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A Second Chance
A second Chance
Warnings-yaoi(boyxboy) and swearing
This short fic is in loving memory of my late twin brother, Jacob. Thank you for giving me a second chance.
Angeal was sitting in the stall with Prince. His memories were getting to him again. He had a twin brother who died before birth because he'd given all of his nutrients to the raven, giving him a second chance at life. Angeal rarly got this upset about it as he tried his best to be thankful and be strong for them both but today was just one of those days when he had to be reminded of how lucky he was to be alive.
"Angeal? Are you alright, love...?" Genesis asked as he turned the corner to check on Prince. The ginger was the only one Angeal had even spoken to about his brother. The raven nodded.
"I'll be fine. I just...I've been thinking a lot about him lately." he whispered. Genesis walked in and sat next to the larger SOLDIER, brushing the dark hair behind his ear.
"Yes. I could tell. You know Jacob loves
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