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SHOOSH THE GAMZEE by NamiOki SHOOSH THE GAMZEE :iconnamioki:NamiOki 5,687 2,220 gamzee tutorial part 1 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 1 :iconb00ts:b00ts 1,178 124
Gamzee x Reader: How DARE You
You felt your blood boil at the sight of the sopor-stoned indigo-blood zoning out next to you. How dare he; stand so close to you and pull you in deeper into these flushed feelings. You really shouldn't have been thinking that, considering he was a highblood and could probably kill you at any moment. But-just-how dare he be so insufferably adorable-
“Hey, sis! I didn't all up and motherfuckin’ notice you.”
“Oh really? Well, I totally didn’t ‘all up and motherfuckin’ notice you’ either!”
“Huh, that’s funny. Thought one of us probably would’ve noticed the other sooner or later.” You gritted your teeth. He wasn’t allowed to be that stupidly cute!
“Well, Makara, maybe a highblood like you should pay more attention to his surroundings!”
“Sis, you know I don’t give a motherfuck about the hemospectrum. Hell, i’d be cutting out some pretty good matesprits if I did.” Was that
:iconquinntheconqueror:QuinntheConqueror 580 124
Gamzee x Grub!Reader - Bed Head
Gamzee pointed the remote at the television, flipping through what seemed to be an endless sea of channels. He yawned, scratched his eyes a few times, and finally stopped on a semi-interesting show. He then kicked his feet up on the couch.
Boy, was he tired.
As Gamzee gazed into the animated box, his eyelids began to droop. Soon enough, he was snoring in a dead sleep.
"Motherfuckin' miracles..." He muttered, a goofy grin on his face. It was obvious he was having a good dream.
There was a squeak nearby.
Gamzee squeezed his eyes shut tighter, hoping to ignore the noise.
Squeak. Squeak.
Gamzee cautiously opened one eye and peeked over the edge of the couch. There you were, on the floor, big [e/c] staring up at him.
"Oh geez, [Name]," Gamzee said, quickly picking you up off the floor. "I almost motherfuckin' forgot about you."
You simply frowned at him.
He pinched one of your tiny cheeks. "Aw, don't be like that. I've just been so motherfuckin' tired lately, I'm sorry." He ga
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 883 130
Months by conniiption Months :iconconniiption:conniiption 3,918 506 Homestuck - Troll Icon Pack by Chocolate-Shinigami Homestuck - Troll Icon Pack :iconchocolate-shinigami:Chocolate-Shinigami 1,046 257
Spiders [Gamzee x Reader x Tavros]
Your name is ________ _________, and currently, you are in a very awkward, pubescent situation.
As of right now, you're lying on the floor, crushed underneath a heavy weight. Your shirt is off and lying a few feet away from you. Your ___(blood color)___, lacy bra is on the verge of revealing some very perky rumble-spheres.
On top of you is a very confused, aroused, and adrenaline-pumped Gamzee Makara. His shirt is off, and his pants have fallen to his ankles. His left hand is on your shoulder, clasping a bra strap, while his other hand is on your hip.
There are many, many things that are wrong with this picture.
1) You have a boy on top of you and you are both partially naked; the most you've ever revealed to anyone was your bare stomach the day you decided to wear a crop top, but even then that felt awkward and uncomfortable.
2) It is not just any boy, it is freaking Gamzee Makara, one of your best friends and your recent flushcrush.
3) Although you have frequent
:iconronibear:ronibear 713 541
Reach Out to Me: Gamzee x Reader
Gamzee Makara:
That's when someone grabs you and throws you over their shoulder. Their very high up shoulder. You're not even sure how to react to this. How does a person even get this tall?
Once your a safe distance from the bridge, you're placed back on the ground. Towering above you is... A circus act escapee. This tall and lanky boy is a bit weird to say the least. His face is done up with white clown makeup. His dark eyes are hazy and unfocused, you think it's possible he's drugged up. Messy black curls frame his face, and he's slouched over, so you aren't even seeing the whole extent to his height.
His overall look is a bit eccentric, but you do find it kind of cute. There's a lazy smile on his face as he stares off into space. After a minute, he catches sight of you.The smile fades into a frown and he bends down close to your face.
"That didn't strike me as a cool place to be my wicked motherfuckin' sis."
His voice is low and drawling, and it sends a slight shiver up your spine.
:icondementedxace:DementeDxACE 682 125
Anxiety (Gamzee x Reader)
Her jaw trembled and she tried to fight back the onslaught of tears. Her knuckles turned white as she clung onto her jacket, hoping to salvage the remnants of her composure. She tried to blink away the tears but as her vision began to blur she broke.
