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Porcelain Doll
Hung upon a shelf 
lies a porcelain figure
inside shows oneself
broken and disfigured
her cold glass skin 
waiting for arms embrace
shows what lies within
her stone cold face
hidden beneath that hollowed smile
longs for a chance 
for something worthwhile
A raise in advance
From her darkest days
and through the eyes
shines hopes rays
trying to disguise
the empty, saddened dreams
awaiting to come alive
free the silenced screams
so she's not deprived
from her twisted smle
:iconbreakaway13:Breakaway13 47 22
pornolove. by HelenaRey pornolove. :iconhelenarey:HelenaRey 1,195 122 Fighting Fionna by Yellowpencil Fighting Fionna :iconyellowpencil:Yellowpencil 949 60 +Naruto+Naruko by KariNeko +Naruto+Naruko :iconkarineko:KariNeko 1,807 297 Hunter cuddles by ippylovesyou Hunter cuddles :iconippylovesyou:ippylovesyou 566 31 Kaz by Rejuch Kaz :iconrejuch:Rejuch 786 71 its a love-hate relationship by bailey--elizabeth its a love-hate relationship :iconbailey--elizabeth:bailey--elizabeth 564 63 Tensions by zephyr03 Tensions :iconzephyr03:zephyr03 1,236 112 WTF? by CintiaGonzalvez WTF? :iconcintiagonzalvez:CintiaGonzalvez 957 149 Undertale Asriel Eww Emoji by RayFloret Undertale Asriel Eww Emoji :iconrayfloret:RayFloret 204 57
Mummy mummy,
Mummy mummy,
I met this girl
Mummy mummy,
I know you will like her
Mummy mummy,
She's a special sort of girl
She's kind
and beautiful
She's friendly
and loving
Mummy mummy,
I know she's the one
Mummy muumy,
What's wrong
Mummy mummy,
But I know you will like her
Mummy mummy,
Please don't frown
Mummy mummy,
Please don't hate me
:iconeye-liner-lover:eye-liner-lover 76 28
Two little fillies... And a colt. by Arceus55 Two little fillies... And a colt. :iconarceus55:Arceus55 709 81 Dirty Up Your Halo by Autlaw Dirty Up Your Halo :iconautlaw:Autlaw 536 52
Family Portrait
Family Portrait.
He comes home late, surly and disorderly.
Tears streaking from his eyes because he's so morbidly
Depressed and continues to drink unlawfully.  
He notices I'm awake and sits me down forcefully.
He tells me to come close as he whispers to me reassuringly.
Then he thrusts me around the room, beating me unremorsefully.
He said its my fault that mum decided to leave.
He pulls me closer as he venomously adjusts his sleeves.
He said he regrets the day I was ever conceived.
He lifts me up towards the ceiling with supreme ease.
Grasping at my throat making it difficult for me to breathe.
He intensifies his grip whilst gritting his jaundiced coloured teeth.
He loosens his hold and my body slumps to the floor.
I inhale distressingly, not knowing how much more I will have to endure.
He holds his head in his hands and stumbles towards the door.
I crawl to the side cabinet to gaze at our family picture that once he tore.
Thinking to myself could it really be true.
Am I th
:iconkelalewis-morin:KelaLewis-Morin 48 16
Toys by Naimane Toys :iconnaimane:Naimane 573 93 Hrrmff by ulorinvex Hrrmff :iconulorinvex:ulorinvex 772 62 Darkagebatman by TomEdwardsConcepts Darkagebatman :icontomedwardsconcepts:TomEdwardsConcepts 1,559 97