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Giant Nights With Freddy (Open RP)
A friend of yours, who is an aspiring scientist, has been informing you that they were conducting experiments on turning different beings and creatures into humans. Their first test subjects are a few animatronics that they had found in an abandoned family pizza place called "Freddy Fazbear's Pizza". Whether you knew about the place or not, you ignored it knowing that no one had been there for a while and the robots were shut down... at least you thought it to be.
A week passed and you got a call from your friend. You thought that things were going to be normal when you noticed the sudden urgency in your friend's voice. You couldn't hear them well due to the bad reception, but you could make out, "Get away from here.... run.... they're going to get you-" before the phone hung ups. Suddenly, the ground started to vibrate as a voice seemed to call out from outside:
A) "W-Where am... I?" A rather soft-spoken, if not loud, male voice called out, although it seemed that the owner of the voi
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The Scent of Art: Sketch I
Disclaimer: contains female flatulence and cursing
Again, you have been warned!

A young woman, radiating with divine beauty, was occupying a wooden chair that had been placed near the middle of a spacious classroom. Wearing her hair down, its blood red color was showered with natural light, revealing about two inches of her hair from the roots were dark brown. It’s very wavy, but is maintained thanks to a spritz of hairspray as it was tossed over her left shoulder with her bangs swept to the same side and held together by a couple adorable hairclips. An artificial flower was attached to the side of her head, it was white in color and matched her top. There is a small black mole under her right eye with a silver loop that pierces her left eyebrow. Plump red lips, docile eyes that looked like two pools of dark chocolate, a narrow brow, and a pierced nose are just a few more of her stunning facial features. One trait in particular that her peers could easily n
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Shaitana the Sandworm :iconblazbaros:Blazbaros 476 119
Best Babysitter Ever
“Thomas! Come down here and meet your new babysitter,” echoed a feminine voice from downstairs.
Thomas, or Tommy as everyone but his mother called him, raced down the steps. He entered the living room to find three people standing there. His mom and dad, dressed up for an evening out, were talking with a young blonde female. They stopped when Tommy came into the room.
“Thomas,” his mom began, “This is Natalie. She’ll be babysitting you tonight, so be good for her.”
She then turned to Natalie. “We’ll be back around eleven o’clock. There’s a note on the fridge with some basic information, including a number to reach us in case of an emergency. Bye, Thomas.” She said, facing Tommy again before heading out the door, husband in tow.
Natalie smiled at Tommy. “Hello, Thomas. Nice to meet you,” she said, bending down to his level and extending her arm to shake his hand. “How old are you?”
Tommy frowned slightly.
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Cat and Mouse
Fear gripped my belly as I watched the dragon from my hiding place. She had clearly caught something and, thankfully, it didn't appear to be human; it seemed as though another unlucky deer had crossed paths with her.
The animal's final struggles died away as a claw poked into its neck. The limb body was placed on a large stone table as a large, pink tongue ran itself over the predator's lips.
"Now don't move," she said playfully. "I'm going to go get one of your friends so you can have some company in my belly, ok?"
With that the dragon turned and walked out of the cave, spreading her wings and taking to the skies. I waited several moments just to be certain she was gone before I darted from my crack in the wall, sprinting towards the table.
Life had been like this for me for several months. The world was once run by humanity, a utopia for the once-dominant men and women of my race; that had changed about a year ago, however.
No one knows where they came from; some say they emerged fro
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Giantess Step Sisters 1
"Now Todd I want you to look after you're step sisters while were gone do you under stand me?" Misses Thomson said as she walked to the front door.
"Sure thing." Todd said putting a cigarette in his mouth and began to light it.
"You're Sister Felisha can look after her self since shes 16 but don't let her have any friends over or let her go out shes still in trouble for skipping school last Tuesday." she said looking at him to make sure he was listening.