Gnawing harshly on her lip, she tried to rationalize that she shouldn’t be sad right now. There wasn’t any particular one thing that should warrant her tears. There wasn’t anything new that should have suddenly tipped the scales. It was the same things she went through every day. It was the same stress and frustration that had become normal. 
She just wanted it to stop, to be able to take a short moment of reprieve from everything. 
She didn’t even know how she ended up on the Gamzee’s doorstep, battling herself on what she should do. He had always had this infectious calming air about him. When she was with him she felt like she could finally relax.
Hesitantly she raised her hand to knock, only to f
:iconsybellaxstrange:SybellaxStrange 629 89
[GamzeexShy!Reader] Coulrophobia
"…And finally, (y/f/n) and Gamzee Makara."
Your heart thudded to a stop as the teachers words reached your ears, your eyes darted over to the boy on the opposite side of the room, his purple orbs met your (e/c) ones as he gave a little wave accompanied by a smile exposing his pointy teeth.
You gave a silent squeak as you snapped your head back to the front of the room, s-scary! You gave the teacher a pleading look, she met your eyes but shook her head firmly, then it hit you- SHE DID THIS ON PURPOSE!
It was no secret that you were absolutely MORTIFIED of the Makara family - therefor most teachers had tried many times to help you get over your fear of them, though all attempts only made you fear them even more than you already did - if that was even possible.
"Remember, this is an out of class assignment as you know this is our last official Cross Cultural class of the first quarter, and we won't meet again until the beginning of the third quarter, meaning you have nine weeks to
:iconbexiecain:BexieCain 558 159
Miracle Modus by conniiption Miracle Modus :iconconniiption:conniiption 2,218 445 I WARNED YOU BRO by conniiption I WARNED YOU BRO :iconconniiption:conniiption 3,296 342 past karkat: wake up by ryounkura past karkat: wake up :iconryounkura:ryounkura 5,266 284 Homestuck Dress up game OC version by LifeIsGoingOn Homestuck Dress up game OC version :iconlifeisgoingon:LifeIsGoingOn 1,263 834 Bad Idea Gamzee by Biigurutwin Bad Idea Gamzee :iconbiigurutwin:Biigurutwin 5,546 734 Tumblr Stuff by conniiption Tumblr Stuff :iconconniiption:conniiption 2,512 143
Homestuck: 7 Minutes in Heaven - Gamzee
You quickly yanked your hand out of the box to see that it was covered in none other than soper pie. You made a face and shook it off.
Dave leaned his head on the wall, obviously feeling sick from all of the ‘magical apple juice.’ “Gamzee, it’s you’re turn in the closet.”
You glanced at the crowd of people, already seeing Gamzee’s tall horns peak over the rest of the crowd. He pushed to the front of the trolls. He saw you and gave you his regular goofy smile. You couldn’t help but giggle.
Instead of pushing the two of you, Dave shooed you into the closet and shut the door. You each looked around until you met each other’s eyes. The two of you shared eye contact for almost a minute. It didn’t make you laugh, however. It made you nervous. You liked Gamzee a lot, but he always made you nervous. You knew what he was capable of, and sometimes, it scared you.
A cold touch on your leg surprised you out of your thoughts. You quickly l
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 622 218
Homestuck Dump 2 by conniiption Homestuck Dump 2 :iconconniiption:conniiption 2,082 175 all homestuck trolls by Timeless-Knight all homestuck trolls :icontimeless-knight:Timeless-Knight 2,670 625 Humanstuck by Rolling-Mozaik Humanstuck :iconrolling-mozaik:Rolling-Mozaik 2,712 360 gamzee tutorial part 2 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 2 :iconb00ts:b00ts 426 14 Homestuck - Take On Me by Niuniente Homestuck - Take On Me :iconniuniente:Niuniente 6,432 1,126 gamzee tutorial part 3 by b00ts gamzee tutorial part 3 :iconb00ts:b00ts 605 131 ancestral showdown by Doodle-Master ancestral showdown :icondoodle-master:Doodle-Master 2,117 121
Human!Gamzee x Reader - Ecstasy
The city lights were bright in contrast to the darkened night skies. Your pupils were wide as you took in every bit of scenery you could. The tall buildings, shiny cars, and pedestrians dressed to the nines were all but unnoticed. Everyone and everything seemed to have some sort of story held on the inside. You had experienced New York City before, but never in a way as great as this.
