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Fulgore Redesign :iconslabreche:SLabreche 223 20 Fulgore :iconimmarart:ImmarArt 435 75 Trailblazer :iconalpha-step:Alpha-Step 181 18 Fulgore :iconedgargomezart:EdgarGomezArt 213 16 Killer Instinct :icondevil-shu:Devil-Shu 170 19 Controlling Transmission :iconalpha-step:Alpha-Step 142 12 Fulgore 01 :iconadamrichards:AdamRichards 158 14 Fulgore :iconslavewagestudios:slavewagestudios 172 28 FULGORE :iconaga-99:AGA-99 435 54 Fulgore :iconshiprock:shiprock 188 27 KI- Orchid :iconblasian89:Blasian89 235 22 FULGORE AND JAGO Killer Instinct :iconrozhvector:rozhvector 106 6 Killer Instinct :iconmonteirohq:monteirohq 358 106 Killer Instinct :iconkyle-fast:Kyle-Fast 299 78 FULGORE K.I :iconedsfox:edsfox 204 57 Fulgore 2.0 :iconshinleejin:ShinLeeJin 212 59 FULGORE :iconpitbottom:PitBOTTOM 122 17 KI- Orchid vs fulgore :iconblasian89:Blasian89 163 33 Killer Instinct: Fulgore :iconpiopaulosantana:PioPauloSantana 272 36 Killer Instinct: Fulgore :iconnaitho:Naitho 186 31
Samus Aran VS Fulgore: One Minute Melee


Reports had run rampant throughout the galaxy of Ultratech. Specifically, the unexplained disappearances of many otherworldly hunters and investigators, each one disappearing and presumed dead. Today, one of the most feared and powerful hunters in the galaxy had arrived to investigate.
Her name? It was none other than Samus Aran herself, armored in her Power Suit.
Samus cautiously roamed the halls of Ultratech, her hand clutching to her arm cannon in case of danger. She had already come across multiple skewered and disemboweled bodies, with said bodies having certain qualities pertaining to their death: They were either littered with claw marks, burned alive, or had a laser-made hole in their temple.
It all changed, however, when Samus stumbled
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 15 12
Speedpaint - Fulgore :iconmechanubis:Mechanubis 117 44
DEATH BATTLE: Honda Tadakatsu vs. Fulgore
Layne: That's it! We've analyzed the combatants' strengths, weaknesses, and tactics! The debates end here!
Xander: Time for a DEATH BATTLE!
The UltraTech research lab was about to do something unprecedented, mostly because it was thought to be impossible, even for UltraTech.
It had all begun months ago, when UltraTech excavated the tomb of the legendary Japanese samurai Honda Tadakatsu. They expected to find the remains of a human warrior whose genetic material they could use to augment their super soldiers so that they could gain a fraction of the famous samurai's powers. Instead, they found, of all things, a robot.
The engineering division had spent months and millions painstakingly cleaning and, if needed, replacing every part of the mech so that it could be reactivated and tested. It looked the part of a massive samurai, with one of its eyes and even its lower jaw seemin
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 21 5
Digital Sketch Warmup 61 - Fulgore :iconvostalgic:Vostalgic 98 4 Fulgore 02 :iconadamrichards:AdamRichards 67 2 Maya - Amazonian Instinct :iconpsylisiadragoon:PsylisiaDragoon 518 106 Killer Instinct 2013 :iconkyle-fast:Kyle-Fast 197 47 Unlikely Allies :iconesharam:ESharam 62 10 Killer Instinct Tribute :iconfedde:fedde 147 21 FULGORE :iconevilflesh:EvilFlesh 152 36 Killer Instinct - Orchid and Jago :iconaleksiremesart:AleksiRemesArt 131 130 The Instinct :iconstickerb:stickerb 105 36 Brawl - Fulgore - KI :iconslabreche:SLabreche 65 1 Killer Instinct :iconconkeronine:conkeronine 198 107 Fulgore :iconscirosdarkblade:scirosdarkblade 104 12 KIller Instinct 2013 Fulgore Prediction Speedpaint :iconfrancoferrari:FrancoFerrari 153 10 Tooth and Claw :iconalpha-step:Alpha-Step 99 14 FULGORE :iconblasian89:Blasian89 84 10 Cinder breaker :iconskedart:skedart 108 27
PRELUDE: Honda Tadakatsu vs. Fulgore
Layne: When the might of man is not enough to get the job done, there is only one kind of soldier that can...
Xander: The motherfucking machine!
Layne: Honda Tadakatsu, loyal warrior of the Tokugawa Clan...
Xander: And Fulgore, UltraTech's mechanical enforcer. He's Layne and I'm Xander...
Layne: And it's our jobs to analyze their weapons, tactics, and skills to determine the winner... of a DEATH BATTLE!
A.K.A. Honda Heihachro, Tadakatsu Honda, Samurai Among Samurai, The Warrior Who Surpassed Death Itself, The Strongest Of Sengoku, Heavenly King, Hondam, Hondamu
Height: Unknown (6'6" minimum)
Weight: Unknown
Race: Machine
Occupation: Warrior, General, Daimyo, Heavenly King

Layne: Although warlords would feud for over 100 years to unite Japan and two men would come close, only one man managed to unite t
:iconchaingangofone:ChainGangOfOne 15 8
KI - Fulgore :iconsabnock:Sabnock 138 12 FULGORE KI :iconpitbottom:PitBOTTOM 83 12 Fulgore :iconpeerro:peerro 130 16
Fulgore VS Zero: Remastered!!!
Zac: Well, it had to happen at some point. It's practically a trend to do this, so...
Mr. Krabs: Fulgore VS Zero: Remastered! It's time for a FATAL FICTION!!!!
Killer: .... AND a DEATH BATTLE!!!!!!!!!!!
Destroyed Sigma fortress, 20XX
For many years, this former fortress of Sigma was abandoned, destroyed in a massive explosion after a fateful between the Maverick Hunters and Sigma. The casualties were plentiful, those who protected the entire fortress, the other Mavericks, and even Sigma himself fell after fighting to the best of his ability.
After it was over, there seemed to be no need to come back, no need to return. If anything, the only ones who would come here were those searching for spare parts. But.... Zero had a purpose to return here. He was assigned to come here, there was an anonymous rouge maverick here, and its power was incredible.
Ultratech, Chairman's office
A meeting was scheduled, wit
:iconzacmariozero:Zacmariozero 13 22
G0069 Classic: Killer Instinct :icongarththeundying:GarthTheUndying 205 86 Fulgore (( \I/ )) :iconpitbottom:PitBOTTOM 107 11 Fulgore :iconmattypoo5000:mattypoo5000 39 3 killer instinct fulgore munny :iconvixx313:ViXX313 71 20 Killer Cuts :iconalpha-step:Alpha-Step 103 5