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Male!Jasmine x Reader (Aladdin)

*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
My father Jafar (yes he's not genderbent) was a very cruel, very crazy man, i learnt that first hand. He's not kind, he's not a good father and you have no idea how long i've waited for this chance.
He was marrying me off, trying to get me to marry a prince to benefit him. I wouldn't care anything to get me away from him, and now he was trying to arrange me a marriage with the prince of Agrabah. He hasn't told me his name, nor his personality.
I was meeting up with him today, my father had gotten me an outfit for the occasion, of course i thought this was terribly provocative, but he wanted me too wear if to seduce the prince too assure our marriage. I sighed and leaned ag
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Disney Guys - Genderbend by juliajm15 Disney Guys - Genderbend :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 8,708 416 Disney Girls - Genderbend by juliajm15 Disney Girls - Genderbend :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 14,866 1,047 [GET BENT] ~Added Description~ by Cylent-Nite [GET BENT] ~Added Description~ :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 2,310 286
Had To Be You (Male!JessicaRabbitxReader) One-Shot
~A/N: I am a sneaky devil, I know lol. I'm sorry for posting on such a family-oriented day, but the truth is this is the first time in my life I'm not able to spend Thanksgiving with my parents/family. So I figured I'd spend it with people I also love so very dearly: you guys!! To those who are also having to spend today alone, I'm there with you in my heart. I love ya'll~


Strawberry fields.
That’s what it always reminds you of as your hand weaves in and out of thick waves, twisting them over and beneath each other in ways that often pulls soft hums and, perhaps, a tired groan. Your fingers move down to the slender yet taut shoulder muscles, bare and dotted with the faintest of freckles only you have knowledge of. The sinew barely yields to the circulating pressure you apply, but you don’t really notice. Every thought in your mind is focused on the silkiness of the flesh, of the spiced cologne that’s stirred whenever your nails acciden
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 608 91
Intoxication (Male!EsmeraldaxReader) 2/2
~Author's Note: Hi, again!! So glad to see you lovely people ;)~
~Reminder: Lyuba=love/Pakvora=beautiful~

There was a point in time when you were wary about leaving the countryside for the city, mostly because of the warnings that it was filled with demons, monsters and succubi in human form. Yet as a wing-adorned devil places a wreath upon your head before going to dance with a lobster boiling a chef, you can’t help but laugh. Everything—everyone—around you is backwards—brass is treated as gold, kings are clowns, the pretty are mocked while the priests are charmed. It’s complete blasphemy, but you adore it.
Acrobats tumble and leap alongside men towering in stilts as they toss handfuls of confetti down in a rainbow of flurried colors upon your grinning face. You feel the crowd begin to surge forward to the stage. There, a Romani man dressed in an ochre and purple joker’s outfit melodically summons the audience’s attention, a ge
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Frozen Songs - Genderbend by juliajm15 Frozen Songs - Genderbend :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 19,197 1,260
Intoxication (Male!EsmeraldaxReader) Part 1/2
~Author's Note: Esmeralda=Esmeraldo; I made him a bit more cynic than his female counterpart, just fyi. Some Romani definitions:
~Lyuba: love/Pakvora: beautiful~

