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Alice of Human Sacrifice
Alice of Human Sacrifice Translyrics
"Somewhere far away, there was a very tiny dream.
Such a tiny dream it was… No one knew who had dreamt it.
The tiny dream began to think, 'I don't want to disappear this way. How can I make people dream of me?'
The tiny dream thought and thought. Then it finally came up with an idea.
'I'll make humans get lost in me… Then let them create my world…'"

The first Alice was one of spade wielding sword in hand
Gallantly she skipped through the woods and off to Wonderland
Cutting anyone and anything that blocked her path
The ground soon was soaked with her red wrath
Such an Alice was to be trapped within the trees
A criminal locked away forced to beg upon her knees
Other than the red trail she had left in the woods
There was no sign she existed and she was gone for good
The second Alice was a calm one of diamond
He would always sing a song to his dear Wonderland
The many notes he sang they twisted and they swirled
And thus he c
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The Vampire and His Servant V
                                     The Vampire and His Servant V
My eyes open and all I see is darkness…
I sit up and try to make out where I am.
The darkness lightens a little as my eyes slowly adjust.
I am lying in the same bed that I was in before.
I must have fallen asleep…
My face starts to feel warm and my heart
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The Vampire and His Servant I
                                        The Vampire and his Servant
As I fall on the withered ground,
I stare up at the darkening sky,
Tears pouring from my pleading eyes.
I want to be free from this hell…
Light footsteps sound, stepping toward me.
I turn my head, slowly, the fear sending chills down my spine…
Making my heart cold.
He walks towards me, his graceful legs carrying him closer.
His long black hair whips against his pale face
As a sudden wind makes contact with his slender body
As he reaches me, he kneels down in front of my crumbled body.
I flinch visibly and turn my head a
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