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Gifts of Gaea by BarbarosAytug
Environment commission by TylerEdlinArt Environment commission :icontyleredlinart:TylerEdlinArt 10,609 421 Paladin by larkin-art Paladin :iconlarkin-art:larkin-art 1,088 261 MYth: Gaia by zeldacw MYth: Gaia :iconzeldacw:zeldacw 1,434 45 OC - Wind of Change by Cataclysm-X OC - Wind of Change :iconcataclysm-x:Cataclysm-X 1,197 309 Cybele by p-o-c-k-e-t Cybele :iconp-o-c-k-e-t:p-o-c-k-e-t 172 51 Dryad - MonsterSquad by Neverheidae Dryad - MonsterSquad :iconneverheidae:Neverheidae 116 3 Mother Nature Father Time by jeighdeigh Mother Nature Father Time :iconjeighdeigh:jeighdeigh 264 26 Disneyfied - Escaflowne by scaragh Disneyfied - Escaflowne :iconscaragh:scaragh 499 116 Ranger and Archer - DisGaea by aun61 Ranger and Archer - DisGaea :iconaun61:aun61 354 152 Escaflowne: Hitomi and Van by Rocktuete Escaflowne: Hitomi and Van :iconrocktuete:Rocktuete 563 95 Deconstruct by MD-Arts Deconstruct :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 85 3 The Titans by babel-bookworm The Titans :iconbabel-bookworm:babel-bookworm 97 13 Sanctified by MD-Arts Sanctified :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 224 21 The Legendary Golems by Awesometacious The Legendary Golems :iconawesometacious:Awesometacious 363 91 In the womb of Gaia by ALICE-on-ACID In the womb of Gaia :iconalice-on-acid:ALICE-on-ACID 140 120 Endless Sacrifice by MD-Arts Endless Sacrifice :iconmd-arts:MD-Arts 136 13 + Time Guardian + by korone + Time Guardian + :iconkorone:korone 527 69 A Clash of Giants in The Deep Jungle by A3DNazRigar A Clash of Giants in The Deep Jungle :icona3dnazrigar:A3DNazRigar 61 23 Planetary Pimpslap by Tabnir Planetary Pimpslap :icontabnir:Tabnir 159 32 Gaia, Earth Goddess--Final by MsJ777 Gaia, Earth Goddess--Final :iconmsj777:MsJ777 98 194 Lady Gaia - Wallpaper by liiga Lady Gaia - Wallpaper :iconliiga:liiga 168 24 Gaea by Olgola Gaea :iconolgola:Olgola 33 10 Gaea Seed by katdesignstudio Gaea Seed :iconkatdesignstudio:katdesignstudio 55 4 'Gaia' polymer clay fairy ooak by AmandaDayDolls 'Gaia' polymer clay fairy ooak :iconamandadaydolls:AmandaDayDolls 83 14 Vytal Festival Tournament: Team BRKE vs Team DGTL by isaiahjordan Vytal Festival Tournament: Team BRKE vs Team DGTL :iconisaiahjordan:isaiahjordan 304 82
Gaea the Goddess (WG) Pt 1
One day in the Lunar Plains, a vast and untouched desert on the southern border of the country of Pilan, a giant flower sprouted forth from the dried earth. This was no ordinary flower, and its immense size was more than evident of that; one could see the plant from several dozen miles away, towering like a giant, green mountain over the otherwise flat and empty land around it. It skyrocketed high into the clouds, and its pink petals, each one appearing as large as a passenger ship, were wrapped together in a tight bud. The stem was likely wide enough to fit inside of the world's largest arena. The Brobdingnagian blossom basked serenely under the heat and light of the sun, but in spite of facing such intense temperatures, it never seemed to be in danger of wilting. Whatever was inside of the flower had yet to fully finish growing, or so the experts attempted to discern.
