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Let The Music Take You by Rikku42 Let The Music Take You :iconrikku42:Rikku42 1,050 314 Bronies by GallowsHumorComics Bronies :icongallowshumorcomics:GallowsHumorComics 977 344
Jen 10
Jen 10
By Tgmaster99
Ben Tennyson had just woken up from a nice sleep; it was so far an alien free week and he was able to get some peace and quiet.  The night before, he had gotten a call from Kevin asking him to come over to Gwendolyn's house in order to see a new piece of alien technology he had gotten earlier that week.  After he got dressed and ate breakfast he had left to go to Gwen's and see what this new piece of alien technology was and what it could do.  When he got there he could see that Kevin was there already, he had went in and went up to Gwen's room to see Kevin and her in there.  "Well it is about time." said Kevin "You guys were probably only waiting about a couple of minutes anyway." said Ben "Well anyway let me show you two what I have recently gotten." said Kevin.  Then Kevin pulled out a strange megaphone looking thing "It is a voice modulator." exclaimed Kevin "Like the ones you see in toy stores?" asked Gwen.
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A is for Algebra
D disliked starting each day.  She'd rather
squander her time writing of dusty dreams
late at night by candlelight.  This bothered
F who loathed the part where father must wake
unwilling daughter firmly from slumber.
Her eyes remain sleep-stained until M rakes
a warm washrag across her face.  Brother
e, now a teenager who refuses
to capitalize his name, walks sister
to the bus-stop where B drives them to school
with a frown on his face.  J, K, and L
form her usual clique.  They chat until rules
force them to part ways when they'd rather stay
and gossip about H--though, i don't know
what they see in him.  G drones on today
about grammar (they still teach that?) until
even the bell is exasperated
and offers to sound in pity and fill
the halls with familiar hullabaloo.
On the way to her next class, D spots O,
her friend whose affinity for junk food
has left her with contours that even eggs
must envy.  They walk to Mr. A
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Closet (Piggeh/Mr.Chair)
Mr. Chair ran through the corrider, a bro hot on his heels. His heels skidded around prominent corners and sharp edges. The brown-eyed man was breathless, much out of shape. He wasn't made to be a track star.
He was just reading and sitting around one of the many parlors in the castle, when the monster came out of nowhere. He was too scared to even chairmode; and the PewDiePie stalker was NOT a poofer.
So Mr. Chair took off down corridors and hallways, hips bumping into tables and ajar doors, pain in his back and side from where the Bro swiped him.
Teleporting Naked Guys sometimes threw themselves into him, or blocked his path. This made it even harder to get away safely, as the TNG always dabbled when it came to choosing sides.
And so the brown-eyed man was out of breath, angry, and tired.
His haggard breathing grew louder and louder as he shlumped around rooms and hallways, ones that he was pretty sure he passed beforehand. Mr. Chair felt the stinky breath of the bro on his neck, and
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Don't! (Piggeh/Mr.Chair)
It was a normal night in the Amnesia Castle. Stephano was out kicking barrels and/or sharpening his sword in the dungeon. Pewdie was out with his fair lady, Marzia. And Mr. Chair was reading.
He was in one of the many libraries in the west wing, currently getting comfortably on the stiff pink sofa. He was reading a old book, with crumbling pages and loose bindings. Mr. Chair mostly loved reading old books, because they never dwindled on sex or any erotica that would cause the shy man to blush.
Candlelight from many candles around the area flickered against the peeling wallpaper, also illuminating Mr. Chair's pale face. His brown eyes read the page with great interest, not even thinking about how the Bro might find him or maybe a Teleporting Naked Guy may just fall-rape him out of nowhere.
He was just chilling out and having a damn good time while he was at it.
Mr. Chair almost didn't hear the sliding thump outside the thick door. His breathe grew hard; and he quickly set down his book
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