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Furry Fandom by Jaksta901 Furry Fandom :iconjaksta901:Jaksta901 3,083 1,191
A guide on how to make your first fursona!
Alot of people have trouble making a fursona! So I decided I might as well help!
Although its called a 'fursona' you can have any sort of organism as your fursona! Ranging from a ant to a dragon, and even hybrids!
First thing you gotta do is pick a animal! I recommend picking a animal that matches your personality, here is just some examples:
bubbly, always happy - toy breed dog, panda or bird
shy and sweet - any animal that is a pet, and sloth
Nice unless threatened; very loyal - bear, bee, wolf, cat, and guard dog.
Jokester- fox, pug or ape/monkey.
Always angry - chimp, Tasmanian devil, cat and badger.
Feel free to pick ones that are not on the list!
Next thing is the most important; design! First pick out some colors, maybe your favorites or colors that represent you! Try to avoid a plain fursona, there might be a fursona that already looks like yours! Don't make it too flashy however!
If you put rainbow(s) on your fursona, only make a maximum of 3 parts rainbow, avoid using a all r
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