"Ok so is that for the hole two weeks that you are gone?." Todd said taking a puff out of his cigarette
"Yes now I love you see you when we come back from our trip."she said as she walked out side and into the car.
Todd waved goodbye and turned around and too a big drag off his cigarette "This sucks I'm stuck for two weeks having to look after my 16 and a 7 year old sisters." he said sitting down by the front door still smoking his cigarette. He almost missed Felisha trying to sneak out. "and were do you think you're going? mom said yo
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Eaten by your Girlfriend
Todd could not believe what he was seeing just moments ago he was about to go up to his sleeping girlfriend and give her a kiss. Then all of a sudden he started to shrink
"This can't be happening!" Todd said as he looked up at his girlfriend, Sammy. He had always dreamed of this day; him and her both, as they would role play in bed. But to have it happen, for it to be real, it sent a mixture of shivers down Todd's spine.
"Wow... it's a little weird but shes even more beautiful now that's shes this big, or that I'm this small..." He corrected himself and got up next to her breast. Sammy was a size C but at his size they looked like two round hills he shook his head and walked on to Sammy's head till he stopped dead at her lips as he felt the warm air flowing onto his body
"How many times have you eaten gummy bears and imagined that they were me in bed?" He thought to him self. He just had to get a little closer...
Sammy was having that dream again. The one where she had shrunken her boy
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An unaware adventure
She jerked violently, awaking from the same nightmare she'd had for what seemed to be the past week. Rubbing her eyes and blinking a few times, she stretched in bed, wiggling her toes under the covers.
"I hate bad dreams.." She said, slightly frowning as she brushed her light brown hair out of her face. She removed the blankets and stood in her white tank top and light blue underwear. She quietly stepped about her room, the cold morning floor sending shivers through her body as her soft feet met with it.
"Shower time.." She smiled to herself, grabbing an outfit for the day and leaving her room. Being a rather less-than exciting day, she slumped toward the shower, paying no mind to anything else. Had she taken any time to make any detailed observations, she'd have noticed tiny slumbering bodies in a corner of her room. One by one, they had awoken.
"Ugh.. where… am I?" Trevor talked to himself, wiping his eyes, not expecting an answer.
"Your guess is as good as mine buddy.." A voice
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MANIP: The Elf and The Giant :iconcheshirecaterling:CheshireCaterling 158 11
Becoming A Neko's Pet pt.1
Becoming A Neko's Pet pt.1
He ran through the black forest terrified.  The creature that chased him showed no sign in stopping its pursuit.  Every time Tom thought he had lost it the thing would appear in front of him making him change his course.  "Why," he thought annoyed as his legs charged through the black night and towering trees, "Why does my life suck!"
Looking Back
Tom was a six foot tall sixteen year old with brown hair, blue eyes, and a light build.  He wore a plain blue t-shirt with tan short pants.  He was smart, always receiving straight B's and winning awards.  His parents however never thought this was good enough.  When he came home he'd receive long lectures, even beatings about how he wasn't the perfect child they'd always wanted or how he was the biggest disgrace of mankind.  All he wanted was their love and they never gave it to him, so today instead of going straight home
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Belly of the Beauty (vore story)
Belly of the Beauty (vore story)
You awaken in a large room, alone. You look up and down, your vision blurry and unfocused, before you rise shakily to your feet. Your vision stabilizes and you are able to make out your surroundings. You seem to have retained your clothes, at the very least, which made you happy, but you are shocked by what you see. You appear to have been shrunken to the size of a fly! Everything around you is so huge! Chairs seem the size of skyscrapers, if not even taller; the table seems to stretch for miles, and the ceiling reminds you of a blank white canvas, stretched an infinitesimal distance over your head. You begin to explore your surroundings, looking through every nook and cranny. Though most of the structures are too tall for you to reach, you cannot withstand the urge to look around the room. There are chairs, a table, a desk… this place has everything! Your curious soul is oblivious to everything around you. You suddenly feel strange shaking from
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