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Cosplay Automail Tutorial 1 by rockinrobin Cosplay Automail Tutorial 1 :iconrockinrobin:rockinrobin 680 19 Cosplay Automail Tutorial 2 by rockinrobin Cosplay Automail Tutorial 2 :iconrockinrobin:rockinrobin 943 88
OC Guidebook: OCXCannon
The OC Guidebook: OC X Cannon
Ok first of all some advice nobody is going to listen to but I'll add anyway. Then I'll get to the rest
OCXCannon Is EXTREMLY difficult to pull off especially with any of the major characters. So as a general rule of thumb unless you are an amazing and experienced writer DON'T DO IT!
If you are going to do it DO NOT PAIR YOUR OC WITH A CANNON CHARACTER YOU HAVE A CRUSH ON! Trust me people can tell. This tends to skew up your prospective and make you make the cannon character act in very out of character ways.
That said I know people aren't going to listen so lets begin:
If you are going to do ocXcannon there is a general rule of thumb to bear in mind. Under no circumstances should you shift the cannon character's personality or actions to match your OC!
Pairing an OC with a cannon is a very different process then any other type of romantic writing you do. Its' not like OCXOC which if I haven't made it clear already you should be doing unless you're a very
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Roy Mustang Style snap by slyshand Roy Mustang Style snap :iconslyshand:slyshand 1,686 143 Full Metal Alchemist by GENZOMAN Full Metal Alchemist :icongenzoman:GENZOMAN 13,387 703 Edward Elric Paperchild by ItaLuv Edward Elric Paperchild :iconitaluv:ItaLuv 3,464 429 automail from cloth - tutorial by k-ee-ran automail from cloth - tutorial :iconk-ee-ran:k-ee-ran 1,113 278
Fullmetal Alchemist OC Blank Template
Introduction of Character
Name: (First/Last)
Gender: Male/Female
Birth Date:
Death Date:
The Character’s Appearance
[Try to include detailed description of character’s physical characteristics (shape of nose, freckles, moles, scars, shape of eyes, accessories, etc.), ethnicity, common attire, etc. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS!]
About the Character
[Be as detailed as you can with your character’s personality. DO NOT JUST PUT DOWN WORDS! Go into depth with your character.]
The Character’s Relationship With Others
(How people view your character in general)
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Alphonse's Choice by fayrenpickpocket Alphonse's Choice :iconfayrenpickpocket:fayrenpickpocket 9,276 415 Mustang is... by Amarevia Mustang is... :iconamarevia:Amarevia 3,181 1,263
Standards (Roy Mustang x Reader)
      His eyes trailed up, tracing the curvature of your legs. Silky stockings reaching under your skirt, hiding their lace edges. Your skirt was riding delicately up your thigh, leaving Roy to openly drool.
   You were oblivious to his hungry eyes, chatting away on the phone. Your provocative seat on the edge of your work desk was unintentional, a simple action to alleviate your sore high-heeled feet. Your dark lips formed unintelligible words, laughing occasionally on something said on the other end.
   Roy was, for once, desperately trying to work. A thick manilla folder of documents still needed to be checked over, and crumpled handfuls of forms swamped his in-box. He couldn't even raise his ink pen, frozen with his hand perched half-way to the paper.
   Your eyes flickered over to him, puzzled at his gaping features. You glanced down, then giving a soft giggle. You modestly adjusted your skirt to its normal length.
   "Like wh
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FMA - Fire it up Roy by imari-yumiki FMA - Fire it up Roy :iconimari-yumiki:imari-yumiki 280 68 Chibi FMA set by D-Thessy Chibi FMA set :icond-thessy:D-Thessy 1,374 409 Roy Mustang: Firestarter by NekoFlameAlchemist Roy Mustang: Firestarter :iconnekoflamealchemist:NekoFlameAlchemist 289 109 Brothers by Detkef Brothers :icondetkef:Detkef 2,334 125 It's Edward Elric by galandri It's Edward Elric :icongalandri:galandri 3,246 603
Alphonse x Reader: Answers
     It was safe to say you had seen most (if not all) of Alphonse's different faces. Having known him since he was still just a soul attached to a suit of armor, you had the chance to truly get to know your best friend for his personality. You had easily learned that he was eager to please, always placing others before himself, and had the endless patience of a god. But, despite the lengthy list of his positive traits, Al was still human. He knew fear and insecurity as well as the back of his hand, and hatred was no stranger to him. In the two years you had known him, you had gotten to see him at his best and worst, but you stayed by his side no matter what. While he was everyone else's rock, you were his, and you helped keep him grounded long enough to develop a close, mutual fondness with the young male. Little did you know that, as your feelings began to evolve and branched into an unexplored area, Al's were quick to follow.
