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Forgotten gods by aphostol Forgotten gods :iconaphostol:aphostol 1,167 246 Dicoeur restaurant/wine bar (Paris) by Yoann-Lossel Dicoeur restaurant/wine bar (Paris) :iconyoann-lossel:Yoann-Lossel 184 34 Path to the forgotten Gods by vimark Path to the forgotten Gods :iconvimark:vimark 127 18 Ayakashi by Sky-san Ayakashi :iconsky-san:Sky-san 19 14 A World of Forgotten Gods by EyelessEntity A World of Forgotten Gods :iconeyelessentity:EyelessEntity 8 2 The Hall of Forgotten Gods by melodykenstara The Hall of Forgotten Gods :iconmelodykenstara:melodykenstara 7 11 Pranda by tarorae Pranda :icontarorae:tarorae 0 2 Forgotten Gods by FailureIsNecessary Forgotten Gods :iconfailureisnecessary:FailureIsNecessary 0 0 The Forgotten God's LOGO by dziufa The Forgotten God's LOGO :icondziufa:dziufa 0 0 Mune - Wallpaper by SPPlushies Mune - Wallpaper :iconspplushies:SPPlushies 10 13 Lelix by tarorae Lelix :icontarorae:tarorae 5 2 Monuments by Tulevik Monuments :icontulevik:Tulevik 2 3 Forgotten Gods by HappyLittleJen Forgotten Gods :iconhappylittlejen:HappyLittleJen 4 3 Standing Stones by Paulwe Standing Stones :iconpaulwe:Paulwe 1 0 The Forgotten Gods by YRPforever The Forgotten Gods :iconyrpforever:YRPforever 1 1 Manu's Land pencil by mammalfeathers Manu's Land pencil :iconmammalfeathers:mammalfeathers 1 3 meet Lore by crowleysbentley meet Lore :iconcrowleysbentley:crowleysbentley 0 0 The Sickness by sugarapplesweet The Sickness :iconsugarapplesweet:sugarapplesweet 3 3
Forgotten Tales
Eyes of the gods
rise up from the deep of their sleep,
many prismatic swirling shades
beyond what minds can see
piercing through barriers of mountains,
rivers, clouds, magick and all.
Stars hide them behind glittering masks
unyeilding, protecting these
swirling Ancients of Days
forgotten in the deep dark sleep
away from the harsh chemicals
of this new modern world.
No longer needed, replaced by plastic molds,
cardboard cups, blinking electronics
and possessed chariots, they retreat,
back behind the stars, back to the
sky, back to the sleep of legends...
:icondisturbedgrave:DisturbedGrave 5 0
here comes the llt by BlancheOfelia here comes the llt :iconblancheofelia:BlancheOfelia 0 0
Chapter Ten
Chapter Ten: Funerals and Affairs
              I was woken up by Mr. Thursday. “Lysander, are you okay?”
“Yeah, I’m fine. Where are we?”
              “Atlanta, Georgia”
              “Henry was born in Atlanta, wasn’t he?” I sat up straight.
              “How the Hell did you know that!?”
              “I told you the day we met, there are many things I know about you” It seems no matter ho
:icongreensister125:Greensister125 1 0
Chapter Six: Forgotten Gods
Chapter Six: Forgotten Gods
              Mr. Thursday took me to the nearest pub and began his story.                                                                                    
“There was once a time, Lysander, that people believed in us.  I was once the god of thunder and lighting.  But when people converted and stopped believing, all of the gods lost their powers and just became regular people. Lysander, we are forgotten gods. The reason I have a little power left is b
:icongreensister125:Greensister125 0 0
Chapter Seven: Thor's Day
Chapter Seven: Thor’s Day
Warning: this shall be an incredibly short chapter.
When I finally got home, Catherine was putting away groceries. “Hey Lysander, how was your talk with Mr. Thursday?”
              “Fine, I learned some interesting things about him”
              “Really? Like what?”
              “You wouldn’t believe me.”
              “Try me.”
              “Well, Mr. Thursday is the Norse god, Thor and tomorrow morning he and I are going to New Orleans to meet with Anubis in order to find information about a new god that we need to destroy.” I noticed Catheri
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Drehnd by tarorae Drehnd :icontarorae:tarorae 3 2 Lome by tarorae Lome :icontarorae:tarorae 3 6 Bacha by tarorae Bacha :icontarorae:tarorae 8 6 Our Symbol by Forgotten-Gods Our Symbol :iconforgotten-gods:Forgotten-Gods 1 0 Page 2, prologue by crowleysbentley Page 2, prologue :iconcrowleysbentley:crowleysbentley 1 2 Graveyard of Forgotten Gods by alizarin Graveyard of Forgotten Gods :iconalizarin:alizarin 32 13
Chapter Eleven: The Limo Ride
                                    Chapter Eleven: The Limo Ride
Henry’s funeral was over so I decided to call Mr. Thursday but, what I found out was that four of the payphones near the funeral home were out of order. I could see a gas station about a mile away so, I started to walk. For a few minutes I walked alone but, soon Melissa drove up next to me.
