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Female to Male Crossplay Makeup Tutorial :iconvilya0:Vilya0 7,438 831 Crossplay Makeup Tutorial :iconnapallama:napallama 3,427 279 Castiel Cosplay FtM Makeup Tutorial :iconsock-monkey-renegade:Sock-Monkey-Renegade 488 95
Gender Dysphoria
"Could you be pregnant?"
"When was your last period?"
"Time to schedule your annual pap smear."
"In a few years you will need to start having mammograms"
"Your body is still female, you need to treat it that way"
"You will regret making it so you can't have babies"
"All women want to have babies eventually"
"That's just part of being a woman"
"Of course you have a uterus"
"Of course you are a woman"
"Cramps are normal"
"You are female"
"Sex: F"
words withheld
self doubt
self blame
men don't get pregnant
I shouldn't have a damn period!
close my eyes and wince
make it stop
this is wrong
Why do you treat me differently?
I'm just like the other guys!
"that will never happen!"
"I could never see you as male"
I am a man
this man has a vagina
this man has breasts
this man did not choose to be this way
he just is who he is
he is me
I am him
I try to make the best of this
it may be female shaped,
but this is the b
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Dear Mom and Dad, I'm FTM.
Dear Mom and Dad,
Before you overreact or get upset, I'd like to say that this has nothing to do with the way you raised and are still currently raising me. I love you both and I always will even if sometimes I don't show it; you mean a lot to me. I want you to know I'm still your child and I love you no matter what, and I hope that's the same for me. I want to be honest with you. I don't want to hide who I am. I want to be free; especially in my own home. I want to be able to come home and be able to be accepted and greeted as I would like. I want to tell you. I've been trying to tell you but there's always something that keeps me from doing it. I hope you will love me regardless of this. I just hope you don't overreact and cry. I'm not good when people cry; especially people that I care for. I want you to know this is NOT a phase. I've been feeling this way ever since I was a kid. I finally came to the conclusion about it; and I've been thinking about it since I was 6. Probably even
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FTM coming out letter.
- - - -
Dear Mom,
I love you. You raised me perfectly. Please don't let this letter make you doubt that. It is because of you, that I'm the person I am today. Please keep an open mind about this, and that no matter what happens, I will always be your child. I'll simply say this right now, I'm not pregnant, I'm not on drugs and I don't drink. That's not what this is about. My hand is shaking as I write this, it's really hard for me. In all honesty, I'm terrified about what you will think, and how you will react. I'm still the same person I've always been, your only child, and nothing will ever change that. This is also not a phase, mom. I haven't made this decision based on the past couple days, the past couple weeks, or the past couple months. I've been feeling this way for well over two years now.
I hate this, mom. The feeling that I don't belong in my own body. It's like my mind is linked elsewhere. This body of mine is just a shell. I have the body of a girl, but t
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How to Know if You're Trans
I see these questions sometimes, about "how can you be sure you're trans?" I see the sentiment often in articles that claim to "question" transsexuality, from well-meaning but pain-in-the-ass bystanders, and so on.  A lot of it gives me a migraine the size of a T-Rex behind my right eye, so I thought I might help clear up some of the confusion.
There is only one way to "know" you're trans.  And that's because you feel you are.  Does this answer seem vague to you?  It should, because it is.  As much as others would like to tell you otherwise, there is no "test" for being trans.  There is no criteria that if you check enough boxes, congratulations, you're transgendered.  I ID very strongly as trans, but I fail nearly every single criteria required for Aetna's insurance coverage of trans care.  In Aetna's eyes, I'm not a "true transsexual,"
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Santa Rides a HOG - TG Sequence :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 318 26
Jean - TG with a Genie
Brian stared at the pink orb in front of him, pinching the tiny thing between his thumb and forefinger. "You want me to swallow this?" the eighteen year old asked, after a moment.
