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wintertime love II by MartinAmm wintertime love II :iconmartinamm:MartinAmm 376 18
The First Time...
When I first  s a w  you...
I was afraid to  m e e t  you.
When I first  m e t  you...
I was afraid to  k n o w  you.
When I first  k n e w  you...
I was afraid to  l i k e  you.
When I first  l i k e d  you...
I was afraid to  l o v e  you.
When I first  l o v e d  you...
I was afraid to  t e l l  you.
When I first  t o l d  you...
I was afraid to  h o l d  you.
When I first  h e l d  you...
I was afraid to  k i s s  you.
When I first  k i s s e d you...
I was afraid to  h a v e  you.
When I first  h a d  you...
I was afraid to  l
:iconokashi-okami-of-doom:Okashi-Okami-of-DOOM 40 91
Autumn's Fire by wagn18 Autumn's Fire :iconwagn18:wagn18 145 55 Strange Bubbles by wagn18 Strange Bubbles :iconwagn18:wagn18 49 5 Jack by YaneYing Jack :iconyaneying:YaneYing 113 12
the first snow
she laughed at the linen sheet sky
and let the little snowflakes land
in her light-colored locks,
and i never loved her more than then.
:iconsaltwaterlungs:saltwaterlungs 8 12
B.A.P 1004 Facebook Time Cover by darknesshcr B.A.P 1004 Facebook Time Cover :icondarknesshcr:darknesshcr 17 0 Frst Silhouette by NikiMuffin Frst Silhouette :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 20 5 Team FRST (RWBY OC) - Rydi by CaelumPicta Team FRST (RWBY OC) - Rydi :iconcaelumpicta:CaelumPicta 75 11 The Sword is a Lie by oobidoobi The Sword is a Lie :iconoobidoobi:oobidoobi 224 53 Team FRST (RWBY OC) - Sinai by CaelumPicta Team FRST (RWBY OC) - Sinai :iconcaelumpicta:CaelumPicta 67 9 Vanity Unfair - Issue #5 - May 2014 by Py3rr Vanity Unfair - Issue #5 - May 2014 :iconpy3rr:Py3rr 93 23 Big Foal Batch by Rosela Big Foal Batch :iconrosela:Rosela 28 79 Hetalia - 10 minute scribble and water spill by kioriboo Hetalia - 10 minute scribble and water spill :iconkioriboo:kioriboo 33 5 Jungle of mist by NocturnaDraco Jungle of mist :iconnocturnadraco:NocturnaDraco 21 21 ROTG - Black Ice by for-the-fail ROTG - Black Ice :iconfor-the-fail:for-the-fail 25 5 Sinai Stribog by NikiMuffin Sinai Stribog :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 20 0 Ice Weapon Entry by CatalanoMedia Ice Weapon Entry :iconcatalanomedia:CatalanoMedia 11 9 Skylar Frieren by NikiMuffin Skylar Frieren :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 18 2
Dragon Age: The Ferelden Chronicles (5)
Chapter Five
Varia groaned and stretched, reaching up with one hand to rub the sleep from her eyes, and suddenly froze in place. A moment later, her eyes flew open and she shot up into a sitting position on her bed. She had only meant to rest her eyes for a moment, and instead managed to fall asleep in an awkward position lying across her bed with her feet danging over the edge toward the floor. At least... that was how she remembered lying there. Now she found herself properly laid out on the bed, a fresh dent in the pillow where her head had just been. Apparently someone had moved her – perhaps Cullen, maybe Irving – and she had been so exhausted she didn't even register it.
"Maker's breath!" she uttered quietly, wondering just how late it was. If she had slept well into the night and Jowan had already been taken for his Rite of Tranquility, she would never forgive herself.
