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World Academy Sim Date {Hetalia Sim Date} :iconsodacat17:SodaCat17 2,200 2,236
Hetalia x Abused!Child!Reader
Warning: violence and swearing in this chapter. Can’t handle, don’t read.
(F/N) = First Name
(L/N) = Last Name
(Y/n) = Your name
(H/c) = Hair color
(B/n) = Bunny name (You have a stuffed bunny)

(Y/n) woke up from a light slumber. A second was spent questioning why she was awake, and then the jiggling of keys in the door was heard.
Father was home.
(Y/n) jumped out of bed, and pushed a chair against her bedroom door. Sometimes he came into her room…When he came home this late—her clock read two a.m. right now—he was angry. He had been drinking that gross stuff that makes him mean and angry—he called it a lot of different names, like beer or vodka. But it was all the same, it all turned him into a monster that hurt the three-year-old.
She was smart enough to realize when he smelled and came home late, she was usually hurt.
But not always. Sometimes he wouldn’t come into her room, just head straight to bed. Or if he did come into her
:iconsideshow-cellophane:Sideshow-Cellophane 508 484
Paris Flight by Leonid Afremov :iconleonidafremov:Leonidafremov 4,350 304 La Rochelle :iconradojavor:RadoJavor 37,207 3,310 Hetalia Dress Up Game :iconkawaiipandah:KawaiiPandah 21,806 6,438 Pere Lachaise :icontohad:Tohad 1,052 38
Intoxication (Male!EsmeraldaxReader) 2/2
~Author's Note: Hi, again!! So glad to see you lovely people ;)~
~Reminder: Lyuba=love/Pakvora=beautiful~

There was a point in time when you were wary about leaving the countryside for the city, mostly because of the warnings that it was filled with demons, monsters and succubi in human form. Yet as a wing-adorned devil places a wreath upon your head before going to dance with a lobster boiling a chef, you can’t help but laugh. Everything—everyone—around you is backwards—brass is treated as gold, kings are clowns, the pretty are mocked while the priests are charmed. It’s complete blasphemy, but you adore it.
Acrobats tumble and leap alongside men towering in stilts as they toss handfuls of confetti down in a rainbow of flurried colors upon your grinning face. You feel the crowd begin to surge forward to the stage. There, a Romani man dressed in an ochre and purple joker’s outfit melodically summons the audience’s attention, a ge
:iconlefantomedancer:LeFantomeDancer 591 97
HetaOni ENGLISH PROJECT V17_1 NEW LINK (+tutos) :iconpianodream:Pianodream 2,779 941 INTERACTIVE FRANCE FLASH GAME :iconnamioki:NamiOki 5,267 3,826
Hetalia x Reader - Accidental Confessions
Confessions are difficult. That’s a universal truth.
Maybe you can argue that you’re courageous or bold, and sure, that can help make confessions easier – but truth be told, there’s always that split second of panic as you anticipate their answer which can either bring you a sense of elation or send you into the comforts of your home, guzzling down your favorite ice cream with your broken heart keeping you company.
And so, confessions are difficult.
But when they’re unintentional
That’s different.
Whispered ‘I love you’s heard by the wrong ears, heartfelt letters that land into the recipient’s hands a bit too early… there are far too many ways for a confession to go wrong when someone does it by accident.
Although, it’s not so bad when you’re receiving a confession – albeit accidentally – from someone who adores you just as much as you adore them.
Especially when the confession is
:iconaproudhetalian:AProudHetalian 746 166
Bad Touch {Famous!Spain x Fan!Reader}
“Why can’t you just pick me?”
Warning:‘Lime’ content— beware ;)
You looked up at the poster. It was still a little crooked, but it would have to do.
You’d just finished putting up your newest poster of your favorite band, Bad Touch. It had all three members on it—Prussia, France, and Spain, looking as great as they always did.
They were currently your obsession. But not just you; they had fangirls all over the world. They were a national phenomenon. Starting out in Europe, they quickly became the world’s most famous boy band.