“Need a ride?”
“I do but, not from you.” Melissa drove beside me for a minute.
“Are you mad at him?”
“No, he was my best friend. Besides he’s dead so I wouldn’t be able to do anything to him anyway.”
“I’m not as mad at Henry as I am at Catherine. She was my best friend. She introduced me to Henry.  Whenever I had problems I’d always go to her first, before I knew of the affair I&
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Chapter Nine: The Killing Joke
Chapter Nine: The Killing Joke
              I knew right away, I was dreaming. I was having one of those “Christmas Past” kind of dreams. Y’know, where you’re watching yourself, literally.  I could tell what day it was too. I was the day I killed that guy –what was his name? - Oh yeah, James Lovington.  My dream self was putting on a long coat and putting a gun into a concealed coat pocket. I was fourteen years old and I was going to kill someone in less than an hour.
              It was suppose to be a joke. Henry had a friend named, James Lovington and he seemed like a nice guy to me. Every Friday night while Henry’s parents were out, Henry and James would be in his basement playing poker with money stolen from their p
:icongreensister125:Greensister125 0 0
Chapter 4: Henry
Chapter Four: Henry
While Catherine slept, I went to call Mr. Thursday. I was expecting him not to pick up since it was 10:00 at night, but he did. Before I could speak, he said “Hello Lysander”
“Umm…how did you know it was me?”
“ I have caller ID” Caller ID my ss, I knew he was lying. When I began to speak he cut me off. “Lysander” he voice sounded hostile.  “We can’t talk over the phone. Something might be listening on”
“Like who?”
“I said, not now. I’ll meet you at Central Park a week from now and I’ll tell you more about my self and what I need you for” And before I could say anything, he hung up.
Whoever said you wake up with a clear head must have never had a care in the world. I woke up with a spitting headache and a rock in my stomach. I thought my first night sleeping on a real bed would be heaven, but I never slept so uncomfortable in my life. I was tossing and turning over wh
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Greatest of Wealth by sugarapplesweet Greatest of Wealth :iconsugarapplesweet:sugarapplesweet 3 2
Chapter Eight: On The Road
Chapter Eight:  On The Road
When I finally got to close my eyes and sleep, it was already morning.  I could hear Mr. Thursday’s car horn blaring from inside the apartment. I rolled over and looked at the time on the clock, 5:59 a.m. I completely forgot to pack the night before, so for a few minutes I grabbed anything that wasn’t too big for my suitcase or wasn’t nailed down. I put on a clean T-shirt and some semi-clean jeans on and hopped into Mr. Thursday’s Saturn Ion.
For about forty-five minutes Mr. Thursday and I didn’t say a word to each other. So I decided to break the silence. “So…Loki cut off your wife’s hair. Musta been rough.”
“That’s a memory I’ve tried to forget. So…yes” I could see Mr. Thursday’s knuckles turning white as he gripped the stirring wheel harder, so I decided to change the subject.
“Not much of a talker, are you?”
  “I’m just focusing at
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22) Unknown Lessons
I live in the dreams inside my head
While the stories of the ancients go unsaid
Legends and tales that fade through out time
Prophesies heros an endless rhyme
And during the night when my eyes are closed
I think about all the questions they pose
What was the point of the myths we told
Other than to watch their stories unfold
:iconvirgoann:virgoann 0 0
Chapter 3: Catherine
Chapter Three: Catherine
I was still kinda spooked by the conversation with Mr. Thursday, but I was really excited to go to Catherine’s apartment and be with her. Though I was a little afraid she wasn’t going to home. I almost had a heart attack when I knocked on her door. Slowly the door opened and reveled Catherine’s beautiful grey eyes. I saw a sad smile form on her face and said “ Oh Lysander, I’ve missed you so much” and then embraced me in a hug that almost knocked me down. Her smell was so refreshing. I could smell the ginger shampoo in her red hair and all the memories before all of the craziness came rushing to me. Even through the mess Catherine was always there. Even when my own mother gave up hope, Catherine still would visit me during me during visiting hours. She was the type of girl who thought a guy who proposed while he was in jail was the romantic thing ever. Though, jail was nothing new to Catherine. Having her uncle run a meth lab in he
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the legend you thought you knew by supershadowhunter the legend you thought you knew :iconsupershadowhunter:supershadowhunter 0 0 Forgotten Gods by matiasromero Forgotten Gods :iconmatiasromero:matiasromero 0 2