    After the Promised Day[
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FMA: Transmutation by Akusesu FMA: Transmutation :iconakusesu:Akusesu 1,493 231 FMA: Not Your Friend, Buddy... by sweetlittlekitty FMA: Not Your Friend, Buddy... :iconsweetlittlekitty:sweetlittlekitty 3,258 245 PIXIV Style Meme - Ed Elric by kra PIXIV Style Meme - Ed Elric :iconkra:kra 1,255 168 FMA - Winry Rockbell by Evil-Uke-Sora FMA - Winry Rockbell :iconevil-uke-sora:Evil-Uke-Sora 981 250 Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist by Celebi-Yoshi Pride from Fullmetal Alchemist :iconcelebi-yoshi:Celebi-Yoshi 1,054 130 Winry Rockbell - In the mountains of Briggs by RomaiLee Winry Rockbell - In the mountains of Briggs :iconromailee:RomaiLee 508 42 .Edward Elric. by Els-e .Edward Elric. :iconels-e:Els-e 1,701 309 Alchemist Powers Hetalia by peace-of-hope Alchemist Powers Hetalia :iconpeace-of-hope:peace-of-hope 1,619 285 Roy Mustang by suzuran Roy Mustang :iconsuzuran:suzuran 1,031 110 FMA: The Escape by Akusesu FMA: The Escape :iconakusesu:Akusesu 1,070 117 Roy Mustang- Colonel by twinfools Roy Mustang- Colonel :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,389 172 Alphonse Elric Pony by AnimeAmy Alphonse Elric Pony :iconanimeamy:AnimeAmy 525 57
FMA OC Guidebook: Alchemy
FMA OC Guidebook: Alchemy
So… exactly how does alchemy work in fma?
Well.. After analyzing the hell out of almost every instance of its use I could possibly remember and then doing hours more research. (Is it normal for me to have this much of an obsession? Yeah... I don't think soo ANYHOO…) I finally am ready to put together my guidebook result of what I have learned. This is still a work in progress so bear with me (g-d help me make this good)
How Alchemy Works
Ok, the first thing to understand is that alchemy is a science; this is what differentiates it from magic. This is why it's so much of a skill to learn.
What is actually happening when you preform alchemy?
Alchemic acts as stated by the series are consistent of three stages; Analysis, deconstruction, and reconstruction. Let's go over each of these
This is probably the most unclear one of the three. Beyond just the basic knowledge of what it is
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Lust- Fullmetal Alchemist by CaptainIrachka Lust- Fullmetal Alchemist :iconcaptainirachka:CaptainIrachka 256 8 Edward Elric by CBummers Edward Elric :iconcbummers:CBummers 3,299 246
Dear my brother-FMA song
Wake up
wish it was only a dream
but I was wrong again
this nightmare is real.
I look at you and I can't see your smile,
and it's all because of me.
Although all
I still tell you everything will be fine
and that you don't need to worry.
I am Smiling to you fake smile.
all the negative thoughts in my head
but I can't cry my brother,I cant.
Because of you.
Why do I continue to lie to you?
Trust me,I will slice the fate
and bring our life back in time
When you were able to see
your own reflection in the mirror
and your childish smile.
And listen to me!
our mother will be proud of us
just stay with me
don't leave me
because everything I am doing right now
is for you.
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Goodbye, Fullmetal Alchemist by Miyukiko Goodbye, Fullmetal Alchemist :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 798 97
FullMetal Alchemist Yo Momma
Yo momma is so fat; she ate Gluttony and became the new one.
Yo momma is so nasty; even Gluttony wouldn't eat her.
Yo momma is so fat Ed Elric could have used her as Equilvalent Exchange to bring his mom back with no harm to himself or Al.
Yo momma is so ugly Roy went Gay after seeing her.
Yo momma is so ugly even Greed didn't want her.