Lately, Bad Touch was all you ever thought about. Usually you didn’t obsess over boy bands, but this was an exception.
Since your family didn’t have a lot of money, you couldn’t afford to go to concerts or even buy much of their merchandise. But you did spend all of your allowance on magazines. Mostly just to rip out the Bad Touch posters and put them up on y
:iconxyourhero:xYourHero 737 128
Half-Cat!France X Reader
It was Christmas morning; you had opened all your gifts and presents. You were now in the car, being driven by your mother to somewhere. Your mother said she had one more present for you but you had to drive there to get it.
You squealed when you saw where she took you; the animal shelter. She held your hand and led you to the cat and kitten section. The employee named Heracles opened the door to the area and you looked around.
"Go find a friend, pick anyone you want" she smiled down at you and urged you forward. You looked around and went over to a pen full of kittens.
Many kittens mewed and tried to grab your attention. A Scottish fold, a Russian blue, several tabbies meowed and looked up at you hopefully. You gasped when you saw him.
A fluffy white Persian kitten caught your eye. He was sleeping on a plush red pillow. He yawned and stretched as he awoke. When he opened his sapphire blue eyes, you were hooked. As your (e/c) eyes met his, it was love at first sight. He walked up to yo
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 571 187
Oak's Crossing :iconjonasdero:JonasDeRo 7,994 319
Shy!Reader x Hetalia - New Girl
You sighed. He was following you for the third time this week. You didn't know exactly who he was, but you did know that he and his twin brother were in most of your classes. He started whistling 'God Save the queen', which was weird because you knew he was American. 'Why would he be whistling my country's anthem?' you thought to yourself. You decided to figure out why. You spun around on your heel, causing your (h/c) hair to whip your face. He stopped whistling and stood still.
"Hi! The name's Alfred F. Jones, and I'm the hero!" his blue eyes glittered with excitement. He grinned like an idiot and continued, "You're in a couple of my classes, but I don't remember your name! What is it?"
"_-_____ ______," you whispered, barely audible. You tilted your head down so that your bangs covered up your blushing face. You've always been rather shy, and no one really talks to you much. You've naturally started bowing your head in shyness when people you're not close to try to have a conversatio
:iconsayurichou:SayuriChou 1,048 566
Hetalia x Child! Venice! Reader Part 1
Hetalia  x Child! Venice! Reader
You were wandering the cold streets of Rome. You had no idea how you got there, where to go or what to do. As a toddler, you were mortified.
As you stumbled around the city, you came across a small Italian restaurant. Oh how you longed for something to fill your stomach! You ran over to the back door of the restaurant, you little (h/c) curl bouncing as you toddled.
Finally reaching the door you were a little shaking but you tried to knock. TRIED. You were just going up to the door when you heard yelling and someone panicking in Italian. The large metal door swung open to reveal two men. One had dark chocolate brown hair and deep eyes. He was really loud and swearing a lot. He had a major scowl on his face that kind of scared you. The other had a lighter version of hair color with a tint of red. He seemed to be fumbling with a garbage bag while the loud one yelled at him. But what really caught your eye were that each of them had a strange curl, jus
:iconylime-cxii:ylime-cxii 769 157
Germany x Reader - School Bullies
"West totally wasn't kidding when he said ______ was nice~" Gilbert laughed, he couldn't help it as his red eyes remained staring at the young girl that was seated on one of the school's benches, near the big fountain, she was innocently reading a book during lunch time. Ludwig obviously meant something different with the word 'nice' than Gilbert took for granted. Francis was too busy taking a smoke to pay attention while Antonio looked over at ______ as well, examining her. They were at a safe distance so Gilbert didn't have to worry about being heard at all.
"So, you're going to go for that chick?" Francis suddenly blurted out, his blue eyes were on Gilbert and his cigarette was lazily tucked between his index and middle finger.
