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Danny Phantom (FanFic Reader Insert) Chapter One
Danny Phantom (FanFic Reader Insert)
Ch.1 Meet The Gang
It’s your first day of school in Amity Park’s, Casper High. All morning since you first woke up, the butterflies that you had in your stomach the day before came back, silently buzzing faster than ever. Your dad was taking you to the school today, your mom staying home to fix up more. Sitting in the passenger seat, you began tapping your feet on the mat below and clammy hands stuck together as you looked out the window.
You saw other students walking mostly in groups as they were heading to the school as well. Cars passed you by, students in them, some with smiles, some with frowns, even some with just blank expressions. You sighed, causing some of your ---(Color)--- hair to fly up around your face.
Your dad looked over, small grin crawling up his face as he saw how you were acting. “You okay there ________?” He asked as he kept driving.
You turned to him and nodded your head.
“You know, you’ve
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