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Hurt!Stiles Sterek by KinderCollective Hurt!Stiles Sterek :iconkindercollective:KinderCollective 1,509 65 Glen x Cody by LAS-T Glen x Cody :iconlas-t:LAS-T 1,027 70 :: yaoi base :: by Dark-Infamous :: yaoi base :: :icondark-infamous:Dark-Infamous 407 50 Lesbian Lovers by Cooterx3 Lesbian Lovers :iconcooterx3:Cooterx3 304 67 Love me like there's no tomorrow by ToryoNoDoroppu Love me like there's no tomorrow :icontoryonodoroppu:ToryoNoDoroppu 62 4 The Yaoi Button by GingersaurusRex The Yaoi Button :icongingersaurusrex:GingersaurusRex 1,877 1,773 Master and Slave by NatsumeWolf Master and Slave :iconnatsumewolf:NatsumeWolf 200 40 Stan and Valkon clay figures by NatsumeWolf Stan and Valkon clay figures :iconnatsumewolf:NatsumeWolf 113 31 After by magnus97 After :iconmagnus97:magnus97 120 11 Recuerdos Sketch by Hybrid22 Recuerdos Sketch :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 238 29 Sinking in Oblivion by Mieronna Sinking in Oblivion :iconmieronna:Mieronna 66 13 APH: BELARUS AND UKRAINE by kirahatesyou APH: BELARUS AND UKRAINE :iconkirahatesyou:kirahatesyou 76 19 Fires of War by runesael Fires of War :iconrunesael:runesael 67 4 The Unbreakable Bond - Collab by NeoWolf06 The Unbreakable Bond - Collab :iconneowolf06:NeoWolf06 38 46 Sherlock x John A Study In Scarlet by nagisa2345 Sherlock x John A Study In Scarlet :iconnagisa2345:nagisa2345 34 18 Tornado by runesael Tornado :iconrunesael:runesael 63 10 The Question by SandyJohn The Question :iconsandyjohn:SandyJohn 391 117
Scent ::Contest Entry::
The scent of vomit fills my lungs as I crouch heaving in this bathroom stall…
And yet that awful, attacking, caustic smell cannot overpower the stench of love that creeps under, and through, the cracks in the door behind me.
Fuck... Frank next time you want to confess to me your misplaced feelings of affection… Try doing it when I haven’t drowned myself in half of this, cheap and charmless, bars supply of corrosive, lung burning, mind wasting, vodka.
You don’t love me Frank...
You don’t even know what the word means...
How dare you destroy everything we’ve built together just because you couldn’t squash that burning desire to purge out your confused confessions of delusional love?
You want to undo years of friendship because you’ve decided there’s something between us?
What was I to you?
Was our friendship a lie?
All those moments that we’ve shared together… What do they mean now?
You sung out confessions of love and desire
:iconinloveandsqualor:InLoveAndSqualor 72 97
Laying Down by AcidChii Laying Down :iconacidchii:AcidChii 211 7 The Captain's Hat by catandcrown The Captain's Hat :iconcatandcrown:catandcrown 31 6 Seto y Shinichi by Hybrid22 Seto y Shinichi :iconhybrid22:Hybrid22 188 27
Live For Me
It finally happened. Terrorists finally designed and attacked with a biological weapon. They were strategic about it too, terrifyingly strategic. They attacked families with children first, putting the biochemical into school lunches and infant formula. No one had been expecting it and well over half the population of the country was wiped out in a single night, either infected or killed by their children.
At that point, the government declared a state of emergency and martial law, but really it was too late. Chaos had erupted and zombies were crawling the streets at night, eating and infecting anyone that they found. At the point that they started breaking into homes to pull survivors to their deaths, the remaining government and military officials decided to actually do something to help.
People were air lifted from the roofs of apartment buildings as armored convoys led by tanks moved through the streets to rescue uninfected people from their homes. My lover and I were one of the tw
:iconsoleste81:Soleste81 10 25
The Gay Werewolves XD by DemonSnake The Gay Werewolves XD :icondemonsnake:DemonSnake 62 49 Interview with the Vampire by Mrs-Lovetts-Meat-Pie Interview with the Vampire :iconmrs-lovetts-meat-pie:Mrs-Lovetts-Meat-Pie 64 56 Soft kiss by HillandClark Soft kiss :iconhillandclark:HillandClark 39 6 male love 1a by TheMaleNudeStock male love 1a :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 274 15 gay lovers 5 by TheMaleNudeStock gay lovers 5 :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 130 7 So dont go away by ismaelalvarez So dont go away :iconismaelalvarez:ismaelalvarez 249 34 submissive gay couple 2df by TheMaleNudeStock submissive gay couple 2df :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 143 12 romantic male couple 1adaa by TheMaleNudeStock romantic male couple 1adaa :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 133 8 Naked boys kissing in the studio 1 by TheMaleNudeStock Naked boys kissing in the studio 1 :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 103 18 Universal Love by ismaelalvarez Universal Love :iconismaelalvarez:ismaelalvarez 206 24 Naked boys kissing in the studio  2 by TheMaleNudeStock Naked boys kissing in the studio 2 :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 102 5 submissive gay couple 1 by TheMaleNudeStock submissive gay couple 1 :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 79 5 submissive gay couple 2 by TheMaleNudeStock submissive gay couple 2 :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 47 1 gay lovers 6 by TheMaleNudeStock gay lovers 6 :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 48 6 .: - Prosecution - :. by desertfox04 .: - Prosecution - :. :icondesertfox04:desertfox04 40 17 Request - MLP Ice Cream Headache by ZOE-Productions Request - MLP Ice Cream Headache :iconzoe-productions:ZOE-Productions 114 18 For the Love of Camelot by runesael For the Love of Camelot :iconrunesael:runesael 82 10 Victuri process-gif by LaceyHolmes Victuri process-gif :iconlaceyholmes:LaceyHolmes 38 5 We'll make it through together by kingdomheartslover10 We'll make it through together :iconkingdomheartslover10:kingdomheartslover10 89 37 Bear Encounters by TheMaleNudeStock Bear Encounters :iconthemalenudestock:TheMaleNudeStock 45 3 First touch by MantaTheMisukitty First touch :iconmantathemisukitty:MantaTheMisukitty 46 13 Underwater romance by MantaTheMisukitty Underwater romance :iconmantathemisukitty:MantaTheMisukitty 47 5 Two Queer Punx by Dandy-Jon Two Queer Punx :icondandy-jon:Dandy-Jon 27 0 For the Love of Jake and Dani by Dharmajon For the Love of Jake and Dani :icondharmajon:Dharmajon 44 4 COM: Atticus and Somber by TouchedVenus COM: Atticus and Somber :icontouchedvenus:TouchedVenus 176 51 Edward and Royce - sketches by Fennethianell Edward and Royce - sketches :iconfennethianell:Fennethianell 26 3 Femslash February: Bubbline by TheLovelyLandofMary Femslash February: Bubbline :iconthelovelylandofmary:TheLovelyLandofMary 161 8