"Of course, the awesome me can get anything he wants!" Gilbert said, he walked back over to Francis to sit down beside him in the soft grass. The weather was nice and warm, and there was a light breeze in the air which made it a perfect spring day. Antonio so
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Everyone, Smile~ :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 4,073 352 Travel Sketches Photoshop and GIMP Brushes :iconredheadstock:redheadstock 579 55 WW2 figures set II :iconphobs:Phobs 9,417 793 World War One: Simple Version :iconangusburgers:AngusBurgers 8,762 1,644 Do You Hear the People Sing? :iconalicexz:alicexz 19,500 892
Switzerland X Reader (England's little sister)
You smiled as you say down beside your two best friends, Lily (Lichtenstein) and her older brother Vash (Switzerland). Currently the three of you were doing like you did everyday at Hetalia High, sitting together at lunch and just having a great time, well you were that is until your older brother Arthur (England) came and snatched you up and away from the table earning a dirty look from Vash and a terrified one from Lily.
"What have I bloody told you about talking to that bloody frog's cousin?" Arthur asked clearly annoyed that you were with his 'mortal enemy's' family.
"Vash and Lily are my best friends and besides, they don't claim Francis (France) much anyways," you said giving him a dirty look yourself. "Therefore you shouldn't have a bloody problem with my choice in friends, at least my friends don't try and strip me any chance they get."
"That bloody frog is NOT my friend!" Arthur almost yelled and you sighed growing annoyed and tired o
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 590 1,243
Child!2p!Canada x Child!Reader: Make Believe
“Look (y/n)” Lenore walked over and handed her younger cousin a dandelion. (y/n) was now the age of five, Lenore being six.
“Pretty” (y/n) giggled as Lenore tucked it into her hair. The two girls played in the yard of Flavio’s mansion under the watch of Kuro and Lutz.
“(Y/n)! Someone’s here to see you!” Flavio called out, meaning Luciano was home.
(y/n) stood on her short legs and brushed the grass and dirt off before running inside. Lenore dashed after her eagerly into the large estate.
“Papa!” (y/n) beamed as she flashed her small teeth at him. Luciano smiled and picked her up in a warm hug.
“I’ll be having guests over later, so let Uncle Flavio dress you up” Luciano murmured as Flavio led the girls into one of the large dressing rooms.
“Do I gotta wear a dumb dress?” Lenore asked
“Yes, both of you. You’ll be in big trouble if you get dirty!” Flavio chided as he placed both gir
:iconshadowfollowed:Shadowfollowed 687 166
**French Kiss** Italy X Reader Oneshot
-Alright! ^^ Time to start checking things off my list of ideas! I'm going to do Italy first since a friend of mine said something about it ^^ Plus I want to write the fluff stuff before I get into the darker stuff.
*after writing* Oh gawd… What have I done to Italy!?!? DB
Italy pushed the door to France's house open, and let himself inside the large building. "Ve!~ Big brother France! I'm here!" he called, waiting for his strange friend to pop out of nowhere and pet him like a cat. When the Italian boy didn't get an answer, his face turned into one of confusion. "Big brother France?" he asked again, shutting the door behind him as he began into the room.
Off into the distance, he heard the sound of a television, and two voices echoing off the walls. To him, it sounded like a more romantic movie, with the soft music in the background and the dramatic voice of the woman.
Italy turned the corner, seeing his French companion clenching a frilly pink hanky in his teeth
:iconsy62697:sy62697 658 283
hetalia - that sweet enemy :iconchirart:chirart 8,549 517 Hetalia: A Day With the 2Ps :iconexclusivelyhetalia:ExclusivelyHetalia 2,166 414 aph Olympic parade :iconmikitaka:mikitaka 4,612 823
Romano X Reader (Germany's little sister)

You sat in the world meeting quietly as you watched your two older brothers, Ludwig (Germany) and Gilbert (Prussia) argue with each other.
 "Why couldn't you be more like either of them?" You asked yourself.
