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TMNT - Skyscrapers
Mikey sat in his room, quickly losing interest in his comic books. He threw the comic on his bed and shifted uneasily on the floor. He was no longer comfortable. In fact, he was restless. He stood up and paced around the room, hoping to think of something he could do. Unfortunately, there was no such luck. He ventured out of his dwelling to locate any of his siblings. He walked into the dojo, expecting to find Leo. He was surprised when he saw Raph training in there.
“Hey, Raph, need a sparring partner?” Mikey asked, ready to pull out his nunchucks.
Raph stopped training and wiped some sweat off his forehead. He panted as he answered, “Not today, Mikey. I’m doing some solo training. Maybe another time.” And with that, he turned his attention back to the punching bags.
Mikey frowned, but quickly remembered he had two other brothers to ask. He left the dojo and ran to Donnie’s lab, where he was sure his genius brother was working. He knocked before ent
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Quotes 3
1. I will give you the wings to fly, if you let me fly with you.
2. Peace is different for everyone, as one mans peaces is another’s nightmare.
3. The mountains of dreams are worth the hike, for they have the greatest views.
4. The sweet summer came and went with only a trail of memories left behind.
5. My life is like a random odds and ends box; you never know what you might find.
6. Do you ever feel like butterfly trapped in a glass jar, wishing to be set free?
7. Power that was all you wanted, and being with me was just one way of getting it.
8. Maybe we both spent too long waiting for the other to make the first move.
9. I want you cry over me, I want you to wake up screaming you miss me just so I don’t feel so alone anymore.
10. Maybe we didn’t realise how special we were to each other until it was too late.
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The Free Spirit
The Free Spirit
I kneel on a bleak cliff
Watching this violet-crimson sunset
And reminisce within the last light rift
As the morning star is put to rest
The realm of light and darkness shift
I stand and begin to walk away from my regrets
Forgive me, Father, for my new path begins
Lecture me, Father, I didn't mean any disrespect

It's just I know what I know
And it's not any better, nor worse
But it's my own personal choice to let go
Let the last prayers be said! / Let the final hymns be intense!
I will never hear them again! / This will be my last Amen!

These are my own words, they're not yours
I don't want to live on my knees anymore
I will not depend on you like I did before
Along this renewing path I walk
I head towards the lavender-vermillion sunrise
Never again will I waste another time-consuming thought
I will just simply live the way I want to live my life
While never waiting for an answer from above
And I will continue to feel so alive inside
I have not been
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