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[GET BENT] ~Added Description~ :iconcylent-nite:Cylent-Nite 2,281 285 Looking A Little Feminine There :iconthelivingmachine02:thelivingmachine02 5,621 751 Adventure Time Sketch Dump 2 :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 3,877 1,012
Candy Love [Prince Gumball x Reader]
It was a sunny afternoon, and you were hanging out with Fionna. Just that morning, she had gone on a mission for Prince Gumball, delivering flower chains to the Fluffy People, or something.
Currently the two of you were throwing knives at various targets, one being an apple perched upon BMO's head. 
"Hey Fionna, can I throw it pretty much, like, anywhere?" You asked.
"Yeah, sure," she replied, "as long as no one gets hurt." 
Just as you aimed for the door frame, the infamous candy prince waltz through the door carrying a platter of cream puffs. It sliced through the top of his pink hair, creating two distinct lumps.
"Whoa! You almost scronked up my dome piece!" He said, surprised. He quickly licked a finger and fixed his hair.
"S-sorry, Gumball..." you said, containing a giggle. Suddenly, a loud thump sounded on the roof.
"Guys, me and Cake are gonna go check out that noise! Be right back in a minute-" Fionna said quickly, before either of you could protest. 
"Hm. Well,
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Warrior Cat Reff-Sheet :iconrascal4488:rascal4488 2,401 1,769 DC Trinity Genderswap :iconjasric:jasric 4,932 315
Male!Megara/Reader - My Hero
Male♂Megara/Reader - My Hero
(Megara → Just Meg)
You ran as fast as your legs could take you. Anything to get away from your boyfriend that had just dumped you in front of all your close friends. He didn't even give you a satisfying answer on why he broke it up. He just said it was, 'Better of this way'. You knew the truth though, he left you for another girl he has been bragging about for the last couple of weeks you have been together. You should have saw it coming a mile away but instead of facing reality, you pretended like it wasn't really happening. Now its come to this and you were left heartbroken.
You sped through the streets of the large Greek city, accidentally shoving away bystanders as you fled away with tears in your (e/c) eyes, They would look back at you with odd looks and glares but you just didn't care. Your heart was torn fro
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A Woman Can - HetaliaxReader
A Woman Can
Headcanon warning: The headcanon I used is that the nations are capable of changing their genders if they want too or are in the mood too. Like, France can turn into a girl, and Hungary can turn into a boy. But they have certain genders that they feel more comfortable in, and tend to stay in that gender./

A little known fact about World Meetings that took place before the modern feminist movement - that began in the 19th and early 20th centuries - was that they didn't allow women into the room. Or at least, they didn't allow the countries who identified as being girls to be in their female forms in the meetings. 
Well, they did allow countries to stay in their female forms during the meetings, but they were expected to either serve the men drinks and snacks, or just sit there, look pretty, and be quiet while the men discussed their problems like the rational, intelligent beings that they were.
Yeah, right. (Name) thought b
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All day long... :iconganeshhh:Ganeshhh 2,903 373
Male!BelarusxReader: Mine
"__________~," a silky voice called out your name. "Come out…I need to talk to you."
You shook slightly from your hiding place in the science closet. For the past few weeks you had been hanging out with the new kid in the class above yours. Ivan was really nice and surprisingly gentle. You liked hanging out with him. "Someone please…help me…"
What you didn't know about Ivan was that his younger brother, Nikolai, was obsessive and tended to run off people that got too close to his family.
The voice giggled, "I found you…" The door flew open and there stood Nikolai smiling like you were something to eat. He crouched down and reached out to touch you.
"Eek," you let out a small noise as you flinched from his touch. Nikolai stopped for a few seconds as he realized your movements. Then with a snarl he lunged his hand forward and grabbed you by the back of your neck.
"I finally found you _________," he pulled you to him and with his other hand gently touched your cheek with his gloved hand.
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Fionna and Marshall Lee :icontsaoshin:TsaoShin 4,806 283 House Gumball :iconmetaa:MeTaa 13,093 739
Male!Tinkerbell/Reader - Just Believe
Male♂Tinkerbell/Reader - Just Believe
(Tinkerbell - Tink) (All other characters gender stay the same)
(Y/n) - Your name
(L/n) - Last name
(B/n) - Brother's name
(H/l) (h/c) - Hair length; Hair color
(P.S. If you don't have a brother just pretend it is your sister. If you don't have a sibling then just make up a name. *shrugs*)

"There's no such thing as fairies! Why can't you get that through your thick head, (B/n)!?" You shouted out at your little brother who kept pestering you about ridiculous things such as fairies and magic. He ran up to you and pointed accusingly at you with a heated glare.