Unlike either of your brothers, you were quiet and rarely yelled. You weren't very good at fighting and you couldn't stand up for yourself to save your life. You sighed wondering to yourself if you were as bad as Italy when it came to things like war and just plain life. 
You happily got up when the meeting ended leaving your brothers who were still arguing about something else by this point. You were about to walk back to your house that you shared with Ludwig when someone called your name and you turned to find a drunken France stumbling towards you.
"_-__________! Ma cherié (my dear)! 'Ow would you like to go with me and tour Ze Effiel Tower?" He asked grinning mischievously with a glazed look in his eyes.
"Was he e
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 700 709
Medieval Narcissim 5 :iconl-olenska:L-Olenska 996 57 Arcades :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 981 108
Just the Way You Are (BTT x Bullied!Reader)
*Slight strong language warning!*
It was just another day at school for you, starting the way it always did.
With you shoved up against a locker door.
"Hey there, bitch. Not so high and mighty without your friends, are you?" A girl sneered in your face. You just stared back, barely even blinking. This was not new, so why react to it?
"Oh, so the whore thinks she's too high and mighty to talk to us," She snorted, and someone behind her piped up, "She's such a slut! I bet she's screwing all of them! That's the only reason they would ever hang out with such a useless girl like her!" The bullies laughed.
"She also looks like a complete bimbo! I mean, just look at her cloths!" Another girl laughed. There was nothing wrong with your clothing style, it was just that you didn't like the 'high-fashion' and skimpy clothing that was worn now days. What was so wrong with sweaters?
"You know what? Why don't we teach her a lesson, girls?" Their leader sneered, and drew back her fist. Only the
:iconkatiefrog217:Katiefrog217 683 215
12 Days of Hetalia Christmas :iconbrittlander:Brittlander 3,409 684 Monmartre :icontohad:Tohad 781 40
Canada X Reader (England's little sister)

"Hurry up guys I'm about to have to go get him!" You ordered as you watched all the countries busily trying to put up last minute decorations.
Today was your best friend's birthday and you wanted it to be completely special for him, especially since most of the other countries always either forgot he existed, or they confused him for his brother, America. You stood in the center of the room watching all the other countries helping out, even your older brother, England, who was the world's worst about forgetting Canada.
"I don't know what the bloody big deal is," England mumbled as he helped France put up a birthday banner.
"Lighten up Angleterre (England), you're just mad that you 'ave no one under you," France said smirking as he glanced across the room at where you were standing.
"I still have _____________ frog face!" England said glaring at him making you sigh.
"Will you two please stop it?! This is Canada's special day and I don't want it ruine
:iconcrazzzychic:crazzzychic 535 107
Fingerprint - Gallery :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 1,840 160 Sarlat :iconnicolasjolly:nicolasjolly 849 70
Mismatched 2p!F.A.C.E.xBullied!Reader
Mismatched 2p!F.A.C.E.xReader
It started with the eyes. It was always the eyes. You would have thought that people have never heard of heterochromia iridum before or something. You peers seemed to be under the impression that just because your eyes were two different colors, they had some sort of inherit right to pick on you.
Your eyes caught the attention of your school’s resident bullies but they weren’t the only odd thing about you.
Even since you were a child, you had had an affinity with animals. When you turned thirteen, however, it reached its peak. One day, a gray wolf pup just showed up on your doorstep and refused to leave. You tried to shoo it away, attempted to use a broom to move it away from your house, and finally called Animal Control.
The wolf remained.
You parents honestly weren’t too pleased by it, and neither were you at first, but as the wolf wasn’t leaving, you all decided you would make the best of it.
The wolf followed you everywhere. If
:iconscottishdraka:scottishdraka 466 119
What team :iconhubedihubbe:Hubedihubbe 6,065 605 {MMD APH} Nyo!Allies DL+Pass~ :icondrindrence:Drindrence 1,264 366 Hetalia - chibi nations :iconsego-chan:sego-chan 6,924 722 [APH] Draw the (Hetalian) Squad :iconmargo-sama:Margo-sama 918 209
Norway x Reader Trolling~
Norway x Reader
               A large smirk appeared on your face. You had a playful glint in your (e/c) eyes. Everything was about to fall into place.
