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Jason Voorhees Evolution by XAMOEL Jason Voorhees Evolution :iconxamoel:XAMOEL 1,055 265 beautiful sounds of the night... crickets n stuff by nebezial beautiful sounds of the night... crickets n stuff :iconnebezial:nebezial 2,744 287 Infantryman. by duster132 Infantryman. :iconduster132:duster132 1,680 70
Doctor Who Friday
Seven A.M. Wakin' up in the TARDIS, Gotta get out, Gotta see outside.
Gotta Have my Screwdriver, Gotta be Sonic.
Seeing everything the Time is Going, Ticking on and on, Everybody's Runnin'.
Gotta get Down to the Planet.
Gotta See the World.
I See Daleks!
Killing with the Ground Troops, Blasting with the Saucers.
Gotta make my mind up, Which way should I run?!?!
It's Doomsday! Doomsday!
Gotta Save the world on Doomsday!
Everybody's looking for a way to Escape, Escape.
Doomsday! Doomsday! Savin' the world on Doomsday!
Everybody's looking for a way to Escape, Escape.
Runnin' and Runnin' (Ahh!!!).
Runnin' and Runnin' (Ahh!!!).
Looking for a way to escape.
Into the Vortex, Cruising in the TARDIS, Flying so fast, i Fear i might Die!
Tightly Please!
I think we may Crash!
I Got this! I lost this!
The Controls are not Quite right (Yeah)
I Got this! I lost this!
Now There's Cybermen!
Deleting in the Front Lines!
Converting in the Moonbase,
Gotta make my mind up, Which
:iconsir-zeke:sir-zeke 249 111
DJ Passed Out on the Floor by johnjoseco DJ Passed Out on the Floor :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 2,145 254 Twilight ep.08: Rebecca Black by daekazu Twilight ep.08: Rebecca Black :icondaekazu:daekazu 6,035 720 Weekends Are Jerks by Naolito Weekends Are Jerks :iconnaolito:Naolito 2,483 96 Vincent Valentine by RedDeath1888 Vincent Valentine :iconreddeath1888:RedDeath1888 1,636 324 Jason Voorhees by TPollockJR Jason Voorhees :icontpollockjr:TPollockJR 1,277 291 The Seven by Achen089 The Seven :iconachen089:Achen089 708 347 The Celestial Oracle by kerinewton The Celestial Oracle :iconkerinewton:kerinewton 181 9 Skinny Dipping in the Dark by johnjoseco Skinny Dipping in the Dark :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 3,787 731 Sleep Paralysis by Bosslogix Sleep Paralysis :iconbosslogix:Bosslogix 2,985 277 20170217 Owl Sketch Psdelux by psdeluxe 20170217 Owl Sketch Psdelux :iconpsdeluxe:psdeluxe 484 13 Jason Voorhees by Christopher Lovell by Lovell-Art Jason Voorhees by Christopher Lovell :iconlovell-art:Lovell-Art 667 37 batman returns poster by strongstuff batman returns poster :iconstrongstuff:strongstuff 2,831 147 'You're Famous on the Internet' Cover by kevinbolk 'You're Famous on the Internet' Cover :iconkevinbolk:kevinbolk 2,339 641 Friday Night by TaniDaReal Friday Night :icontanidareal:TaniDaReal 3,838 560 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JASON!! by kay3o3 HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR JASON!! :iconkay3o3:kay3o3 655 167 IT'S FRIDAY by emlan IT'S FRIDAY :iconemlan:emlan 1,079 157 VOORHEES by Crike99 VOORHEES :iconcrike99:Crike99 1,353 150 Frrreeedooom!! by Vvlad-vVolfen Frrreeedooom!! :iconvvlad-vvolfen:Vvlad-vVolfen 1,113 205 Eliza - Tekken Revolution by Vera-Chimera Eliza - Tekken Revolution :iconvera-chimera:Vera-Chimera 581 22 Jason Voorhees by Jackademus Jason Voorhees :iconjackademus:Jackademus 1,042 79 Friday by zeiva Friday :iconzeiva:zeiva 8,204 369 Memories And Pain_Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees by Anko-sensei Memories And Pain_Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees :iconanko-sensei:Anko-sensei 856 136 362/365 Cheetos by snatti89 362/365 Cheetos :iconsnatti89:snatti89 827 27 Friday the 13th doodle by wickedalucard Friday the 13th doodle :iconwickedalucard:wickedalucard 2,245 93 Jason VS- Cover 1 by blackangelofmine Jason VS- Cover 1 :iconblackangelofmine:blackangelofmine 527 62 kill kill kill kill mom mom mom mom by Gashi-gashi kill kill kill kill mom mom mom mom :icongashi-gashi:Gashi-gashi 1,659 59 Spaceman Casual by nekoni Spaceman Casual :iconnekoni:nekoni 902 132 the monster MASh 2 by theMASman the monster MASh 2 :iconthemasman:theMASman 828 166 WoW Blood Elf Rouge -MCM- by TheManOfManyFaces WoW Blood Elf Rouge -MCM- :iconthemanofmanyfaces:TheManOfManyFaces 395 50 filament by salmanarif filament :iconsalmanarif:salmanarif 200 10 Hopper's horror bar by GakiRules Hopper's horror bar :icongakirules:GakiRules 373 50 L O V E is by fridaythe13th L O V E is :iconfridaythe13th:fridaythe13th 2,193 160 Fun Tip Friday #28 by SmallCreationsByMel Fun Tip Friday #28 :iconsmallcreationsbymel:SmallCreationsByMel 530 66 13 Nights 2009 Jason Voorhees by Grimbro 13 Nights 2009 Jason Voorhees :icongrimbro:Grimbro 541 30
Drunken Friday Night - Drunk!Balthazar x Reader
"Hey Cas, could you come here please? I need to talk to someone." You whispered to yourself, praying for Castiel to show up.
You'd been becoming rather close to Castiel over the past few days and right now you needed to talk to him. It was nothing serious, you just wanted to talk to someone.
Your half-empty house was making you feel lonely and depressed.
There was a sudden - and painful - thud and it sounded like it came from the outside, not too far from the back door.
You turned around and cautiously made your way to the door.
If it was Cas he knew fine well he could just show up in your house and there was no need for him to show up outside, he was welcome in your house as long as you knew he was there and didn't appear at awkward times. Like that one time when you were in the shower and he showed up in your bathroom to talk to you about Dean causing you to scream and almost call the police.
You opened the creaking back door, poking your head out a little.
What you found created new
:iconpandaexperience:PandaExperience 223 38
twp2 .12. friday wall by mauricioestrella twp2 .12. friday wall :iconmauricioestrella:mauricioestrella 150 55 Friday 13th gift by 14-bis Friday 13th gift :icon14-bis:14-bis 998 114
A Kiss Of Sorts
*Idon't know, so don't ask. This is that scene form Freddy vs Jason where Fred's tryin' ta kill Jase in his dream after knocking him out with those needles. Summary: After Jason has Freddy pinned to the ground some sort of insane mass murderer chaos ensues. Ya gots ta read ta fins out the rest! X) I'm so evil! Love me! And slash! Which this is! XD God damnit I'm going to Hell for this! ENJOY!*
"Why! Won't! You! DIE!?" Freddy Krueger screamed in frustration and anger, kicking at Jason Voorhees' gut, making the taller killer lurch foward. He glared through his beaten hockey mask, lunging foward and pushing Freddy to the ground, pinning him by his arms.
"Get OFF me you useless shit!" the smaller slasher demanded, gritting his teeth and struggling against Jason's grip. The zombie simply hovered above him, breathing heavily through the holes in his hockey mask. He knew he couldn't kill Freddy, but that didn't mean he couldn't try.
Freddy glared feircly, startling bright green eyes narrowed
:iconmaidenofiron157:MaidenofIron157 87 101
:Marvel: An Unlucky Day by AlouetteCosplay :Marvel: An Unlucky Day :iconalouettecosplay:AlouetteCosplay 350 76 FryDei by GuardianSpirit FryDei :iconguardianspirit:GuardianSpirit 1,564 164 Jenna Voorhees by Jeffach Jenna Voorhees :iconjeffach:Jeffach 502 65 Xerox by sygnin Xerox :iconsygnin:sygnin 7,433 438 Feral the 13th by screwbald Feral the 13th :iconscrewbald:screwbald 1,163 124