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Lelouch x Reader: New Girl
Lelouch x Reader: New Girl
First day of school, first class done.
Your name was (F/N) (L/N). You had just moved to Ashford Academy after your parents were assassinated and you were living in a hotel a few blocks away. Your good friend was council president, so you planned to visit her after your first break.
You wandered around the halls, quite lost. After a few minutes, you came across an open door, and peeked in. You saw a boy, maybe a year older than you, with a cat in his lap, talking to a boy with blue hair.
“You gotta pick someone, Lelouch. Can’t be single forever.”
“No… I just don’t want to.”
You peeked in suspiciously, looking at the faces, until the black haired boy’s face turned to you. You blushed and hid behind the wall, hoping he didn’t see you.
Of course, your plan didn’t work.
“Hey, do you need something?” the black haired boy said, creeping up on you.
You blushed and sighed. “Uh… uh
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Obedience [Yandere!Lelouch Lamperouge]
"Class, we have a new student joining our ranks today." You could hear the calm words of the teacher through the closed wooden door of the classroom, your (e/c) orbs focused on where you knew the doorknob to be. You adjusted your (h/l) (h/c) locks out of nervous habit, the situation at hand getting the better of your nerves. The faculty member was talking about you, after all; and the fact made you worried for how your time in this school would go.
You had just recently planned to attend the prestigious Ashford Academy, your parents wishing you to receive the best education possible despite the costs. You reigned from a rather wealthy family, but the fact couldn't mean less to you. Having never been the needy type, you felt the extravagances of being rich boring and tiresome to say the least. Would it really be so bad to just live a simple life?
Even thinking that, you knew such an life was far from your reach.
You couldn't help but raise a careful hand to your cheek as you remembered
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