Gamzee turned up the radio, the bass making your seat vibrate. He wore a sly smile on his face, his eyes red from the fresh weed he’d smoked before picking you up. His makeup was perfect, for once; it was almost always messy from him either itching his eyes, or resting his head on some unknown piece of furniture. Today, however, he had actually bothered to fix it. He looked… nice.
“Yo, are you all up and ready to go?” Gamzee asked. He carefully parked the car in a newly paved parking lot - the parking lot of the hottest raving dance club in town.
You nodded and smiled. “Of c
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 403 80
Best Friends by conniiption Best Friends :iconconniiption:conniiption 2,322 298 Karkat: End This by Karkat-Vantas Karkat: End This :iconkarkat-vantas:Karkat-Vantas 5,808 646
Nepeta x MutantbloodTroll!Reader: Part 1
You had red feelings for Nepeta Leijon for a long time now. She was perfect in your eyes and made your blood pusher skip a beat when you thought of her, a blush light up your face. But as of right now, you were only close friends. You knew Nepeta didn't have a matesprit, but... How could somebody as perfect as her, feel red for somebody like you? You were a lowblood, a red blood. A mutant.
At the moment, you were sitting with Gamzee in the horn pile. He was your moirail and he listened to all your problems, he knew how red your feelings were for Nepeta. As red as your own blood. He was staring off into nothing, a dazed look in his eyes.
But your own eyes were on Nepeta. She was talking with Equius and every so often, her face would light up and she would smile, laugh. You would smile when she did, you would chuckle when she did. You couldn't hear their conversation, but suddenly Nepeta seemed to look... embarrassed? You narrowed your eyes as you watched that olive green blush darken on
:iconburningsilhouette:BurningSilhouette 135 26
You're Motherfuckin' Beautiful (Humn!Gam x Reader)
   A/n: I am so fucking irresponsible. I have school tomorrow and I try and try to sleep, BUT I CAN'T
BECAUSE I LAY THERE THINKING ABOUT WRITING THIS AT 12:28 AM! So, to get the god damn urge out...
I'm. writing. this. shit. Seriously, can someone tell me whats wrong with me??
Reader's POV
You sat behind your friend Gamzee Makara in math class, tapping the eraser end of your no. 2 pencil on the desk, staring at the ticking clock, boredom obvious in your pretty (eye color) orbs. 
What snapped you from the endless thinking of what you would eat for lunch was the sound of the teacher yelling Gamzee's last name. "MAKARA!!" you jumped, along with the other students. Although Gamzee was considered a "burn out", or at least an alcohol addict (rumor says), Gamzee never was one to get yelled at by teachers. During class, that is. But today, was different. "Makara, I've told you once, twice, and now three times! Wipe that ridiculous clown makeup
:icongreysnowflake11:GreySnowflake11 229 29
Third Time's The Charm (GamzeeXReader)
    You were the bookworm type, quiet and tried to avoid 99% of all social contact. So you were asking yourself, why would you, for all that is holy, come to this party where you knew your crush was going to be?! Oh well that was the reason, and that Nepeta was a scary kitty when someone wouldn't do as she asked especially if it had to do with her ships.
    You looked around the living room unable to quell the urge to run but your fears of Nepeta were stronger than your need to be alone. And just like Nepeta had said, everyone and their momma was there. Karkat was standing in a corner like you glaring at everyone, Terezi was trying to make him react in at least some way to her flirting, John and Vriska were watching con-air as Dave sat beside them looking bored, Sollux was ignoring everyone typing away on his husktop, Tavros and Gamzee were chatting by the snack table, nepeta and equius were talking and looking around the room, rose and jade were looking
:iconkoyukizaku:KoyukiZaku 459 223
Shoosh by conniiption Shoosh :iconconniiption:conniiption 1,316 153 showdown - grand highblood by Doodle-Master showdown - grand highblood :icondoodle-master:Doodle-Master 2,023 33 TumblrDump2 by conniiption TumblrDump2 :iconconniiption:conniiption 2,502 375 Gamzee Tavros by Kanda3egle Gamzee Tavros :iconkanda3egle:Kanda3egle 4,469 280
Love (Gamzee x Reader)
[UPDATE1]: 2014: AH! This thing has so many faves! I dunno why! XD I have fixed some errors and what so on! I am happy you people still enjoy my old fan-fics! So here you go, an epic brofist for you bros, thank you! *Brofist*
Hello bros!!!
Again, if there's anything wrong, telll meeeeh~ OuO Enjoy~ ^^
"Thank you miss." The old lady whispered to you and bowed before she left holding the books to her chest.
You smiled and nodded to the lady when she thanked you.
What are you doing? Where are you?
