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Human! Freddy x Reader: Jealous Much?
    “Hey, Chica, have you seen Bonnie lately? We were planning to have a Guitar Hero contest,” asked (y/n) as Chica looked up from the pizza she was making. 
    “I’m sorry, (y/n), but I haven’t seen Bonnie since closing time,” apologized Chica as she went back to making her pizza. (Y/n) sighed out of disappointment.
    (Y/n) had been working at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria for about 2 months now. For her first two weeks, she had been working the night shift, trying not to get killed by the animatronics. It wasn’t until her last day as a night watchman did she learn their secret…
    “Ok, it’s 5:14am, just need 46 more minutes…” said (y/n) as she scanned the camera’s and the door lights. Bonnie and Chica were at a safe distance and Foxy was only peeping through his curtain. The only bastard missing
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FNaF Oc- Bio template
Note from Hammy
EDIT 12/07/16 Wow people still use this... can I ask that you not ask for a review ^^' at present I really don't have time to sit down and sit through them. And to be brutally honest I cannot be buggered with it, it takes a while to sit and come up with my response, how to fix issues, to find examples of things to show the person to correct their character.
EDIT 04/11/15 Because I don't care about the fandom any more can I just ask that people DON'T post their bios in the comments I honestly really couldn't care (unless you are actually asking me for an oc review)..... the intention was that people would post them and link the bio not just copy the entire thing and clutter the place up.

Species modeled after:
Duration of service (age):  
Fur colour:
Eye colour:
Reason for decommission:
Brought back into service?:
Function in the Pizzeria:
Level of intelligence (measured against a person):  
Programmed personality:
Personal audio:
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