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Serenity :iconneytirix:Neytirix 508 74 The Veil :iconcybotics:Cybotics 849 197 invisible as broken bones :iconrona-keller:Rona-Keller 194 20 Eternal-Friends :icondigitaldreams-art:DigitalDreams-Art 77 29 le cri :iconbaspunk:baspunk 63 30 Aurora :iconbidoportfolio:BidoPortfolio 42 4 Pokeswap VII - Goodnight :iconpettyartist:pettyartist 89 14
The Cycle of Seasons
Winter's rage is over
Spring has awoken and
She wakes all around
The forest blossoms
Animals wake and soon
The world will awaken
Brown will turn to green
Spring is soon done
She returns to sleep
Quite soon Summer returns
From his journey into Earth
The world has been awake
All too long, Summer soon
Returns to the earth
Soon Autumn starts crying
The trees feel Her sorrow
The leaves turn orange
And they fall toward ground
Toward Summer and his kingdom
Autumn still mourns for
Summer's return to his journey
"Hush, All will be well"
Winter tells Autumn and
She falls asleep gently
The world falls asleep
And soon is quiet awaiting
The return of sleeping Spring
After the white wanders away
:icontuiskulumi:tuiskulumi 7 4
The elving moon :icontytaniafairy:tytaniafairy 33 16 Death by the Candlelight :iconcleo-bizarre:Cleo-Bizarre 19 7 FAKEMON ARBLU -57- :iconmssingno:mssingno 71 83 Ahklut-mkari :iconahkward:Ahkward 25 14 [Dark-Forest-App] :: Honoka :iconjequu:Jequu 51 72 Whats this!? :iconkirikoh:kirikoh 21 13 Frostbite :iconniittylilja:Niittylilja 16 0 Deer shield :iconnight2:Night2 14 2 Ron, Kuni and the stars ... :iconnyanyo:nyanyo 17 22 Icecrown Citadel :iconartbyshiroi:ArtByShiroi 5 0 Slender Sally Part 16 :iconshadevore:shadevore 12 60 sleder Sally part 57 :iconshadevore:shadevore 11 2 Rowan... :iconhizzer-n1456:Hizzer-n1456 15 0 Future Choices :iconemi-e-m-i:EMI-E-M-I 8 2 Family :iconrozen258:Rozen258 6 1
Car Crash Hearts chapt. 1
I walked out of the coffee shop  again. For the fourth time today. Everyone knew something was wrong with me. My eyeliner was permanently stained down my cheeks and my skin was pale white like I was sick. When anyone asked where my car was and why I wasn’t driving it I just ran off crying I regretted what had happened about a week ago.
One Week Ago.
We had just gotten back from a movie. There was a dead silence between us. We were driving down the road. Forest had noticed and pulled over. He asked me what was wrong. I told him that we should move on.  He hung his head and a tear ran down his face. It always broke my heart to see him cry. He slid me a note. I took the note but before I could open it a truck had hit us. I awoke the next day in the hospital. I stood up and walked out. I had a bandage wrapped around my head but that was it. I watched doctors  rushing a body to the emergency room. I looked closely at the body.
It was forest.
:icondorksrawsom:dorksRawsom 4 1
Alaska 12 :iconjp-talma:JP-Talma 8 0 Slender Sally Part 42 :iconshadevore:shadevore 21 4 Mickie Ate Little Red Riding Hood :iconshadevore:shadevore 13 130 Ghosty Sighting :iconswiftyshadows182:Swiftyshadows182 5 3 Anemone Hepatica III :iconlinealonhoiden:Linealonhoiden 5 0 Forest canter :iconroxi-art:Roxi-art 4 0 Froest Grove :icondavader:Davader 4 3 Wallpaper-Pine forest :iconzhujing:ZhuJing 4 0 When I couldn't see a future and I was afraid. :iconmelanieb123:Melanieb123 5 0 Christiana :iconrozen258:Rozen258 4 1 closed by leaf :iconhizzer-n1456:Hizzer-n1456 4 0 Being made a l'Cie, it's not easy. - Vanille :iconmelanieb123:Melanieb123 4 1 R.E.D :iconladynight93:LadyNight93 3 0 Blue pixie fairy looking thing :icontheocrata:Theocrata 4 0 The Pulse fal'Cie. It held our future - Vanille :iconmelanieb123:Melanieb123 3 2 Hidden Trail :iconspirit-watcher:Spirit-watcher 3 4 PMDU Explorers Task 1 Part 1 :iconboo5:boo5 3 0 R.E.D (Before - After) :iconladynight93:LadyNight93 2 0 There where the river turns :iconnisselua:Nisselua 2 9 Iris From The Flash As Killer Frost :iconalexlex1:AlexLex1 1 0 Walking throught the forest... :iconmochakitty55:Mochakitty55 1 4 What Would Joey Do? :icononewingedfreak:OneWingedFreak 2 2 Jade And Dem Snow Babies :iconhopeful-dragon-wings:Hopeful-Dragon-Wings 1 0 Rbn 2029 :iconreplay42:replay42 2 0 Coruscate Cross Country :icondalul-h-arra-stables:Dalul-H-Arra-Stables 1 0 June 11th sig for Myself :iconperma-banned:Perma-Banned 1 1