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The Addams Family by nuriaabajo The Addams Family :iconnuriaabajo:nuriaabajo 505 96 Grass Fakemon by Bummerdude Grass Fakemon :iconbummerdude:Bummerdude 538 97 Family Addams Sketches by nuriaabajo Family Addams Sketches :iconnuriaabajo:nuriaabajo 201 58 Frump by WestlyLaFleur Frump :iconwestlylafleur:WestlyLaFleur 118 33 All Together Ooky by Fragile-yet-CunNINg All Together Ooky :iconfragile-yet-cunning:Fragile-yet-CunNINg 81 23 AVGN Addams Family Title Redux by x-Destinys-Force-x AVGN Addams Family Title Redux :iconx-destinys-force-x:x-Destinys-Force-x 28 1 Welcome to the Addams Family by nerdsman567 Welcome to the Addams Family :iconnerdsman567:nerdsman567 104 29 Morticia A. Addams by animequeen20012003 Morticia A. Addams :iconanimequeen20012003:animequeen20012003 69 6 Frump Shout Pole Punctuation by Eligecos Frump Shout Pole Punctuation :iconeligecos:Eligecos 81 8 Random Frump by secoh2000 Random Frump :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 41 8 The Frump by secoh2000 The Frump :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 48 11 Frump by dully101 Frump :icondully101:dully101 15 9 Morticia Addams by FangsAndNeedles Morticia Addams :iconfangsandneedles:FangsAndNeedles 29 19 Commissions! by RubberFrump Commissions! :iconrubberfrump:RubberFrump 20 8 bless america by Animaltoon bless america :iconanimaltoon:Animaltoon 14 13 Rarity Is Very Enthused by DoggonePony Rarity Is Very Enthused :icondoggonepony:DoggonePony 21 4 Will you be my stress ball? by Hesbell Will you be my stress ball? :iconhesbell:Hesbell 15 7 Super Sleuths - Colored by secoh2000 Super Sleuths - Colored :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 15 2 grimace by Smog88 grimace :iconsmog88:Smog88 11 1 Rainbow Frump DB4H by Serendipony Rainbow Frump DB4H :iconserendipony:Serendipony 10 2 Love seat by TaintedTruffle Love seat :icontaintedtruffle:TaintedTruffle 7 2 The Lovely Mrs. Addams by artemisroseshadow The Lovely Mrs. Addams :iconartemisroseshadow:artemisroseshadow 25 10 I dunno by secoh2000 I dunno :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 10 0 Far Too Long A Time by artemisroseshadow Far Too Long A Time :iconartemisroseshadow:artemisroseshadow 44 9 Grandma Frump Kitty by ZippyFerret Grandma Frump Kitty :iconzippyferret:ZippyFerret 8 9 Uncomfortable Amy by Sleepless-Piro Uncomfortable Amy :iconsleepless-piro:Sleepless-Piro 321 119 Ask Alo - 8 by alorok Ask Alo - 8 :iconalorok:alorok 34 2 A frump in the night by secoh2000 A frump in the night :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 46 11 Sketches and Designs 001 by daaku-no-tenshi Sketches and Designs 001 :icondaaku-no-tenshi:daaku-no-tenshi 8 3 Retro6: Uncle Fester Cubee by TheFlyingDachshund Retro6: Uncle Fester Cubee :icontheflyingdachshund:TheFlyingDachshund 5 6 Gangs all here by secoh2000 Gangs all here :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 5 5 Frumpongrump by dully101 Frumpongrump :icondully101:dully101 5 1 Happy Birthday to Me! by LuciferTheShort Happy Birthday to Me! :iconlucifertheshort:LuciferTheShort 6 9 Self Portrait IV by C-R-M Self Portrait IV :iconc-r-m:C-R-M 5 9 Triggered by KriszTheBeast Triggered :iconkriszthebeast:KriszTheBeast 5 2 Ghostbusters 1 Comic Page 7 by clinteast Ghostbusters 1 Comic Page 7 :iconclinteast:clinteast 5 0 YAWN by secoh2000 YAWN :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 5 4 Two Buckys and a Frump by secoh2000 Two Buckys and a Frump :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 5 2 A Thorn For Morticia by XTUNEBRYM A Thorn For Morticia :iconxtunebrym:XTUNEBRYM 4 2
Mega Halloween Crossover Part 3
When we last left the Ghostbusters, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Inspector Gadget, Penny, Brain, the Gadgetinis, the Madballs, and Sarnath, they were at the mercy of the escaped ghosts of the Containment Unit, primarily Samhain and the Boogieman. "I will make you all witness your greatest fears", the Boogieman cackled. The Boogieman snapped his fingers and everyone except for Sarnath witnessed their greatest fears.
Egon Spengler saw a vision of losing to the Boogieman. Peter Venkman saw Dana Barrett leave him for someone else. Ray Stantz saw a hallucination of Slimer and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man turning on him. Winston Zeddemore's illusion had him unable to get a good shot on the Boogieman. Janine saw the Ghostbusters appear to die horribly. Even Eduardo Rivera saw an illusion of himself as a zombie while Kylie Griffin was surrounded by maggots, Roland Jackson was attacked by his equipment, and Garrett Miller was scared by a hallucination that he was eaten alive and still con
:iconlucifertheshort:LuciferTheShort 4 0
HEY I'M FRUMP! by Azikira HEY I'M FRUMP! :iconazikira:Azikira 4 12 It Just Is... by dragon-mystica It Just Is... :icondragon-mystica:dragon-mystica 4 17 Swish, Slip, Thunk by secoh2000 Swish, Slip, Thunk :iconsecoh2000:secoh2000 4 1 Soulstice Family by TwoTailedSmarty Soulstice Family :icontwotailedsmarty:TwoTailedSmarty 4 0 Frumpy Mabel Gravity Falls by Serendipony Frumpy Mabel Gravity Falls :iconserendipony:Serendipony 3 8 Retro6: Ophelia Frump Cubee by TheFlyingDachshund Retro6: Ophelia Frump Cubee :icontheflyingdachshund:TheFlyingDachshund 3 0 Ghostbusters 1 Comic Page 18 by clinteast Ghostbusters 1 Comic Page 18 :iconclinteast:clinteast 3 0