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Bodies of Attraction :iconpaul-ashby:Paul-Ashby 454 42
You Heard The Man You Love (A Cento)
we unswaddle the wrapped furniture:
photos of boys whose names are lost
together like - let's say -
a school of silvery fish
come back as our heartbeats
stored up for phantom children;
small timid voices we can't locate,
one deep vowel of horror,
a word dissolved.
why such deep mourning?
say it plain;
we turn maudlin,
we hiss at them:
the hurt child will bite you,
will creep around at night
through one night after another,
after decades of being virtuous instead:
oh blackie, named bluntly
at the age of - my guess - ten,
you spent this morning among the bloodsucking,
those black sweaters, those tatters
or fur or feathers, whatever,
because you didn't think
the way you did.
the audience was squirrels
the colour of dried blood;
they speak words i think,
they testify.
what is it they claim to know?
but sing on, sing on,
an ancient custom.
join the applause:
this was for others.
is it about sex?
you've lost your splendour;
it's like watching somebody drown.
if you could only find your way
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By: Adam M. Snow
The darkness blooms on this cold still night,
Loneliness I wait; I wait for time to take flight,
But loneliness I wait; lost forevermore,
Bounded by fate of my tomorrow, dying for,
Lost forevermore like my burden upon dreams,
Like my past behind me, so it seems, so it seems.
Awaken now by agony and greed,
But still alone in this time of need,
Alone, with but one desire,
To fly free, not stoke the fire.
Requiem on this night upon dreams,
Like my past behind me, so it seems, so it seems.
A requiem like any other, sung upon dreams, so it seems.
Broken through turmoil and bliss,
I give my dying kiss to a broken reflection,
A reflection, shattered across time,
By my one tormented prime.
Like my woes overthrown by ageless affliction,
But my dying curse, my only addiction,
Lost forevermore like my burden upon dreams,
Like my past behind me, so it seems, so it seems.
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