"Yes, there is! And there are also Indians, pirates, and Peter Pan!" He said with a pouting frown lingering on his young face. You scoffed and rolled your (e/c) eyes at this. Your dumb little brother just needed to learn such things like magic
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Anime :iconamarakaiba:AmaraKaiba 5,760 2,744 Adventure Love Time :iconcamifortuna:CamiFortuna 6,497 368 AnnyxTeexAnnyxTeexAnnyxTeexAnnyxTeexAnnyxTee :iconvampiremeerkat:VampireMeerkat 769 205
Superhero Character Profile Template v.2
Superhero Character Profile
Legal Name:
Sexual Orientation:
Hair Color:
Hair Type:
Eye Color:
Skin Color:
Distinguishing Features:
Powers and Abilities
Power Limitations:
Physical Weaknesses:
Mental/Emotional Weaknesses:
Personality and Relationships
Primary Traits:
Romantic Interests:
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Male!Elsa :iconmabymin:MabyMin 4,689 139 Sonic Forms Meme with Shadow :icontortaviso:tortaviso 3,330 588 Konoha High School (gender-bending) :iconsteampunkskulls:steampunkskulls 1,836 288 Custom/Com Sheet - References OPEN APR-JUL 2017 :iconsolar-paragon:Solar-Paragon 1,465 190
Girly Farts TG
Girly Farts
For once, Terica's garage wasn't on fire when I came over to visit. Pink smoke was belching through a crack in one of the windows though. I knocked on the metal door and waited.
After some mild cursing and coughing from within, the door slid up. Terica had on her regular lab coat with the words above the pocket protector, "Doctor Terica Snorf – Mad Scientist". Her long, frizzy brunette hair gave off a puff of smoke just behind her ear. She patted it out with her blue-gloved hands and mentioned, "Some things are a bit more flammable than they say..."
I nodded and said, "I've noticed. Need anything? Where are your goggles?" Terica always wore her goggles in her laboratory garage and sometimes even out and about. I noticed a small bruise on her forehead.
She answered, "They melted. I could've used a little more dihydrogen monoxide earlier. But it's under control now."
A bright "FOOM"ing wall of fire erupted from behind Terica. I backed away but she assured me, "It'
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Hetalia Fem Party :iconmiimiiakatsuki:miimiiakatsuki 2,986 239 Genderbent - The Little Mermaid :D :icondemachic:Demachic 1,635 66
Bimboized Birthday Vorhais TG
Vorhias bit into a bite of cake as he walked, the plastic fork resting against his tongue; it seemed to add an odd flavor of its own to the mix, though he wasn't sure if it was a good thing or not. The cake was barely worth eating to begin with. Scooping up a last piece of pink frosting to chew on, he dropped the remainder of the cake into a passing trashcan.
"That's not very nice, you know." Vorhias froze, the gentle press of something vaguely cylindrical pressing between his shoulder blades. "Not that there's anything that says one has to be nice; it's often frowned upon in my line of business, in fact. But you could have at least thrown it out a few blocks further from where you got it."
"Who are you?" It was the only question that entered Vorhias head. He'd have thought there'd be a thousand questions in a situation like that, but only one was presenting itself. It was an unfortunately stupid question, though; As if someone with a gun was going to calmly announce who he was.
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 152 5
Secretary - TG
There was a button beneath Leonardo's desk. He'd noticed it a few minutes ago, for the first time, upon reaching under his desk. He'd found it by accident, chasing a dropped pen; it had fascinated him since, distracting him from his work every time he'd directed his eyes at the cluttered mass of papers amassed on the cherry wood. Everything did that, though; work was just too boring.
The button, though, was special; or Leonardo told himself it was. It was a button; a red button, placed beneath his desk without his foreknowledge, just primed for an accidental touch; it filled his imagination with possibilities, straight from his artwork. Perhaps it was a secret button; capable of turning men into women. Perhaps it shot a call to the police; or some secret agents, who had been tied to the last owner of his desk. Perhaps his desk had some amazing, legendary ex owner; despite the fact that he had bought it new.
His fingers clutched at his knee caps, resisting the urge to crawl forward and
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Fionna and Cake :iconsophalis:sophalis 1,052 27
Bimbosis - TG
There's metal around my neck. It hurts, and it scares me; but I can't remember why I'm scared. I don't want to be scared, but I am scared, and I don't want to be scared. God, why do I have to be so scared?
I have to do something. I have to… I have to remove it? That doesn't make sense. I have to open my eyes? I don't want to. There's cold rock when I reach out; rough textures and cool metals, and horrid pain. The constant fear of being stabbed.
I don't want to open my eyes.
