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Homosexuality in Transformers
Slash, Morality, and the Cybertronian Way
An essay by Traci J. (Loco Exclaimer)
This is an essay on homosexuality, especially that portrayed in relationships between the fictional characters in the fandom Transformers. The first half deals exclusively with homosexuality as an issue in itself with little to no mention of any fandom, and details my point of view on this issue. The second half details said relationships as portrayed between any two given characters from Transformers. I hope you enjoy.
Part One: Homosexuality, Morality, and Religion
I honestly find it revolting that religion is even an issue when it comes to homosexuality. It's an issue of discrimination against human beings, and ought to be treated as such. Women were seen as second-class in Biblical times; does that make them lesser beings? No.
Still, this section will deal with the "morals and ethics" of being gay.
1a. Morality
Some people, for an indeterminat
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Who Are You?
“Who are you?”
Who are you?
giant being, total stranger
two tall legs
made of metal
you stand, unflinching,
to face the world
the cosmos
with analytic eyes
made of glass
Who are you?
What have you seen?
far-off planets gleaming
a raised fist
twisted face
a peaceful handshake
exchanging smiles
a promise of tomorrow
Who are you?
aged eons, not years
when you were young
my species was being born
how to relate
how to see
how can you understand
a small, fragile thing
such a short life
compared to yours
What happens when I’m gone?
Will you remember me?
Who are you?
steel soldier
steadfast, strong
perhaps, I think,
more used to a weapon
in hand
than, say, a pen
a paintbrush
another hand
I could never take a life
yet, every day,
that is your duty
your order
if you fail, you or
your comrades may die
Are we so similar?
Who are you?
What are your dreams?
Do you like this war
you’re fighting?
or would you rather
go home
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