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Poem for a Whovian
While some call me 'weird' and others 'quite geeky'
They know not the masses for whom I am speaking
And yes, I concede that, true, it's as maybe
I shrug with a smile, say 'would you like a jelly baby?'
So now I give you my full borne confession
A glimpse into the world of my one true obsession
A world without end at the clip of its pace
Of a roaming old man through all of time and space
And when you see me there alone
Drifting in the other zone
Don't be alarmed when you discover
I'm quite unlike just any other
For the TARDIS flies within my veins
And Daleks shriek inside my brains
A vworp my ears do long to hear
In hopes the Doctor may be near
A scarf and fob watch around my neck
Claim I've met Toulouse Lautrec
Red trainers strapped upon my feet
A bow tie in my pocket, keep
Self taught to write in circulus script
That fictitious tongue of those in the crypt
And, true, Rose is my middle name
But also she, my favorite dame
In dreams I tend afar to stray
Yet return always home to Gallifre
:iconblueboxdrifter:BlueBoxDrifter 44 40
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