But I can't remember why.
It's hard to think about it; I don't want to think about it. There's a memory beneath the surface, but it scares me. I don't want to reach for it. I want to run away. I don't know where to run to. I have to get away.
It feels so hard to think.
There are things around me. These… these things. These things I can't seem to name. They're sharp and pretty, but they hurt soooo bad. I have to name them. If  I can't name them, I might not be able to avoid them; they might hurt m
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Male Anatomy Patterns :iconsnigom:Snigom 17,354 972
The Depths of the Forest TG
I flinched a bit as a small twig from a nearby tree swung back and grazed me across the cheek. Just another small scrape to add to the list as I tried to forge my way through this dim-lit forest. I pressed forward, careful to ensure that every step was safe, lest I fall and add a more serious injury to the list.
I’d been wandering this place for what felt like hours, although it was hard to tell with the small amount of light that peered through the tree tops. My phone had gotten destroyed a while ago, when I’d fallen into a river while hiking with some friends. The water itself was surprisingly warm, preventing me from getting hypothermia, but it took from me my ability to tell time.
Despite the fact that I couldn’t tell how long I’d been out here, nor was I able to get in contact with anyone, I felt strangely at peace, as if there were a spell on me. To be truthful, it almost felt like there was a spell on this whole land. The dim-lighting, musty atmosphere, a
:iconlolmastersadow:lolmastersadow 75 7
Male!Rapunzel :iconmabymin:MabyMin 2,854 78 Adventure Time sketch dump :iconkatkat-tan:Katkat-Tan 2,047 151
On Time - Pregnancy TG
John’s nose itched; he sniffled a few times, trying to hold it in, and then gave in. The air passed through his nose in a massive sneeze, and he rubbed a finger beneath it. Snot; he should have expected it, really.
Making a face, he ran it under the sink, first shivering at the cold, and then grimacing at the heat. It took him a few minutes of adjusting the nozzles to reach something decent, before grabbing the soap. The bubble stickled a little, but the mucus fell from his fingers with relative ease. He shook his fingers a few times to make absolutely sure it was gone, and then gave a sigh of relief.
He hated it when things went wrong. He hated it more when it involved germs, but largely he just didn’t like it when things failed to go according to plans. Things were supposed to work in the proper way; sneezes were supposed to occur when one had handkerchiefs to rub at them – which is why one was always supposed to have a handkerchief. But he didn’t have his
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Meraud :iconmabymin:MabyMin 5,731 350 Shay the Succubi :iconshay24:shay24 931 43
Robotic - TG
Mike stared at the wall. It wasn't a particularly interesting wall. In fact, it could be claimed by some - many - to be a rather boring wall. But it was the only wall Mike had to stare at, and it was mildly less boring than the back of his eyelids. His head being fixed to the opposite wall by metal clamps, along with the rest of his body, he did not have much more choices.
"You couldn't you at least get a bloody picture?" he muttered, either to himself or to his capturer. The latter rarely answered, and the former - he hoped - would continue not to do so.
"Pictures interfere with work," Lexi responded. He could stare at her, actually, for short periods of time. She was at the very edge of his vision, and it gave him headaches to do it for too long, but the back of her head was still more interesting than the wall. At least the strands shifted, and there was the barest chance of seeing a lice or something else that he could nitpick on.
The hair itself was blonde and long, trailing the f
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 192 35
Revenge of the Geeks - TG
Jace grinned as his fist slammed into the lockers, relishing the feel of power as William whimpered. He ignored the pain, keeping the grin on his face as he leaned in close enough to spread his nacho breath across the boy's thick glasses. "Where's my homework, Willy?" he demanded, keeping an eye on the guy to see if he'd actually piss his slacks. It had been weeks since he'd gotten a picture like that for his collection. "You were supposed to get me my homework, remember? Make it look nice and pretty for me to take into my teachers? I'm finally at the point where I can hand in an A paper without suspicion, Willy. You can't let me down now, when I got my parents all primed."
"I… I don't… I don't have your homework today, Jace," he whimpered, the voice grating on his ears. He ground his fist deeper into the locker, taking the pain in return for the look of stark terror on Willy's face as he let out another grin.
"You don't have my papers, huh? Guess you only did enough homework
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 182 78
TG Story: A Day at The Beach
It was a hot sunny day with clear skies and calm weather. A rare sight in the city I live in. Of course my friends would take the opportunity and meet up to spend a fine day at the beach.
I joined up with them at 9 in the morning, Rachel, who I've been hanging out with, my best mate Chris and his girlfriend Laura, were already here waiting. Chris and I got into the men's dressing room to get into our trunks. We then reserved a spot on the sand and waited for Rachel and Laura to come out. We were certainly stunned to see them in fine bikinis.