In fact, no one could really make heads or tails of the flower's origins or why it would suddenly emerge now, at this
:iconborin23:Borin23 81 6
Gaea The Goddess (WG) 2
Tabitha opened her eyes, but everything appeared dark and muddled. She was almost completely submerged in darkness. A lone thought drifted aimlessly through her empty skull, and it asked whether or not she was really still alive. As her vision gradually returned and her senses stirred awake, she tried to take a gulp of air. At least that would be a sign to her that she was still in her mortal body. Instead of receiving oxygen, however, her lungs were filled with a thick, partially sweet liquid, like the air had been replaced with syrup while she'd slept. Tabitha started to cough and sputter, but more of the syrup started to fill her throat, even going into her nose and ears. She couldn't even manage a strangled cry. Outstretching her hands in front of her, Tabitha discovered she could touch some kind of soft wall; she was inside of a container. In desperation, the overweight warrior started to bang her fists against the wall. The syrup was flowing all over her body, inside of her it mo
:iconborin23:Borin23 43 11
Gaea The Goddess (WG) 3
"Eat up! Eat up! Our bounty of ingredients is effectively limitless as long as I am here, so please, eat as much as you can to your heart's content!"
Although Gaea was being so insistent on them all sitting down and sharing a meal together, Tabitha was still unsure about taking her seat. Even as she stood at the foot of the table with her eyes glued to the beautiful spread of edibles in front of her. Morgana had already accepted Gaea's offer, an act which already stunned Tabitha when making consideration of the other woman's 'difficult' personality, but she had already loosened some of the wrappings tied across her waist so that she could fit the maximum amount of food possible. Tsara and Yangdra had no such restrictions, and they were already far along into their meals, with bellies stuffed drum-tight and piles of dishes like towers rising high above them.
The kitchen door was in constant motion, the girl with the monkey's tail carrying out new dishes for the girls to rip apart at a p
:iconborin23:Borin23 57 8
Gaea the Goddess 5 (WG) Final
"So who are you, really?"
The chubby ninja pouted as she sat there in the center of Gaea's room, her arms strapped behind her back and her legs held together by several constricting vines. Her pudgy belly, round and fluffy like a bowlful of pudding, splayed itself over her lap. The goddess tapped her on the head with one finger.
"Are you hiding a cyanide pill in there? Come on, open up!"
"W-What? Of course I'm not! I wouldn't let myself die! I wouldn't normally get caught in the first place!" snapped the ninja, and then she frowned, "It's just...I..."
"You didn't expect we'd cut open your girdle, huh?" Gaea replied, raising an eyebrow.
The ninja sighed. "No...and I'd been trying so hard to hide it too..."
Tabitha stepped forward to speak. "I know her. She's from the same guild as me."
"Tabitha, you can't go and spill a ninja's secrets! It's against the code! I'll be beheaded when I return home!"
"You're not a ninja! Last time I saw you a few years back, you were one of my fan-girls!" T
:iconborin23:Borin23 41 13
Mother Earth by Xiraus Mother Earth :iconxiraus:Xiraus 139 69 The Primordials by babel-bookworm The Primordials :iconbabel-bookworm:babel-bookworm 44 14 FLOWING MEDITATION by jessenewman FLOWING MEDITATION :iconjessenewman:jessenewman 72 13
Gaea The Goddess (WG) 4
"You wanted to see me, Gaea?"
