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Death Battle: Esdeath vs Roy Mustang

Hydro Frez: The armies have been routed and now the commanders are going in! I can see the ending!
Tempest: It's time for, a DEATH BATTLE!
Rush Valley

War had begun.
Just mere days ago, a massive superpower country only known as the Empire had launched a preemptive strike on Amestris, wiping out several small towns and massacring their civilians. Almost immediately, the central State Military was brought together and managed to halt the progression of the Imperial Army.
However, that hadn't stopped several teams from the Empire from acting on their own. Without word or warning, they struck hard, capturing towns and crucifying the occupants as a warning, leaving them in the open to be slowly devoured by crows. Disgusted by the inhumane acts, several State Alchemists had taken to evacuating many of the towns too small to defend themselves. In doing so, they ensured that when Empire's main fighting force came in, the State Military wouldn't
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Full Metal Alchemist - 11 by shiroang Full Metal Alchemist - 11 :iconshiroang:shiroang 410 12 Riza Hawkeye: Surprise Attack by VandorWolf Riza Hawkeye: Surprise Attack :iconvandorwolf:VandorWolf 1,084 115 My head... by Iloon-Creations My head... :iconiloon-creations:Iloon-Creations 796 148 Mechanic by MeganCoffey Mechanic :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 410 29
Besame -Kiss me
*I don't own Fullmetal Alchemist. Is property of Hiromu Arakawa, Square Enix, Funimation, and Aniplex
                                                           (Kiss me)
She grabbed his hand desperate. She only wanted to delay him a little bit more. He turned to see her surprised. Before he could even say something she kissed hi
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A Day In Central (Edward Elric x Deaf!Reader)
    It was a normal day for you as you traveled into central to do some shopping. The crowd of people hurried past you as you took your time wandering from shop to shop, looking at each object for sale. Every object varied in use, size, color- all leaving you fascinated.
    You stepped inside the shop which you originally came to central for. You took your time browsing the other objects before approaching the shopkeeper and handing him the list of items that you wished to buy. He smiled at you in recognition and went into the back of the shop to get the items on your list. You wandered around the shop again, continuing to look at the various items for sale.
    It wasn’t long before the shopkeeper came back with a bag full of the items that you ordered. You smiled and waved goodbye to him as you left the shop. Outside the shop, chaos had broken out. People ran for cover as a rogu
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Riza - Break Time II by MeganCoffey Riza - Break Time II :iconmegancoffey:MeganCoffey 360 40
Edward Elric x Reader pt 3
You soon reached central a few days later. Wow, this place is huge… you wonder. "Here," Ed said, motioning towards the large building in the middle of a courtyard. "This is where us military dogs stay. You'll probably meet some new people, like Havoc, Armstrong, Colonel Mustang--" your ears perked when you heard that name. Mustang… You ran in before Ed could finish. You slammed open the doors to find a hugely muscled-man.
"Um, excuse me, do you know where I could find-" you were interrupted by the man.
"HUGE MUSCLES LIKE THESE?" he shouted as he flexed some more.
"Well actually, I was looking for-"
"MUSCLES! Yes, muscles like mine!"
You slap him to get his attention. "Listen here, I'm not here for your stinking muscles, I'm here for Mustang. Now where is he?"
"Third floor, second door on your right," The muscled man replied, not saying anything else about his muscles.
"Thank you." You ran off to find Mustang.
Ed's POV
"God, she's a fast runner. I don't know how she runs like that with
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Halloween Friends by GalooGameLady Halloween Friends :icongaloogamelady:GalooGameLady 2,184 108 THIS GORGEOUSNESS HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THE GRACE.. by sukieblackmore THIS GORGEOUSNESS HAS BEEN PASSED DOWN THE GRACE.. :iconsukieblackmore:sukieblackmore 618 84 I tied it to the Dog. by curry23 I tied it to the Dog. :iconcurry23:curry23 965 124 Megara's Vine by solidzesnake Megara's Vine :iconsolidzesnake:solidzesnake 731 47 Laws of Alchemy::::: by Witchiko Laws of Alchemy::::: :iconwitchiko:Witchiko 319 89
Extinguished Flames (Roy Mustang x Reader)
    You ran down the street, gun in hand, as the famous Flame Alchemist ran at your side. A rogue Alchemist was causing mayhem throughout Central, and you, Mustang, and other military officials were ordered to cease the destruction and its source. Everyone split into pairs, you just so happened to be lucky enough to get stuck with Mustang. You believed that his strong will would be the end of him. You were just looking for the chance to put his ego in check.
    Up ahead, a loud explosion caught the attention of both you and Mustang. The both of you ran faster knowing that the lives of people were at risk every second the rogue Alchemist was alive and roaming freely. When you reached the corner to where the explosion came from, you took a quick glance to make sure the Alchemist was still there. Although you weren’t able to see him, just being able to watch as the ground rose up and smashed into the nearest building concluded
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Edward Elric Cosplay by Hot-cocoaX3 Edward Elric Cosplay :iconhot-cocoax3:Hot-cocoaX3 192 36
I’m standing in a crowd,
My eyes taking me around like a cloud.
To the right- a woman in a tutu swirling
I wasn’t the only one, fifty  others were watching, enjoying!
How did she get all that attention? Mere dance?
Or did she cast a spell to steal a glance?
To the left- My ears then distracted me-
To the sound of a child laughing uncontrollably.
How does this innocence exist in this world of cruelty?
How can he smile like that? How can he be so carefree?
Now to the left my sight caught hers
Beautiful, blue-green windows to the universe!
Beautiful, eccentric, exotic pair of eyes,
Why don’t  I own such powerful lens that can see through lies?
I then look ahead, a group of friends
Lost in their own world of fun and contend.
They are true to themselves, never have to pretend
Because that’s their world right there, the beginning, the end.
I’m surrounded by people, people happier and better than me,
Why don’t i have that?  
Her skill, his innocence, their bond,
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