"I can't wait to see his reaction," you snickered to yourself.
"It'll be priceless!"
You wiggled your fingers above the keyboard, and clicked send.
"Now, I wait…heh-heh….." you put your fingers together, as an evil mastermind would.
"BWAHAHAHAHA-" your evil laughter was interrupted by your friend, who was at the moment, one of your victims. He probably wouldn't care that much, since he enjoyed pranking and trolling others with you.
"__________? I heard THAT laugh….what are you up to this time?" Mathias asked, while entering the room.
You turned dramatically in your swivel chair to face him. Your lips curled up in delight.
"Why don't you take a look?" you purred.
He walked over to your computer, and you pressed play. The YouTube video loaded up and
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Pocky Game :iconlia-snow:Lia-Snow 3,449 1,222 Nekotalia :icondrkav:Drkav 7,257 824 Hetalia : Farewell Alfred :iconforevermedhok:ForeverMedhok 2,825 737
Papa!France x Child!Reader [ Why, Papa? ]
You walked home from your school, Junior World Academy, with tears in your eyes. How dare they be so mean! You furiously wiped the tears away from your face with your gloved hand, hating how the fuzzy fabric did nothing but spread the tears across your face. The cold wind took this opportunity to nip at your chubby face, letting the trails of tears across your face freeze. This made you walk even faster in an attempt to get home soon. 
When you reached the elegant little house you live in, walking in to see your Papa pacing at the end of the hall, a phone held to his ear. 
"What do you mean she isn't there?!" he shouted, a snarl lacing through his voice, but concern plastered across his face. He ran a hand through his long blonde locks in frustration, about to scream again when he turned his head, noticing you standing at the door.
Placing a hand over his heart and shutting his eyes, he let out a shaky sigh of relief and muttered something in French to himself.
"Never mind, s
:iconhairbun503:Hairbun503 585 329
The Mountains :iconsvenmueller:SvenMueller 1,034 69
So many cats!!!
Big cats, tiny cats. Every color possible.
How to choose? Frowning you scanned the room. You wanted a cat that wasn't very well liked by the others. One that you could shower with affection.
A large gray brown cat sat off to the side. The other cats skirted around it.
"Can I have that guy?" You squeaked pointing towards him.
Elizabeta looked surprised, "You sure? Nobody really likes that cat. Sometimes people do adopt him, but they always bring him back."
You felt your heart throb in sympathy. You had to have that cat. "I am one hundred percent sure!!"
Shrugging she hefted the large cat into an over sized carrier and handed you a stack of papers.
After signing and paying the adoption fee you loaded the cat into the passenger seat of your car.
"Soooooooo." You made a right turn out of the parking lot
"What to call you.." You looked over at him. The cat had a rather large nose and purple eyes. Too cut
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 1,325 946
BttxReaderOf Course I have a Boyfriend
Of Course I have a Boyfriend
Sometimes it was hard having three males as your roommates. It was hard seeing them leave on dates with different women, sometime men. You hated it when they came back, laughing.
And you really hated it when they teased you about your lack of a serious relation ship.
Not tonight. Tonight, you were going to prove them wrong. Or at least pretend to.
You put the finishing touches on your makeup, a splash of bright red for your lips. Smoky gray eyeliner rimmed your eyes. Your hair was styled in a way that best complimented your features. A deep crimson dress with fishnet stockings clad your body like a sort of armor.
When you entered the living room, you tried not to smirk. All three of them were staring, eyes wide. Gilbert didn't notice that he was dripping beer down his front, Antonio was oblivious to the fact that the tomato he had been cutting was reduced to a pulp and Francis was gaping, his w
:iconostara-frost:Ostara-Frost 633 167