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Warriors cats OC template
Clan (if rouge or kitty pet, put N/A):
Age (in moons):
Status (apprentice, queen, ect,):
Eye color:
Pelt color:
Body type:
Other appearance traits
Best skill:
 Other skills:
Powers (if any):
Leadership (out of ten):
Agility (out of ten):
Stamina (out of ten):
Speed (out of ten):
Stealth (out of ten):
Strength (out of ten):
Defense  (out of ten):
Fighting style:
Other features (blind, deaf, ect.):
:iconanimedemon001:Animedemon001 285 146
internet map -work in progress by darkdoomer internet map -work in progress :icondarkdoomer:darkdoomer 1,918 978 Minecraft - Erupting Volcano by Ludolik Minecraft - Erupting Volcano :iconludolik:Ludolik 551 109 ThumbTools by rdevill ThumbTools :iconrdevill:rdevill 650 551 deviantART Symbols Explained by mushir deviantART Symbols Explained :iconmushir:mushir 3,820 1,004 Hounder Sig by ukitakumuki Hounder Sig :iconukitakumuki:ukitakumuki 1,282 370 Critique O Matic Plus by MatthewJWills Critique O Matic Plus :iconmatthewjwills:MatthewJWills 2,717 2,108 :chairdance: by Lythero :chairdance: :iconlythero:Lythero 3,172 593
Writers Weekly: Contests, Articles, and Forums
:star: Stay up-to-date on the literature community. :star:
[Last updated: May 31st]
This is theWrittenRevolution's blog for literature community news promotion. I'll post highlights from my 'Love DA Lit' news series, the DDs for that week, as well as listing some updates from our affiliates! This journal will be updated once a week, on Sunday, along with my news article. Please feel free to comment or send me (HugQueen) a note with any comments, questions, or suggestions! I am always happy to include literature relevant things[or things from our affiliates I might have missed]! :eager:
Love DA Lit: Issue 265
Literature Community Relations
:iconbrennenxr: brennennn - brennenxr's DD Suggestion Guidelines
:icondoughboycafe: doughboycafe -
:iconhugqueen:HugQueen 123 326
The Wolkari Jungle by tgw-Raptor The Wolkari Jungle :icontgw-raptor:tgw-Raptor 3,081 463 Comment Collector by electricnet Comment Collector :iconelectricnet:electricnet 573 235 Deviant Art Monopoly by redruM-110 Deviant Art Monopoly :iconredrum-110:redruM-110 1,350 467 Poetically Deviant by Undistilled Poetically Deviant :iconundistilled:Undistilled 375 689 Minecraft - Planetoid by Ludolik Minecraft - Planetoid :iconludolik:Ludolik 632 109 blue.metal.vec by xiliuv blue.metal.vec :iconxiliuv:xiliuv 288 133
How to Attract Attention on dA
Are you thinking of joining deviantART, but are not sure what to do? Have you come to this guide after meeting your first dilemna: What to call yourself?
Well here’s the answer: Who cares?! If you’re female, it should be ‘pink’ + your name + a few random numbers. If you’re male, it should be ‘gamer’ + your name + ‘666’ [or if that’s already taken, a few random numbers]. Or perhaps you’re going to be boring, and actually think about what you call yourself. Whatever happens, within half an hour, you’ll be joined up to deviantART.
30 minutes up? Keep reading!
So you’ve joined the largest online art community on the internet, but where to go from here? Well, the first thing that must be clarified is that you DON’T need to get popular. That comes later. What you need first is devious friends, because – from the moment you join – you’re officially classified as a complete and utter lo
:iconmaskedvengeance:MaskedVengeance 126 266
Last Days of Empire by Prasa Last Days of Empire :iconprasa:Prasa 378 39 Textures 33 by Vanessax17 Textures 33 :iconvanessax17:Vanessax17 937 78 Jinx Render by Kyle-Garland Jinx Render :iconkyle-garland:Kyle-Garland 670 17 Panda signature tutorial by MizoreSYO Panda signature tutorial :iconmizoresyo:MizoreSYO 335 37 Venom by MarcMons007 Venom :iconmarcmons007:MarcMons007 565 90 Foro Romano by JonnyGoodboy Foro Romano :iconjonnygoodboy:JonnyGoodboy 359 218 SUGGESTION: deviousFeed by SanguineEpitaph SUGGESTION: deviousFeed :iconsanguineepitaph:SanguineEpitaph 257 254 A Squirrel's Hunt by Lakelezz A Squirrel's Hunt :iconlakelezz:Lakelezz 332 65 F e l l a . 5 mins by thekidKaos F e l l a . 5 mins :iconthekidkaos:thekidKaos 820 94 SPEEDPAINT - Swamp by tgw-Raptor SPEEDPAINT - Swamp :icontgw-raptor:tgw-Raptor 261 68 Surfing on the net by Starkadhr Surfing on the net :iconstarkadhr:Starkadhr 142 5 Mummy Near Mommy-Mom by xiliuv Mummy Near Mommy-Mom :iconxiliuv:xiliuv 395 64 Amethyst by xiliuv Amethyst :iconxiliuv:xiliuv 534 163 Forums for Dummies by Little-Vampire Forums for Dummies :iconlittle-vampire:Little-Vampire 455 223 The Slender Man by UnionBlack The Slender Man :iconunionblack:UnionBlack 1,113 124 Renji and Byakuya by HinataSenpai Renji and Byakuya :iconhinatasenpai:HinataSenpai 1,644 92
The Tedious Tarot Flash Fic Challenge!