It’s January 6th, ten in the morning in Île de la Cité, France. The city is bustling with activity, and more so than usual—or from what you know, at least. You aren’t a native to city life, but rather trace your origins to the quiet countryside beyond Notre Dame. (The “coming of age” and, more importantly, need for money drove you to abandon your modest surroundings in exchange for that of a maidservant—not lavish, but well off enough.)
Your (e/c) eyes watch, intrigued, as the dull bearings of the town become emblazoned with life. People are selling Romani clothes, foreign spices, and various meats and fish at the market. Streets are being swept and the merchants are putting out their exotic goods in preparation for the celebration. Crowds are filling the streets i
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 682 126
Nyotalia Names
Keep in mind: Mix of fanon, canon, and the ones I use!
America: Amelia F. Jones
England: Rose Kirkland
France: Jeanette Bonnefoy
Russia: Anya Braginski
China: Chun Yian
Canada: Madeline Williams
North Italy/Italy: Alice Daisy Vargas
Germany: Monika Beilschmidt
South Italy/Romano: Chiara Vargas
Japan: Sakura Honda
Prussia: Julchen Beilschmidt
Denmark: Michaela Kohler
Norway: Lovise Bondevik
Sweden: Beatrice Oxenstierna
Iceland: Lara Steillson
Finland: Taika Vainamoinen
Austria: Anneliese Edelstein
Hungary: Daniel Hedervary
Spain: Isabella Fernandez Carriedo
Switzerland: Adelheid(Heidi) Zwingli
Liechtenstein: Noah Zwingli
Turkey: Dilara Adnan
Greece: Athena Karpusi
Poland: Felicija Lukasiewicz
Lithuania: Daina Laurinaitis
Estonia: Emma Von Bock
Latvia: Karina Galante
Egypt: Gararai Makara Hassan
Ukraine: Dmitri Braginskaya
Belarus: Nikolai Arlovskaya
Hong Kong: Ling Chen
Taiwan: Liu Feng
Thailand: Wang Sukhon
South Korea: Lee Ji Young
:icongilbugpls:gilbugpls 299 188
Genderbent Adventure Time! by Suihara Genderbent Adventure Time! :iconsuihara:Suihara 6,796 509 Curious Merman [Ariel Genderbend] by SorceressDream Curious Merman [Ariel Genderbend] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 4,884 225 Genderbend Elsa by juliajm15 Genderbend Elsa :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 6,927 255
Intoxication (Male!EsmeraldaxReader) Epil.
~Author's Note: Surpriseee haha. Thanks so much for being great supporters :)
~Reminder that they're speaking ROMANIAN: Lyuba=love~

That enveloping, lulling warmth. You revel every possible second within it you can, memorizing its spiced scent, what it tastes like with every sigh, how it feels of silken skin against your body. It’s your warmth—your life, your love, the very essence of your enamored heart.
Swelling with infatuation at the mere thought, you awaken with a weary smile, your (e/c) eyes met with what has become an all too welcomed sight in the mornings. Your husband, his ever unruly hair curling about his face in raven spirals, sleeps peacefully at your side, his arm tucked beneath your shoulders in innate protectiveness. His lips are parted a margin, but only the softest sigh accompanies the even rising and falling of his bare chest. You simper gently and reach out to caress that russet plane above his steadfast heartbeat. A glint draws your eye
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 517 125
Frozen Genderbend Movie Poster by juliajm15 Frozen Genderbend Movie Poster :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 11,144 722 Double Date by NightmareMiku Double Date :iconnightmaremiku:NightmareMiku 2,693 154 SU Genderbend 1 by AllforCartoons SU Genderbend 1 :iconallforcartoons:AllforCartoons 1,589 221 Fem!Hiccup by juliajm15 Fem!Hiccup :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 7,010 297 Outwitted by juliajm15 Outwitted :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 5,325 696 Bored [Ariel Genderbend] by SorceressDream Bored [Ariel Genderbend] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 4,963 192
Male!Belarus x Reader - Protect
If there had ever been a time in which Nikolai thought he’d hit the highest point of his anger, then what he felt now was – at the very least – double that.
“Ni-Nikolai? This is _-_____, I-I’m calling f-from the phone at w-work. Listen, N-Nikolai, I need you to call the police right now–”
“Why? _____, are you alri–”
“Just hurry, Nikolai! T-Tell them to go to my workplace, we-we’re having an emergency. Quick, th-they’re c-coming upstai– …”
“Hello? _____!? _____!”

A shiver ran through Nikolai’s body at the mere thought of your phone call from earlier, his blood boiling as he gripped the steering wheel so tightly that it squeaked under the pressure. Whatever speeding limit it was, Nikolai was certain he exceeded it by at least fifty percent; but for now, he didn’t care about the risk of a speeding ticket.
A low, almost animalistic grow
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 772 140
Looking A Little Feminine There by thelivingmachine02 Looking A Little Feminine There :iconthelivingmachine02:thelivingmachine02 5,613 752 Tarzan and Jane Genderbend by Kamzeia-MS Tarzan and Jane Genderbend :iconkamzeia-ms:Kamzeia-MS 1,568 106 Green Arrow - Oliver Queen- Injustice by Its-Raining-Neon Green Arrow - Oliver Queen- Injustice :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 1,587 80
Male!Kida x Reader