She took off her apprentice robe and poured some water into the basin at her bedside to wash
:iconpariswriter:ParisWriter 12 12
naruto demon fox by keyroon13 naruto demon fox :iconkeyroon13:keyroon13 12 1 Thistle Thornapple by NikiMuffin Thistle Thornapple :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 17 0 Big Foal Batch by Rosela-Kitsuna Big Foal Batch :iconrosela-kitsuna:Rosela-Kitsuna 15 37 Uniform Frst by NikiMuffin Uniform Frst :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 13 5 1349 live at Inferno Metal Festival (02) by ceciliawemgard 1349 live at Inferno Metal Festival (02) :iconceciliawemgard:ceciliawemgard 9 0 FIRST Love_Animation by moppelschen FIRST Love_Animation :iconmoppelschen:moppelschen 9 1 Ready for Action by NikiMuffin Ready for Action :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 14 0 Bad Puns by NikiMuffin Bad Puns :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 13 1 Ransom Foal - First Grand by Rosela Ransom Foal - First Grand :iconrosela:Rosela 9 11 TeamFRST action by NikiMuffin TeamFRST action :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 8 8 Sidhe Tinker by Rosela Sidhe Tinker :iconrosela:Rosela 8 15 Lawl A tryout Drawing Of Pitch by Voodoo-Elf Lawl A tryout Drawing Of Pitch :iconvoodoo-elf:Voodoo-Elf 7 7 Rydi profile by NikiMuffin Rydi profile :iconnikimuffin:NikiMuffin 6 0 Halo 4 'Arctic Fox' Spartan by lizking10152011 Halo 4 'Arctic Fox' Spartan :iconlizking10152011:lizking10152011 3 2 Western Beasts- Western Show- Pole bending- Indy by HorseFreak194 Western Beasts- Western Show- Pole bending- Indy :iconhorsefreak194:HorseFreak194 6 7 first born part - 6 by JONNY07Z first born part - 6 :iconjonny07z:JONNY07Z 5 37 Grand Shogun Tinker by Rosela Grand Shogun Tinker :iconrosela:Rosela 5 11 oc explains by herio oc explains :iconherio:herio 3 0 Titus Tinker by Rosela Titus Tinker :iconrosela:Rosela 5 10
X Men First Class (comic) New Team New Friends Ch2
Chapter Two: New Surroundings
Once inside the mansion, the five mutants made their way to where Warren would be staying. Bobby kept a little too close as Scott opened the bedroom door and waved the newest arrival inside. His room was certainly the largest; it stretched to almost twice the width of Bobby’s and he wasn’t afraid to air his complaints about it.
“Whoa, your room is huge, man!” Bobby’s mouth gaped as he entered the large bedroom, “I mean, mine is twice the size of my room at home but jeez, this is gigantic!” he leaned up towards Warren’s handsome face, “Is this because you’re rich? Did you bribe the Professor?”
That earned Bobby a smack around the head from Scott, silencing the youngest mutant. Warren placed his bags on the bed and ran his hands through his blonde hair, which hung just below his ears, and sighed. Moving to the window, he quickly opened it as wide as it would go, physically relaxing as the fres
:iconjenniejutsu:JennieJutsu 4 1
Franz 'n Albert First Kiss by InLoveWithThePhantom Franz 'n Albert First Kiss :iconinlovewiththephantom:InLoveWithThePhantom 4 11 Indian Boy's Frst Show by HorseFreak194 Indian Boy's Frst Show :iconhorsefreak194:HorseFreak194 4 2 Mavis Vermillion by XenoParadox Mavis Vermillion :iconxenoparadox:XenoParadox 4 0
Pokemon Prism: First Encounter- Team Mars
Location: Wetfern City
By the time I got to Wetfern, I had caught a Slakoa, a Molet, and a Pokémon called Skitru, which had a type I had never herd of before: Speed. As soon as I entered the city, I heard a scream! I ran to the Gym, and I found somebody outside. I said to her: "What's going on? Can you tell me?" She sniffled, and said: "The bad girls took my precious Water-types! Please, will you help me get them back?" I then said: "Of course. But, can you tell me where they went?" She then said: "The bad girls in red went to route 72. Please, hurry!" I then ran to route 72. When I got there, I saw a girl in red. I then went up to her, and said: "Hey, you! Are you the one that took the Water-types? Tell me!" the girl said: "Nope. That was Jane's doing. We, Team Mars, are using Pokémon to try and achieve our goal. If we have enough, we can access Giganoth's power, and we will rule the world! Dare to stop us?" I then said: "Of course I will! Now, let's battle!" She sent out a
:iconklynurtin:Klynurtin 3 0
Mari ( Grandchase ) by RinCrimson1412 Mari ( Grandchase ) :iconrincrimson1412:RinCrimson1412 2 7 Napkin Notes From Yo Mama by KittenLover75 Napkin Notes From Yo Mama :iconkittenlover75:KittenLover75 3 0
OtDR Short Story - Pain of the Past
((Warning: Mild swearing))
It was an unusually quiet afternoon hanging around BloodFIRE headquarters. Orng, Pnk, and some of the others had left a while back to go stir up some trouble, so it wasn’t as chaotic as normal. But Frst was feeling lazy that day, which was why he was watching Nvy “train” Vrmln instead of joining the troublemakers. It was a little funny to watch the kid get beat up by his uncle, who kept shouting combat tips and what Nvy must’ve thought was encouragement.
“Keep your chin down! C’mon, kid, use those twigs for arms! Gimme all you got!”
Frst rolled his eyes at the fighting duo. If the blue-haired man had any sense, he would’ve been training Vrmln based around his small size. The shrimp should’ve been focusing on improving his speed and dodging techniques, but his uncle was trying to up his puny strength instead. It was such a waste of time. Frst would know; he’d always been a pretty
:iconcayakat:CayaKat 2 5
Frost by camaro93 Frost :iconcamaro93:camaro93 2 1 Bebinn Tinker by Rosela Bebinn Tinker :iconrosela:Rosela 1 12 Frst, Wielder of Baseball Bats by CayaKat Frst, Wielder of Baseball Bats :iconcayakat:CayaKat 1 3