After laying in the sand for an hour, I decided to go for a swim. I got off my plain beach towel and stepped into the water. I dived in, and started to swim to the deeper parts. It was a leisurely swim. Usually I try to swim as deep as I can, and resurface to watch Rachel and Laura playing beach volleyball. While being plain lazy Chris.
The final time I dove and resurfaced, I felt like something whipped me in the leg. My vision started t
:iconjayronzski:Jayronzski 118 5
Women's Studies - TG
Jared glanced at the first class on his schedule, woman's studies. He'd taken it as much from the hope of actually meeting as from any interest in the class itself; he figured that would still put him above most of the other guys who took it.
He smiled a little to himself, somewhat cheered up by the fact that he might not be total scum, and moved through the door to the classroom inside; another boy stared up at him. "You too, huh?"
"Me what?" his eyes moved past the man, locking on a gaggle of girls in the back. They giggled when they saw him, and then huddled together to talk. They were too far away to hear more than a murmur, but he thought he caught the word "masculinity" being used.
"You joined the class for the girls, right?" the man offered. Jared dragged his attention back, instantly annoyed by the man's too pretty good looks, starting with his well ruffled hair and ending with the tips of his polished black boots.
"So what if I did?" he snapped. He was surprised by his own sud
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Dolly - TG
"So, that's like, toooooooooootally the reason why boys wanna kiss me!" she declared, giggling a little to make her point as Hipper nodded. "Wanna talk about why boys like to f-"
"No thanks," he said, hurriedly, bringing a pout to her lips. She glared at him, hard enough to make him shift uncomfortably, her child like face pulled up in annoyance.
It burst into a giggle at the last moment at the last moment, her voice bursting into joviality as she informed him, "I was gonna talk to you about fighting, siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiilly!"
He nodded, glancing to the door and wondering how far it would be to make a run for it, deciding it was worth the risk as she burst into a fresh discussion. She gripped his arm as he slipped past, her pout coming forth again. "If you're gonna go out, can you check on my sister? I left her out there 'cause she was getting on my nerves about something or another… I dunno… think she wanted to eat. As if that wouldn't ruin her future rigueur!"
He nodded aga
:icondragon8writer:dragon8writer 166 37
Genderbent Little Mermaid :iconlehannaa:lehannaa 1,511 41 Legend of Link :iconlethalityrush:Lethalityrush 7,064 1,040 OC meme :iconschandmaeulchen:Schandmaeulchen 1,764 186
Pink Note - TG
Zach slumped in his chair, playing with the pen they'd given him with a yawn. It was inlaid with gold, he noticed, a tiny grunt of disgust escaping from his lips. It was probably worth more than the entire paycheck he'd be getting from this thing.
He blinked in surprise when the paper was pushed towards him, a tight lipped blonde smiling in a way that was no doubt meant to be friendly as she tapped the contract. "Sign, initial, and date if you don't mine? Then we can get on with the testing."
"Which is just listening to some tunes, right?" he demanded, squeezing down on the pen. It vibrated in his hands, skittering out of his slackening grip as he stared at it in surprise. It vibrated across the table as Ms. Bryants sighs, clicking it off before handing it back.
"Tones, Mr. Thomson, and you don't have to click it to make the pen come out. That's just to make sure we don't get tendonitis from all the paperwork we have to work with, and I'd appreciate it if you didn't run down the batter
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Free-to-use Identity Pixel Set :icontwinkjinx:TwinkJinx 1,902 336 Marshall Lee :iconmuffinmonkey72:muffinmonkey72 1,550 147 Avatar Gender Bender :iconcarrinth:carrinth 6,182 1,040
Male!Ursula/Reader part 1/2 - Poor Fortunate Soul
Male♂Ursula/Mermaid!Reader two-shot - Poor Fortunate Soul
(Ariel = Stays Ariel but is male) (Ursula = Ursul) (King Triton = Queen Triton) (Eric = Erica )
(All other characters gender stays the same.)
(Author's Note: The song Poor Unfortunate Souls is in this because I really could not resist but to add it! So the story follows some of the same lines from the movie(or more so the musical). So sorry, if that bothers you. But I promise, it won't be the entire thing!)
"Ariel are you sure about this? This could get us into a lot of trouble." You ask your best friend who was swimming along side you with a determination written all across his face.
"I couldn't be more sure, (Y/n). If Ursul can help me then it will be worth it."
"I know… but there
:iconmiyuxthenobody:MiyuxTheNobody 632 118
Adventure time new episode preview screenshot :icondokifanart:DokiFanArt 3,005 456