Wu stood off to her right as Tabitha waddled into the room, pulling back the curtain of shells, beads and sea glass so that the former warrior may enter. The dark, bark-colored walls wrapped around this circular room, and it surely had been a spacious room at one point, but with piles upon disorganized piles of empty food containers, boxes and jars filled with miscellaneous items, keepsakes and mementos collected from around the world, a few old sheets and clothes, and a skeleton taking up said space, it felt just a tiny bit on the cramped side of things. For a big girl like Tabitha, it was a poor setting to be stuck in. Gaea was slouched in a chair constructed from the interweaving stems of several enormous sunflowers. She seemed only half-awake, lazily munching on handfuls of roasted seeds and nuts while staring straight ahead at nothing. Maybe she was in some sort of trance, or she was simply feeling gloomy. When Wu announced Tabitha's presence, Gaea su
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Commission: Team KEST by isaiahjordan Commission: Team KEST :iconisaiahjordan:isaiahjordan 196 43 DSV Ringmaster Orbiting Saturn by Paul-Lloyd DSV Ringmaster Orbiting Saturn :iconpaul-lloyd:Paul-Lloyd 28 3 The Wheel of The Year by ALICE-on-ACID The Wheel of The Year :iconalice-on-acid:ALICE-on-ACID 106 37 Commission: Eternia Gaea by isaiahjordan Commission: Eternia Gaea :iconisaiahjordan:isaiahjordan 158 11 The Wrath of Gaia by pedaltone The Wrath of Gaia :iconpedaltone:pedaltone 76 19 Road to Recovery by Tattered-Dreams Road to Recovery :icontattered-dreams:Tattered-Dreams 48 22 WIP-Megaman X5 Gaea Armor-Ver.Ke by Redblaze4080 WIP-Megaman X5 Gaea Armor-Ver.Ke :iconredblaze4080:Redblaze4080 32 33
The Beginning
"Tell me about the one where you defeat Gaea!"
"No! I like the Battle of Manhattan story better!"
"Can you tell us again about the Labyrinth?"
Percy sat on the couch with his three young children: Landon, Charlie, and Blaire. Charlie, the oldest, sat on the floor with his arms crossed and face shadowed by his long, black hair. Blaire, with her honey-blonde ringlets and big green eyes, sat on her dad's knee as she clenched her favorite owl shirt. Percy threw up his hands in exasperation.
"Guys, one at a time!" He reminded them sharply and Landon opened his mouth to protest. Percy narrowed his eyes and his middle son was quickly silenced. The young father took a deep breath and looked at each of his kids. Each one was unique, but their faces all resembled their parents. Blaire looked just like Annabeth except for her eyes, and Landon looked identical to Percy, except his messy, surfer-like hair was light blonde. Charlie always looked more guarded than his siblings, with his black hair an
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+ Gaea + by korone + Gaea + :iconkorone:korone 185 27 Steampunk leather underbust with gorgerin corset by Esaikha Steampunk leather underbust with gorgerin corset :iconesaikha:Esaikha 45 0 Kronos by KleopatraAurel Kronos :iconkleopatraaurel:KleopatraAurel 104 34 [EQG] Gloriosa Gaea Everfree 3.0 [SFM] [Gmod] by EmpireOfTime [EQG] Gloriosa Gaea Everfree 3.0 [SFM] [Gmod] :iconempireoftime:EmpireOfTime 55 10
Pagan Reflection - Untitled
It was one of those nights when you have this powerful urge to go outside and just... watch the stars come out, and feel the breeze on your skin, and close your eyes to get swept up in the magic of it all. It was one of those nights that I think I saw myself, and Her - I guess they're the same - for the first time...
I was downstairs, typing away at my computer and listening to some Celtic CD that I had gotten for my birthday, and it was the middle of summer. It had to have been around one or two in the morning, for both of my sisters were asleep and I hadn't seen my mom come out of her room for a good four hours. Clicking away at the keyboard, spinning tales of princesses, swords, large and magical creatures, I sat back in my wicker chair and took a short break. My studio-style headphones perfectly arranged the sounds of "The Mystics Dream" by Loreena McKennit to match the mood of the night... thick, comforting, and full of calm and adrenaline.
A few thoughts were floating through my
:iconfae:fae 10 16
Wheeler and Linka Kissing by chesney Wheeler and Linka Kissing :iconchesney:chesney 103 43 Ask the Owl - Memories of Escaflowne by giz-art Ask the Owl - Memories of Escaflowne :icongiz-art:giz-art 71 33 Empress Ally: Mother Nature by mr-redx Empress Ally: Mother Nature :iconmr-redx:mr-redx 23 27 kyklops by zemechiel kyklops :iconzemechiel:zemechiel 63 8