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Wonder by Gannaingh32 Wonder :icongannaingh32:Gannaingh32 1,412 133 Lunar Cycle by Resetblue Lunar Cycle :iconresetblue:Resetblue 913 84 Industrial Redemption by mehrdadart Industrial Redemption :iconmehrdadart:mehrdadart 451 68 Fractal Sunlight Mushroom Cave 2014 by sono2000 Fractal Sunlight Mushroom Cave 2014 :iconsono2000:sono2000 353 21 t_w_m walkthrough by pollux101 t_w_m walkthrough :iconpollux101:pollux101 166 9 21 Quick Random Heroes by DBed 21 Quick Random Heroes :icondbed:DBed 262 54 An Eye for Theory by artbypaulfisher An Eye for Theory :iconartbypaulfisher:artbypaulfisher 240 72 Duo by John-Boyer Duo :iconjohn-boyer:John-Boyer 124 57 WALL-E by lordzasz WALL-E :iconlordzasz:lordzasz 1,425 687 Shatter by John-Boyer Shatter :iconjohn-boyer:John-Boyer 200 31 The Edge of Space by Gannaingh32 The Edge of Space :icongannaingh32:Gannaingh32 83 16 Doubles by BS4711 Doubles :iconbs4711:BS4711 97 15 24th Century Galactic Map by keiku 24th Century Galactic Map :iconkeiku:keiku 71 38 Vue Desert scene by DRSpaceman Vue Desert scene :icondrspaceman:DRSpaceman 72 25 Its Just Names by jamesy165 Its Just Names :iconjamesy165:jamesy165 446 61 Forever and a Day by Gannaingh32 Forever and a Day :icongannaingh32:Gannaingh32 67 20 Random Characters 063-067 by DBed Random Characters 063-067 :icondbed:DBed 104 36 Wandering Woods by Tripmasta Wandering Woods :icontripmasta:Tripmasta 125 148 Vue Snowy Mountains scene by DRSpaceman Vue Snowy Mountains scene :icondrspaceman:DRSpaceman 101 63 Floating Little Dreams by Fokshee Floating Little Dreams :iconfokshee:Fokshee 186 42 Porygon by DuctileCreations Porygon :iconductilecreations:DuctileCreations 98 13 Cover-thing by maxyvert Cover-thing :iconmaxyvert:maxyvert 72 12 MonSter Girl 01 Cuddly Skeleton by stplmstr MonSter Girl 01 Cuddly Skeleton :iconstplmstr:stplmstr 46 6 Starbound - Monster Bash by Dragonith Starbound - Monster Bash :icondragonith:Dragonith 71 17 Two Cherry Birch Trees by TropicalCreations Two Cherry Birch Trees :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 21 2 Anime Central 2013: Tinkerbell by MomoKurumi Anime Central 2013: Tinkerbell :iconmomokurumi:MomoKurumi 197 14 Red Dwarf peg people by jen-random Red Dwarf peg people :iconjen-random:jen-random 66 19
Rise: Planet ofthe Apes Review
Rise of the Planet of the Apes review
Dr. Will Rodman (James Franco) is developing a formula call AZ-12 which promises to repair cells in the human brain; a process which he promises will cure diseases like Alzheimer's Disease because his father Charles (John Lithgow) is suffering from it. Testing the formula on chimpanzees, a newborn baby chimp is saved from euthanasia and given to Will who quickly discovers the cure that was injected in the chimp's mother was passed on genetically and has thus boosted the intelligence of the ape whom he names Caesar (Andy Serkis).
8 years pass since then and Caesar's intellect has increased but Charles's condition has worsened, getting him heckled by a rude neighbor whom Caesar attacks to protect Charles. He is sent to an primate zoo where he quickly discovers the harsh reality and the cruelties of man, namely from a dick named Dodge (Tom Felton). But these cruelties push him to the breaking point as he decides it's time to stop this so he steals a m
:iconvolts48:Volts48 28 31
Blood Angel by Tripmasta Blood Angel :icontripmasta:Tripmasta 90 25 Inside a Glowing Cave by TropicalCreations Inside a Glowing Cave :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 44 5 Madame Blue by Gannaingh32 Madame Blue :icongannaingh32:Gannaingh32 29 4 Hitmonlee by DuctileCreations Hitmonlee :iconductilecreations:DuctileCreations 77 10 Flames by TropicalCreations Flames :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 21 4 Luculentus by artbypaulfisher Luculentus :iconartbypaulfisher:artbypaulfisher 86 51 Gloomy Forest by dr-druids Gloomy Forest :icondr-druids:dr-druids 37 5 Sewer Level Design by Cique Sewer Level Design :iconcique:Cique 35 5 Abstract Interaction in Deep Space by MushroomBrain Abstract Interaction in Deep Space :iconmushroombrain:MushroomBrain 28 10 Have a Happy Thanksgiving by TropicalCreations Have a Happy Thanksgiving :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 26 3 Many Bubbles by TropicalCreations Many Bubbles :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 26 4 Scarlet by TropicalCreations Scarlet :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 23 3 A late summer's evening by dr-druids A late summer's evening :icondr-druids:dr-druids 44 25 A Cold Winter Night by TropicalCreations A Cold Winter Night :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 26 4 Kaleidoscope 1 by TropicalCreations Kaleidoscope 1 :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 23 8 Bulbasaur by DuctileCreations Bulbasaur :iconductilecreations:DuctileCreations 79 14 Commission: Masterball flower by DuctileCreations Commission: Masterball flower :iconductilecreations:DuctileCreations 70 8 Winter Sun by TropicalCreations Winter Sun :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 19 3 Mega City by TropicalCreations Mega City :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 23 2 Calamity Aqua by NekoAyakashi Calamity Aqua :iconnekoayakashi:NekoAyakashi 43 10 Flaming Flower by TropicalCreations Flaming Flower :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 52 11 Old Oak Tree by TropicalCreations Old Oak Tree :icontropicalcreations:TropicalCreations 19 4