(Her name wasn't changed in this one, since Kida can be a guys name)
*(Y/N)'s P.O.V*
Milo was crazy! Absolutely round the bend, which is why this expedition will probably work. Milo and i are siblings, he's my older brother. Our parents were in love with this kind of thing just as we were, when they passed away in a car accident we carried on their work.
Somehow Milo had managed too get the funding too do this, to find Atlantis. I was in a truck along with my brother and the oddest group of people. I was pretty much asleep for the majority of the journey.
The vehicles couldn't go any further, so we were all instructed to walk the rest of the way. The caves we were in were magnificent, crystals and other things that had never documented in human history lined the placed.
Milo and i stepped into a rocky clearing and suddenly an unfamiliar yelling was heard, the language wasn't recognized. Many people wearing large Easter
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Male!Esmeralda/Reader-Purity Amongst Outcasts 1/2
Male♂Esmeralda/Reader - Purity Amongst Outcasts

(Esmeralda - Esmeraldo) 
(This story may contain sensitive material in it. Just for the warning.)

The world was wild, full of wicked sin and vice everywhere you turned, there were always liars, cheaters, debauchees, murderers, all of them hell-bound sinners all the same everywhere you looked. There on this Earth purity was missing and the world remained full of unruly vile evil corruption. Purity was nowhere to be seen within this tainted world as the hand of sin left nothing untouched, but he was desperate enough to cling onto to what he called purity and claimed it as his own and his alone. You were his purity, you were untouched by the world's sinful infliction and literally godsend, or so that is what he believed. This man was known as Judge Claude Frollo and he believed he had been gifted by God and his angels for his good works a girl wh
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 603 79
[UPDATED2] Alex: Madness Return [Genderbend] by SorceressDream [UPDATED2] Alex: Madness Return [Genderbend] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 2,643 244 Genderbent - The Little Mermaid :D by Demachic Genderbent - The Little Mermaid :D :icondemachic:Demachic 1,639 66 Lady Captain America by MischievousMartian Lady Captain America :iconmischievousmartian:MischievousMartian 3,068 166 Oh Hey There by Sakura-Rose12 Oh Hey There :iconsakura-rose12:Sakura-Rose12 2,022 133 ROTG - RULE 63 Initiated by piku-chan ROTG - RULE 63 Initiated :iconpiku-chan:piku-chan 2,344 587
Guardian (Male!MaleficentxFaun!Reader) Part 1
~Author's Note: So this is very belated cause I got major writer's block halfway through that postponed this for weeks. So tada!! Note that this is the LIVE ACTION version, not animated~
~**IMPORTANT**: I am using J Scott Campbell's "Fawn Girl" as a reference. Please go look it up before reading. Thank you!!~

The moss-covered earth crunches beneath your steps as you move through the enchanted forest, faeries and sprites festooned with fantastic, sparkling feathers and wings flying overhead and singing the day’s beauty. They flit around your twisting antlers and ankles as they gracefully leap flower to flower, sometimes gliding down your  neck and back to use your upturned tail as a slide, which causes for it to twitch.
You’re not bothered by their merrymaking, nonetheless. You rather enjoy the company during your wandering; only it isn’t wandering. As aimless as your route appears even to you, you’re following an unseen force that’
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 500 53
Male!BelarusxReader: Mine
"__________~," a silky voice called out your name. "Come out…I need to talk to you."
You shook slightly from your hiding place in the science closet. For the past few weeks you had been hanging out with the new kid in the class above yours. Ivan was really nice and surprisingly gentle. You liked hanging out with him. "Someone please…help me…"
What you didn't know about Ivan was that his younger brother, Nikolai, was obsessive and tended to run off people that got too close to his family.
The voice giggled, "I found you…" The door flew open and there stood Nikolai smiling like you were something to eat. He crouched down and reached out to touch you.
"Eek," you let out a small noise as you flinched from his touch. Nikolai stopped for a few seconds as he realized your movements. Then with a snarl he lunged his hand forward and grabbed you by the back of your neck.
"I finally found you _________," he pulled you to him and with his other hand gently touched your cheek with his gloved hand.
:iconbanshee-scream:Banshee-Scream 788 124
Male!Esmeralda/Reader-Purity Amongst Outcasts 2/2
Male♂Esmeralda/Reader - Purity Amongst Outcasts

(Esmeralda - Esmeraldo) 
(This story may contain sensitive material in it. Just for the warning.)