"Yes, Mr. Daniels, that is exactly what we want," smiled the woman who had introduced herself as Sally, leaning over the table a little bit to show off her cleavage. Brian swallowed, the pill sliding down his throat on automatic as he did his best not to stare at the brown locks floating on her cleavage as she absentmindedly dusted them off.
"So, you… um… going to tell me the effects now?" he asked, after a moment, wrenching his eyes upward to meet her crystalline blue ones. They sparkled a little, as she smiled.
"The test trials you have agreed to represent a rather… large interest our firm has, regarding a contract we hold with the Djin world. This is our latest endeavor, the maturation of which you are to be responsible for,"
"And I get five hundred bucks, right?" he asked, nervously. He did
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Structural Integrity - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 631 47 Someone hold Duncan down! :iconhumon:humon 8,681 1,193
Little Sis - TG
Kevin grinned as he opened the door, sliding into the car seat with a smile as the driver shot him a grin. "Ready to go have some fun?" she asked, adjusting the mirror as she backed out of the college parking lot.
"First, we go get you a bagel with cream cheese and lox," he grinned, sticking his tongue out as Kerina rolled her eyes. "I made a promise, and we're sticking to it!"
"You sure, little sis?" she asked, her tongue sticking out in turn as she swerved the car towards a deli. "They're playing the little mermaid at the theater."
"…No fair, bringing mermaids into this!" he pouted, shooting her a smile to prove he was kidding; mostly. "We've got plenty of time to catch the movie after I get you fed." He shifted a little on the chair as he spoke, an uncomfortable look passing his features as he finished talking. He didn't speak for a moment, simply settling his legs to make them comfortable before choosing what to say next. "Um… are you going to call me little sis in public
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Reasons to date a transman
Reasons you should date a transman
-No premature ejaculation. We really can go all night!
-No erectile dysfunction.
-We come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. (Partial pun!)
-For the ladies, no worries of accidental pregnancies, so no need for birth control that messes with your hormones, mind, and body. (Serious note: This does not include STD protection. Use your brain.)
-T or not, we tend to look younger than our real age. We can be your first husband and your trophy husband rolled into one.
-For the ladies, we tend to have better listening skills, more comprehension of your situation, and more respect for your equality than your last boyfriend. (Pfft. He was a jerk.)
-For women, we have a better chance of remembering to put the lid down.
-For men, we have a better chance of the toilet lid staying up.
-We'll probably remember your birthday.
-For women, you don't have to tell us the right spots. We know the right spots.
-Men or women, you probably won't miss what's not the
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Cosplay Tutorial: Binding I :iconabessinier:Abessinier 3,198 285 Not Her Style - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 522 46 Commission - Sister Complex 2/3 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 1,063 85 Commission - Sister Complex 1/3 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 1,011 69 FtM crossplay tutorial :iconliadebeaumont:LiaDeBeaumont 735 191 Increased Intellect - TG Transformation :icongrumpy-tg:Grumpy-TG 286 12 Commission - Sister Complex 3/3 :iconmentalcrash:MentalCrash 876 116 Blue Wendigo :iconsirwendigo:SirWendigo 841 269 Cosplay Tutorial: Binding II :iconabessinier:Abessinier 2,233 185
Two Mother's Day - TG
Karl stuck his face against the glass, nose smashing flat against the cool surface as he did his best to get a good look at the babies inside. He felt like a little child himself, for a moment, gazing at candies he wouldn't be able to eat. Jennifer always told him that she didn't have the time to go through childbirth.
"If you're trying to make a funny face," whispered a voice, a stifled giggle turning it high pitched, "you could just show them your normal one."
He pushed off from the glass, lifting off with a little pop as he gave his sister a fake glare. It dropped as his gaze turned to her stomach, bulging outwards from her pregnancy. "Doctor report come out favorably, Nikki?" he asked, trying to keep any hints of worry from his voice.
She smiled in return, grabbing his hand and gently placing it against her belly. He felt it kicking slightly as she responded. "Everything's fine. The baby's gonna come any day, now - I think the only reason Mark's still talking to him is that he's af
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