Hello all
Edit 20/08/16: Still getting new participants, but this is a gentle poke for those who have signed up to remember if you have written a piece and it isn't linked below to let me know! Also a gentle reminder to write and of course there's room for more participants- it would be cool to get a full deck!
Edit 18/07/16: This is still going very well and strong! Apologies for lack of response- I did have a baby 2 weeks ago so I think I am excused a little! Really enjoying seeing these pieces coming through now, see links below to see what everyone else has got up to! 

29/06: We have managed to get all 73 cards assigned! However, fear not! In interest of Flash fiction month and the fact people are still interested, we are having a second round! This also means if you have already written a piece and want another card, you can go again also! Thank you for the enthusiasm! :heart:

To play this challenge, please respond to the
:iconbeccajs:BeccaJS 23 171
Resources For Artists: Pricing Your Commissions
'Official' Pricing Your Commissions or Artwork Thread
Journal version resource of forum's thread and 5th in the series of Resources For Artists
General Art and Digital Art forum are always inundated with threads (here l here) about how to price ones' commissions every few days. Rather than creating such a thread everytime, use this 'official' thread for asking questions, providing answers to anyone who might have individual questions, or finding out information provided here about how to go on about pricing your commissions.
This is for both digital and traditional artists out there!
This is version 2
:iconphoenixleo:phoenixleo 117 35
designer's lounge by blind91 designer's lounge :iconblind91:blind91 1,099 367 Imperial Noon by KristinaGehrmann Imperial Noon :iconkristinagehrmann:KristinaGehrmann 625 100 Ladies by MarinaCoric Ladies :iconmarinacoric:MarinaCoric 425 259 Slay Hype by Waveloop Slay Hype :iconwaveloop:Waveloop 220 13 Skin Skunk Anansie by alefolp Skin Skunk Anansie :iconalefolp:alefolp 500 110 dAmnGotMail - Automatic Inbox Checker by DJ-Zemar dAmnGotMail - Automatic Inbox Checker :icondj-zemar:DJ-Zemar 568 376
The Wolfaboo
The wolfaboo
Once upon a forum dreary, while I browsed weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious post of forgotten forum lore,
While I flicked through hotlinks clicked suddenly there came a barking,
As if someone were posting, gently posting on page four.
'Tis a roleplay', I muttered, 'posting there on page four-
Only that and nothing more.'
Oh how it buzzed my lone computer, connected there via the router,
It thrilled me, filled me with fantastic terrors never felt before;
So that now, to still the beating, of my heart I stood repeating,
'Tis a roleplay taking place on this thread's page four-
Some late roleplay taking place on this thread's page four-
That it is, and nothing more.'
Presently my will grew stronger, hesitating then no longer,
'Sirs' said I, 'or by chance madam, your forgiveness I implore'
But the fact is I was browsing, and your posts they had me rousing,
Though so faintly you came playing, roleplaying on page four,
That I barely thought I saw you.' Here
:iconziblink:Ziblink 88 100
the arena by PatrickWally the arena :iconpatrickwally:PatrickWally 280 75 Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy by AmericanDreaming Tolerance, Respect, and Courtesy :iconamericandreaming:AmericanDreaming 40 9 Young Oriental Dragon Copper Patina by Reptangle Young Oriental Dragon Copper Patina :iconreptangle:Reptangle 242 18 Wild Fangs_21_ITA_ENG by Tenaga Wild Fangs_21_ITA_ENG :icontenaga:Tenaga 496 201 IS-3 mech by ThomChen114 IS-3 mech :iconthomchen114:ThomChen114 176 45 A Hand in Your Pants by CountryDreamer A Hand in Your Pants :iconcountrydreamer:CountryDreamer 856 179 Randandel by Grypwolf Randandel :icongrypwolf:Grypwolf 331 79 Tales from the Crib Keeper 3 preorder by okayokayokok Tales from the Crib Keeper 3 preorder :iconokayokayokok:okayokayokok 377 47