Once back home, you knew there was no way you would have the courage or the ability to climb back up the vines to the top of your balcony. You sighed and felt depression wash over you. Droplets of warm tears cascaded down your cheeks and off of your chin. You were going to be in so much trouble. You should of have had never left to begin with but Esmeraldo made the world outside seem so tempting. You knew you had no choice in the matter, the guards would see you and they would inform your father immediately. You just had to prepare yourself the beating that was defiantly going to be worse since you already disobeyed him for the same incident. 
You kept your head hanging low as you gradually went to the front doors where two guards were on pos
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 536 97
Fem!Phoebus by MabyMin Fem!Phoebus :iconmabymin:MabyMin 2,961 63 Fem!Hiccup by MabyMin Fem!Hiccup :iconmabymin:MabyMin 4,147 111 Ariel and Ursula  - WIP by Laovaan Ariel and Ursula - WIP :iconlaovaan:Laovaan 2,453 133
Marshall Lee x Witch!Reader - Love is Immortal
The moon shone high in the sky, dimly lighting the darkened valleys of the Land of Aaa. The song of the werewolves set a mood for the night; calm and cool, as always. Under the moonlight, you lay your head on the plaid patterned chest of Marshall Lee, the vampire king. Your [h/c] locks were draped over his body, as your short breaths sent chills down his undead body.
“Marshall,” You whispered, “if only we could lay like this forever.”
He twirled your hair in between his fingers. “Forever’s a pretty long time, [Name].”
You raised your head, forcing yourself to make eye contact with him. “Are you kidding me, Marshall? You’re 1003, and you’re immortal. Look how much of life you’ve gotten to experience,” Your [e/c] orbs glimmered in the moonlight, “why can’t I experience the rest of it with you?”
Marshall Lee sat up in the dew covered grass. He lifted you from his chest, wrapping an arm around your sh
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 340 38
Male! Merida and Astrid by MabyMin Male! Merida and Astrid :iconmabymin:MabyMin 4,502 138 Male 6, dennybutt versions by dennyvixen Male 6, dennybutt versions :icondennyvixen:dennyvixen 4,475 224 Adventure Time + genderbent by Chocoreaper Adventure Time + genderbent :iconchocoreaper:Chocoreaper 12,221 1,148 Man!Astrid by juliajm15 Man!Astrid :iconjuliajm15:juliajm15 3,864 176
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader - Painted Hearts (2/2)
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader – Painted Hearts
(Queen of Hearts – King of Hearts) (Alice – Alex) (Cheshire has been humanized in this)
(This is entirely the original animated Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and not any other adaption.)
The first day was exhausting to say the least. Frederick had kept you on your toes as he dished out a variety of different practices to teach you with that were all either pointless or obnoxious, usually both. It was now the third day you had been in Wonderland and the week was going by incredibly fast. Today you had more lessons with the king to much of your chagrin. 
You put on your dress for the day and made your ways out of the king's bedroom, which you had been sharing ever since the first day. It was embarrassing at first but you eventually just got used to it. He'd always end up cuddling with you when you slept. You woul
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 480 189
GooGoo Eyes [Megara Genderbend] by SorceressDream GooGoo Eyes [Megara Genderbend] :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 2,295 151
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader - Painted Hearts (1/2)
Male!Queen of Hearts/Reader – Painted Hearts
(Queen of Hearts – King of Hearts) (Alice – Alex)
(This is entirely the original animated Disney version of the Queen of Hearts and not any other adaption.)
The forest went on for seemingly forever. Maybe, following the directions from that grinning cat that talked in riddles had been a bad idea. Frowning to yourself and glancing down at your sore feet, you wished more than anything you could find the exit out of this strange world you had fallen into. It started off sighting a talking rabbit with waistcoat and pocket watch in it's paw. You had never seen anything like it and you had to follow it to see where it was going. Unfortunately, you weren’t watching your steps as you had fallen straight into a giant hole that led you here in this place called Wonderland. “My parents are going to be so worried if I don
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 456 108
Ariel [Genderbend] - Part of your world by SorceressDream Ariel [Genderbend] - Part of your world :iconsorceressdream:SorceressDream 2,998 238 genderbends set 1 by La-Mishi-Mish genderbends set 1 :iconla-mishi-mish:La-Mishi-Mish 707 39 Assassins Creed Revelations- Genderbent Ezio by Its-Raining-Neon Assassins Creed Revelations- Genderbent Ezio :iconits-raining-neon:Its-Raining-Neon 318 9 Fionna and Marshall Lee by TsaoShin Fionna and Marshall Lee :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 4,814 283