Yo momma is so fat even Scar couldn't blow her apart.
Yo momma is so fat that they didn't distroy the gate they just shoved her ass in opening.
Yo momma is so ugly even Envy wouldn't morph into her.
Yo momma is so stupid she thought the Philosopher's stone was a new type of candy.
Yo momma is so fat even Winry couldn't make her automail.
Yo momma is so ugly she made Izumi cough up blood.
Yo momma is so ugly even Dante wouldn't use her as a body.
The Military didn't use the Philosopher's Stone to distroy Ishbal... they just dropped yo momma on it.
Yo momma is so fat gluttony got jealous.
Yo momma is so fat even gluttony went "Damn!!!!!!!!"
Yo momma so fa
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Run, Envy. Run by Leaglem Run, Envy. Run :iconleaglem:Leaglem 1,939 490 FMA: Welcome to Briggs by Green-Makakas FMA: Welcome to Briggs :icongreen-makakas:Green-Makakas 2,292 352 Roy Mustang by KrisCynical Roy Mustang :iconkriscynical:KrisCynical 2,008 167 Mini Envy by plushabilities Mini Envy :iconplushabilities:plushabilities 678 208 Caipirinha Roy by Amarevia Caipirinha Roy :iconamarevia:Amarevia 1,243 430 Envy... by grievousorvenom Envy... :icongrievousorvenom:grievousorvenom 646 313
Alphonse x Reader - Glad i met you [Commision]
Thanks for Commissioning

I love ya~

You were quietly arranging the flowers sitting on the window sill. You had no idea why, because they were perfectly fine. Oh, that's right...the Elric Brothers were in your house. your house. Well, your dad's house but...they are still here! They needed to ask your father about something. You sat on the chair closest to the window. They sat on the couch across from you and your father. While Edward, the oldest of the two, and your father discussed alchemy you couldn't help but take glances at the large armor sitting near the alchemist. You heard stories about them, especially since you were into alchemy yourself. But this is the first time you ever actually saw them. Or, him.
You wanted to ask, but you're sure he's heard those questions a mi
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OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE by kasuria OPPAN GANGNAM STYLE :iconkasuria:kasuria 1,870 332 FMA - To an unseen world by Miyukiko FMA - To an unseen world :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 2,586 99
A Rant On: Fullmetal Alchemist
A Rant On: "Fullmetal Alchemist"
Hello, everyone, this is NaokoElric2250 and this is my first ever rant.
I shall begin with a general statement:
Female authors who write Shonen, (or any story featuring main male protagonists); need to get their act together. It is disgusting just how much they will discriminate against their own gender, and need to start learning to respect it.
In some cases, their level of sexism against women is on par with that of male authors, and fans seem to not notice or dismiss the fact that they use the exact same sexist traits and tropes as the males, purely because they are female, which is classic Double Standard sexism in itself. I am speaking of course, of the likes of Masashi Kishimoto, Noriaki "Tite" Kubo and others like them.
Their stories are often devoid of a good, smart, strong, knowledgeable (as in knowing what is happening in the story, sharing the knowledge of the male characters) female presence who dress sensibly. Instead, they
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Roy Mustang by twinfools Roy Mustang :icontwinfools:twinfools 1,027 106 FMA:I'll give you half my life by Akusesu FMA:I'll give you half my life :iconakusesu:Akusesu 1,030 160
FMA OC Guidebook: OC Design
The FMA OC Guidebook: Character Design
Ok FMA art and style is really frustrating in the fact that theirs always a freaking exception! Any rule you make, any! Its always like "but oh! So and so has..." yea-no. Is is to much to ask for a little conformity here? Realy!?
Ok that rant put aside...
So technically yes, you could give your OC bright purple hair with a pink fringe, but bear in mind that that will look very out of place in the FMA world. So there's just one thing for you to bear in mind when breaking these rules: Subtlety. The broken rule should fit in with the rest of the FMA world and not stand out like "holy cow where are they from! It should not be the first thing you notice when seeing the character, nor should there be two broken rules in the same OC. Ready then? So lets begin
to start...
Eye color:
This is one of the few absolute rules DO NOT GIVE YOUR OC AN EYE COLO
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Royai: Happy Ending by canal Royai: Happy Ending :iconcanal:canal 1,324 245