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Make A Wish.
Make A Wish.
Soul was napping again.  This time he fell asleep right after he got home from school on their red love seat in the living room.  He wasn't sleeping 20 minutes when something hard hit him in the chest.  Soul lazily opened his eyes to see what the heck it was.  To his surprise he saw  his partner Maka sitting on him.
"There are other couches ya know." Soul told her.
"I know" she replied, "But I feel like sitting on this one."
"Do you want me to get up ?" Soul asked
"No" Maka answered.
"Suit yourself. " Soul wasn't going to complain, he would want nothing more then to cuddle with his secret desire on their love seat.  It would seem that Maka felt the same since she spun around and just laid down on him, resting her head beside his.  'Whats got into her?' Soul thought 'Is this actually happening?  I can sense her soul's wavelength and it seems that she wants this as much as I do.  Could
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