Let me answer you my dear. You're name is (y/n) (l/n) and you are the girl who works at the library, the quite nice librarian; you're job is to help people who may needs it in here, tidy up the books and put them in the right place. And you're pretty much good at your work, you loved it. You loved how quiet it is in here.
You picked up few books from the table in front of you before turning around an
:icono-ironical-o:o-Ironical-O 345 163
Homestuck 4Chords - Down the Line by shadowhearts Homestuck 4Chords - Down the Line :iconshadowhearts:shadowhearts 1,197 62
Sober!Gamzee x NyquilDrunk!Reader
“Heuy Gamzee, look at dis,” and with that, you tried to do a handstand for the umpteenth time. Gamzee picked you up and sat you on the couch beside him.
“No sis, that’s not good to do.” His eyes had dark rings around them, and his hair was even more of a mess than usual. You had been doing this, drinking Nyquil to get drunk, continuously for 3 days straight. He hadn’t even had time to get a bite of slime through those days.
“Gamzeeeee, d-don’t wurry,” you put a hand on his shoulder. “I’m ffffffffine, just a bit relaxxxxed is all,” you told him. He sighed and picked you up bridal style.
“Come on, let’s get you to my coon.” He cooed softly. You let out a “woohoo” and fist-bumped the air. Gamzee groaned to himself as he sat you down beside his coon. The things he did for you was unreal sometimes.
Just as he reached for a slime pie, you tapped on his shoulder. Taking a deep breath, he turn
:iconvincebae:Vincebae 138 36
Homestuck Troll Guide by pinkfizzypops Homestuck Troll Guide :iconpinkfizzypops:pinkfizzypops 1,260 157
Gamzee x Reader: Horror Mama
Turning off Netflix you looked to the clown sitting next to you. The past hours were filled with horror movies, popcorn, and faygos. Gamzee sat there with his usual smile and took a sip from a grape faygo bottle. Your arms wrapped around his free one and your head lay on his shoulder. To be honest you hated clowns but for some reason this troll was an exception. He was your moirail, best friend.  A yawn soon escaped your lips.
“You seem motherfuckin tired, sis,” Gamzee said placing his bottle back on the coffee table with the empty popcorn bowl.
“Yeah,” you shut your eyes and rubbed your head against him. A small laugh escaped from his mouth.
“That last one was so motherfuckin good,” Gamzee commented.
“Really, it was so shitty. Only the gore was good,” you sat up. Then it hit you. “It was because it was a clown wasn’t it?” You glared.
“Yep,” was all he said before standing and stretching. Damn he was tal
:iconravenluvssesshomaru:RavenluvsSesshomaru 93 9
HOMESTUCK- Troll Blood Colors by Animatefox HOMESTUCK- Troll Blood Colors :iconanimatefox:Animatefox 2,033 21 x3 SHOWDOWN COMBO by lexxercise x3 SHOWDOWN COMBO :iconlexxercise:lexxercise 1,363 70 hs icon by Mallowballon hs icon :iconmallowballon:Mallowballon 2,616 246 It LoOkS aWeSoMe, BrO by conniiption It LoOkS aWeSoMe, BrO :iconconniiption:conniiption 1,944 169 Prop: Gamzee Makara Horns by Tiase Prop: Gamzee Makara Horns :icontiase:Tiase 723 150
Possessive!Gamzee x Reader - Birthday Underground
You stared at the ceiling in your bedroom. At your old house, you would stare at the window and watch the morning sunrise. However, your windows had been bored up months prior to this date, so there were only a few rays of sun able to escape through the cracks in the boards. The nails that held the maple steady were rusted and bent. It was as if you were some kind of convict trapped in a homemade prison.
It took you a moment to collect yourself, but your rubbed your eyes and slowly pushed yourself out of bed. Your legs and back ached from last night’s grueling rounds of ‘playtime.’ You noticed that Gamzee had already gotten out of bed. He was probably making you some terrible concoction of a soper cake and slapping a pretty pink bow on a [f/c] faygo.
Oh, that’s right, it was your birthday.
A birthday wasn’t really something you cared much about anymore. You enjoyed your birthdays as a child, growing one year older, ready to be treated like more than
:iconxtanuki:xTanuki 415 188
Trolls: Pose As A Team by Karkat-Vantas Trolls: Pose As A Team :iconkarkat-vantas:Karkat-Vantas 1,983 175 Militarystuck by nekozneko Militarystuck :iconnekozneko:nekozneko 2,298 137 Homestuck 4Chords - Triangle by shadowhearts Homestuck 4Chords - Triangle :iconshadowhearts:shadowhearts 839 32