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Yours truly :iconlexluthorrox:lexluthorrox 17 3
Free-Market (S)creed
0 - Pre(r)amble
I - Articles of Conglomeration
II - Incarceration Proclamation
III - G7 Summit Address
IV - We Have a Scheme
V - America the Pitiful
We the (Chair)People of the Conglomerate States,
in Order to form a more perfect System,
establish Control, insure domestic Conformity,
provide for Infrastructural Security,
promote Corporate Welfare,
and secure the Benefits of Lobbying to ourselves and our Successors,
do ordain and enforce Multinational Trade Agreements.
We hold these Talking Points to be non-negotiable,
that all Labor is born dirt cheap,
imposed by the Market with variable values,
with self-entitlement to others' Livelihoods,
the Taking of Liberties, and the Pursuit of Profit.
That to secure these Powers, Funds shall be raised,
deriving their Authority from the Highest Bidder,
with all Matters of importance decided for them,
that the silence of the Governed shall be the System's Consent.
From henceforth, wage-slavery and involunt
:iconshadesmaclean:shadesmaclean 6 4
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A War of Brothers
He stood
The battleground
Where men fought
Men in arms
Brother vs. Brother
Families Fighting
Against one another
The blue and the grey
Both fighting
For freedom
For their country
This ground saw
Both armies
Fighting a bitter battle
One that saw many fatalities
This one battle
Changed the face
Of entire war
And the face of the country
The grey fell
The strategic genius
Of the
Fighting for freedom
And the right to be
Would the country stay whole
Or be doomed into two
How many more
Lives had to be lost
Inorder to save
This great union
With the nation behind him
And a country to save
He began with the immortal words
"Four score and seven years ago"
:iconmerpower:Merpower 0 0
Four Fathers :iconrydenislove:RyDeNiSlOvE 4 10 That that Nation might Live :icontrinity-typhoon:Trinity-Typhoon 0 0 The Famous Train Station :icondeppartistichouse:DeppartisticHouse 0 0
Thinking, Not Brooding
I shall not perish
For there is freedom
And there shall be high hope
For future
Not brooding
The last line was a sentence unfinished
Those words pained
And those words uplifted
For the judgments of the Lord are true and righteous
We are dedicated
We are of devotion
The unfinished work must continue
It's worth reading
Allow me a minute
For this is when the black man becomes remarkable
In little time, there is great task
Attention, for you may die in vain
For the people, there is powerful interest
Allow me a minute to go to my death
Pain does not go away so quickly
For we are in deep distraction
For there is increasing knowledge of a stranger
Soundlessly, this is what I've been reading
The funeral was over
Yet all men are created equal
And so, it is not permissible
I shall not perish
:icontuurreee:tuurreee 0 0
CL American Flag :iconjem0000000:Jem0000000 0 9 Gettysburg Address :iconpurpleoxen:PurpleOxen 2 0 Mr. President :iconthe-amazing-todd:the-amazing-todd 2 2 page turned homework :icontiger1371:tiger1371 1 0 Gettysburg Address 3 :iconchowen2001:Chowen2001 0 0 60. School :iconnls1994:nls1994 0 0 The Last Full Measure III :icontouch-the-flame:touch-the-flame 4 0 dulce et decorum est :iconhallel:hallel 1 0 These Dead Shall Not Have Died In Vain :iconsketcherdoodle:SketcherDoodle 2 0