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My Chemical Smile
Truly, the walls were a light shade of orange and green.  Autumnal colors, matching the current season.  But my broken mind wouldn't let me see the color.  To me, the walls were bleach white, like those of a prison camp.  Fitting, to how I saw the cursed place.   They called it a psych ward, but I saw the truth.  It was an asylum.  A place for the broken and insane.  Like me.  The last destination before you reached the point of no return.
I had been dropped here the night my mind broke itself down.  It was cold, and because I spoke next to none of the native language, we had trouble finding the right place in the vast expanse of the hospital.  Finally we found something that looked promising.  A stretcher with arm and leg straps.  In my broken, weary state, I assumed they were meant for me, so I hid behind my mother like a child afraid of a nearing sto
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This Much
   Gerard peers into the cradle, on his tip-toes, straining to catch a glimpse of the newest Way. His mother laughs, something tired and loving, and swoops to pick the small boy up. She holds him on her hip and whispers to him he can wave hello, that this is Mikey. The toddler waves his hand downwards.
   "Hey, Mikey."
   The infant blinks upwards and outstretches his arms, smiling, as though saying, "Hello, I love you!"
   And Gerard smiles.
   Fallen leaves soften the pounding of feet against the pavement, and Mikey slows to look down at them only to be tugged by the arm. He's reluctant, nervous to go to school, but Gerard seems pretty stubborn on dragging him there anyway.
   "Why do I have to do this?" the youth whines.
   "'Cause you just have to."
   "But I don't know these people! What if they hate me?"
   Gerard sighs in exasperation. "They won'
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My Bestest Friend
"Happy Birthday Gerard!" squealed Frank. Gerard blushed. "You're a whole 6 years old! I gotted you somephin," he said as he pulled a shoe box out of his backpack. It was wrapped in Spiderman wrapping paper and tied with a messy blue bow. Gerard just stared at the 4 year old. He shook his head.
"You didn't need to get me anything, Frankie," Gerard smiled weakly. Frank's eyes started to water.
"B-but... I gotted it for you myself and I wrapped it and errything! 'Cause you're my bestest friend in the whole world! I needed to get you somephin'!" He stuck the box out towards Gerard. Gerard furrowed his eyebrows and took the box from Frank. Frank's huge hazel eyes looked at Gerard hopefully. He had a big smile on his face. He was just too damn adorable to defy. Gerard plopped down on the ground and untied the bow. Frank sat down in front of him and rested his chin in his hands. Gerard stuck his tongue out at Frankie as he proceeded to unwrap the present. When the wrapping paper was off, he r
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   There's absolutely no excuse, and you know that much. You try long and hard to think of one, enslaving your mind to that one purpose, but it's illegal, and the government, no matter how stupid it may be, usually doesn't put laws against things that aren't wrong.
   So you sit there, and you watch him, because, really, what else can you do? He's everything that's made your short life bearable: friend, secret-keeper, side-kick, even your damsel in distress. He gives you something to aspire to be; he makes you a hero. But he's your brother, and there's no excuse for loving your little brother.
   You'll be turning nineteen in a few weeks. It's early spring and the basement feels colder then usual. It's the kind of cold that seeps through your pores and slides over your bones, freezing into an icy shell around them. You don't shiver, though, because you're too used to this particular sort of cold to care anymore. Lights fill the top ha
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