chunnin were teaching academy students lessons vital to becoming excellent shinobi, and the jounin ended up stuck with dozens of missions to complete to make up for the village’s financial disarray.
Stamping a sheet of paper on her desk, Tsunade handed this document to jounin Kakashi Hatake, who was wearing his typical attire of a dark green jounin's vest and a blue jumpsuit underneath it.
Obviously tired, Kakashi sighed loudly, "Thank you, Milady. If I may ask, can this be my last mission for the day?" Wearing a stern expression on her face, Tsunade stared coldly at Kakashi, her eyes telling all she needed to say. With a small bead of sweat sliding down his face, Kakashi nervously laughed and rubbed the back of his head. "Yeah, I didn’t think so. Sorry for wasting your time, Milady." Kneeling down to the floor, Kakashi made a small hand
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Ever Growing Orihime Pt. 1
Orihime gasped from either shock or pain…probably both. She was trapped in an alley with the enemy Hollow drawing closer. Orihime clutched her side, blood oozing from the wound the beast had given her. Out of sheer fear, she ran as fast as she could just to get away from the powerful Hollow; but soon, she reached a dead end and had no escape route once again.
"Anybody there?" the creepy voice of the Hollow called out, obviously enjoying the chase. "Don't worry, I'm going to eat you quickly. A painless death for you and a delicious soul for me to enjoy for lunch today! Hahahahaha!"
Orihime slumped to the dirty alley floor and looked around wide-eyed, hoping for something that could help fend off the Hollow in any way. Out of the corner of her left eye, Orihime saw something unusual behind a trashcan that caught her attention. Orihime picked up the strange object and examined it; it was a small, toy-like gun, completely painted black with faded teal letters written on it.
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GTS Chronicles: Nico Robin
The open sea...Calm, crisp air, soothing ocean waves, and a bright sun. Today was no exception to this ordinary weather pattern as all the qualities of a perfect day in the ocean were present. Taking advantage of this beautiful day, the Strawhat crew decided to go onto the deck of the ship and just enjoy this wonderful combination of nature. Luffy, Zolo, Usopp, and Chopper were playing a makeshift game of volleyball on deck, using an old torn sail as the net. Nami, meanwhile, decided to lay down on a lawn chair and soak up some rays in her jet black swimsuit. Sanji sat at the opposite side of the ship pretending to get a tan while wearing his dark sunglasses so as to not damage his eyes. In actuality, Sanji wasn't trying to tan at all; he was ogling the bikini-clad Nami, swooning over her perfect body. All of the members of the crew were enjoying this great day. Well, all except for one...
In the belly of the ship, Nico Robin decided today was going to be the day she finally cleaned ev
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